Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 662


“Can you tell me about the place you saw that girl in detail?” Yi Tianyun asked curiously.

He didn’t expect to stumble upon such significant information this early in his search. Although He Rongkun didn’t know the name of the girl, Yi Tianyun was positive that it was Shi Xueyun.

“I didn’t know the location accurately, but I know that it was in the snowy terrain of Luoyu Mountain. If the girl could stand the temperature of that place for so long, I believe that her cultivation would be considerably high. That is all I know.” He Rongkun said as he tried to remember more.

“Luoyu Mountain…” Yi Tianyun said as he tried to memorize the location of the mountain from the seller’s story earlier.

Yi Tianyun immediately pulled out a piece of paper and a pen and drew Shi Xueyun’s portrait to confirm it to He Rongkun, “Is this the girl you saw at that time?” Yi Tianyun asked curiously.

“Yes, yes! That’s her! Wow, you are good with drawing, Brother Yi! But it seems that you actually knew this girl?” He Rongkun asked curiously.

“Yes, I happen to be searching for her right now. Your information is definitely a great help!” Yi Tianyun said excitedly.

At the same time, Wei Feizhou wasn’t a fool; he immediately realized that Yi Tianyun was no ordinary guy but chose not to say anything as he didn’t want to spell trouble for himself later.

But he now knew that Yi Tianyun wasn’t some rogue cultivator like he said he was.

“Based on her clothes, I thought that she wasn’t part of a faction here since it was my first time seeing such clothes. I can’t say that I’ve already seen all the formal attire of every faction in Heaven World, but I never saw anything like that! Maybe it was some Hidden World Family clothes, but the clothes’ biggest feature is the Pale Red Plum Blossom attached to her clothes. I may say that the Hidden World Family is weak, at least not at the Empire Level!” Wei Feizhou said solemnly.

He may not have stared at the people openly like what his disciple had done, but he was observant of his surroundings.

Yi Tianyun nodded as he understood what Wei Feizhou was trying to say. Yi Tianyun once again confirmed that Wei Feizhou was definitely a good master.

He could deduce that he would get into trouble as he looked at the cultivator’s clothes, thus act accordingly.

“Hidden World Family?” Yi Tianyun himself has already heard about Hidden World Family before, but he also didn’t have much information about them.

As the name suggested, it was a truly hidden faction.

But now, he had the information to start his search for this Hidden World Family. The plum blossom that Wei Feizhou described was unique.

Therefore, he could inquire some well-known faction around the Heaven World about it later. Yi Tianyun knew that Wei Feizhou was only part of a small faction, so he knew that Wei Feizhou faction wouldn’t know about such a small faction like the Hidden World Family.

“Hey, It’s about time! He Rongkun, hurry up. The trial is about to begin!” Wei Feizhou said hurriedly.

The Smelting Trial always accepted a lot of participants, so the early birds would be able to secure a better spot.

“Little Brother Yi, are you sure you will not participate in the Smelting Trial?” He Rongkun asked once again.

“No, I didn’t come here to participate in the smelting trial, but I will be sure to cheer for you!” Yi Tianyun said with a smile on his face.

He realised that he was fortunate enough to meet He Rongkun, who led him to Wei Feizhou, who provided him with so much useful information about Shi Xueyun!

“Alright, then I am off now!” He Rongkun said as he waved his hand excitedly.

He Rongkun immediately tried to squeeze in to get a better spot amidst many cultivators on the Smelting Trial entrance.

He struggled as it was overly crowded, but after a while, He Rongkun felt a surge of power around him that pushed people away from him, allowing him to make his way onward easily.

He Rongkun was puzzled by what happened right now, but he accepted it with an open hand as he could reach his destination faster.

“Let’s go in and see how he’s doing up close. Judging from your disciple potential, I wonder how far he would able to climb.” Yi Tianyun said with a smile towards Wei Feizhou.

Yi Tianyun then dragged Wei Feizhou’s arm towards a vantage point. Wei Feizhou was confused and puzzled as he noticed that he and Yi Tianyun could easily walk to a good spot despite the crowds.

This was the same force that surrounded He Rongkun earlier too!

Wei Feizhou was shocked. Although he could also release such a force himself, he wouldn’t be able to do it this smoothly.

It meant that Yi Tianyun’s cultivation was above his as it was obvious that the young man could control his spiritual energy to such extent.

As they began to observe the Smelting Trial from a vantage point, Yi Tianyun immediately saw He Rongkun seemingly having a quarrel with someone in the front row.

“Hey, brat! That spot is mine!” A handsome boy yelled at He Rongkun.

“I’m here first, and therefore it is mine!” He Rongkun said confidently.

His spot was in the middle front of the starting place as it was the best climbing spot in this stage.

“How dare you talk back to me! Believe it or not, I can kick your ass easily!” the boy said coldly as two Core Transformation experts came to the boy’s side and looked at He Rongkun coldly.

Yi Tianyun could see that He Rongkun was a little bit surprised and didn’t know what to do as he knew that he wouldn’t be able to fight off two Core Transformation experts.

And so, Yi Tianyun immediately paid them a visit to end the quarrel.

“If you wish to bother this boy, I will kick you out myself!” Yi Tianyun said calmly.

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