Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 663


“This young master belongs to at least a 3rd Grade Faction! We shouldn’t pick a fight with him.” Wei Feizhou said hurriedly.

“Who are you, brat? How dare you talk to me like that!” Jia De said coldly to Yi Tianyun.

“A 3rd Grade trash dares to raise his voice towards me? But, since I am a forgiving person, I don’t mind overlooking this if you walk away now.” Yi Tianyun said coldly.

At the same time, Wei Feizhou was pale when he saw what Yi Tianyun was doing. He didn’t know that Yi Tianyun was no less arrogant, resulting in him unable to stop Yi Tianyun before it was already too late!

“You are the arrogant one; how dare you talk to me like that!” Jia De said coldly.

“I’ve already destroyed Empires and even Divine Nation on my own before, and your faction wouldn’t be any different!” Yi Tianyun said indifferently.

The cultivators near them burst out laughing when they heard what Yi Tianyun said. They just treated Yi Tianyun like a kid who was bragging, while Wei Feizhou wanted to cry from shame and worry.

“This brat clearly didn’t understand what he was talking about! If he already destroyed a Divine Nation, he would be as powerful as a Divine King! Did you just lie through your teeth thinking we wouldn’t know that?” a Core Transformation guard came from Jia De’s side.

“That is true! He must’ve thought that everyone here is an idiot! Just throw him out, and let’s see what he would do next!” Jia De said arrogantly.

“Yes, young master!” the Core Transformation Guards said immediately.

“Young master, we are very sorry, please overlook this. We don’t want any trouble right now.” Wei Feizhou said as he thought that the situation has gone out of control.

“Oh, are you his master? Do you think apologizing now would make any difference?” Jia De said coldly.

The two Core Transformation Experts beside Jia De immediately rushed towards Yi Tianyun, and Wei Feizhou immediately shouted to warns Yi Tianyun.

He could only do so much as he couldn’t stop those Core Transformation Experts by himself!

But Yi Tianyun just stood still and released his aura that immediately slammed down the two Core Transformation Experts forcefully.

The pressure of Yi Tianyun’s aura immediately pressed the Core Transformation Experts down to the ground, breaking several of their bones.

But Yi Tianyun wasn’t that lenient. His aura also pressured Jia De that stands on the back, pressing him to the ground with the same amount of pressure as the two Core Transformation Experts who came after Yi Tianyun.

Jia De clearly couldn’t handle the severe pain that Yi Tianyun inflicted as he started to scream loudly.

Jia De and the other two Core Transformation Experts immediately turned pale as they realised that Yi Tianyun was more powerful than they thought.

“Do you know who I am? I am the heir of Multi Dragon Mansion!” Jia De said coldly, but Yi Tianyun didn’t care.

He amplified the pressure of his aura and forced the three of them down into the ground, breaking more bones on their body in the process.

He knew that nothing good came from letting these people recover.

The people around them were shocked as they saw what happened.

Wei Feizhou was the most surprised one among these people as he couldn’t tell Yi Tianyun’s power even now.

“What are you doing? Everyone has already started! You will be late!” Yi Tianyun said as he signalled for He Rongkun to start climbing the Smelting Trial.

“You are right! I will go now!” He Rongkun reacted in a hurry and began to climb the Smelting Trial.

Yi Tianyun then waved He Rongkun goodbye and immediately turned his attention to Wei Feizhou.

“Let’s go! We should watch him from the best spo!” Yi Tianyun said to the still surprised Wei Feizhou.

“Sure! You are right!” Wei Feizhou followed Yi Tianyun once he has snapped back from his thought.

He realised that Yi Tianyun was far stronger than he thought. It wasn’t impossible that Yi Tianyun was a hidden grandmaster!

Then at their spot, Yi Tianyun ordered an alcoholic drink for the both of them and sipped it while observing He Rongkun.

Although there is no martial art on the ladder, Yi Tianyun noticed that He Rongkun was trying to understand the ladder as he climbed up.

But Yi Tianyun was delighted by Wei Feizhou as he noticed that Wei Feizhou didn’t try to escape even though he hated getting in trouble.

It was obvious that he was a very responsible man. Yi Tianyun appreciated such a man compared to the men that immediately ran away as soon as the situation got ugly.

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