Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 710


Yi Tianyun already noticed that the Third Elder was a scum who tried to fool the entire faction. He wasn’t afraid of him as he had an unusually low cultivation base despite being an elder. But surely, it was on the highest bar of Eye of Charm’s criteria at 5th Layer Spirit King Stage. 

If he had a higher cultivation level, Yi Tianyun would have no other way to prove his point, but luckily that wasn’t the case! Hadn’t Jiao Linghe told him to stand down, he would have humiliated the third elder effortlessly. 

“Are you the one who sent someone to ambush my parent in the past?” Yi Tianyun asked coldly to the third elder.

“Yes, it was me and the Great Elder’s order. I send a few more experts to assist at that time.” The third elder said with a dull look on his face.

Everyone was shocked to hear the third elder’s confession. None of them could say anything as everything happened so fast.

“So, why did you want to kill my parents?” Yi Tianyun asked again.

“Because Yi Xingchen is a threat to our position and our power in the future. The power of Holy King will escape our grasp, and thus we sought to eliminate Yi Xingchen and his child.” The third elder said, still expressionlessly.

“Third elder, what are you talking about? Snap out of it!” Great elder said furiously as he rushed towards the Third Elder. However, Yi Yuanlong stopped him before he could reach the Third Elder.

“Let him finish what he wants to say first!” Yi Yuanlong said coldly. His eyes were full of killing intent, but he was not surprised! Yi Yuanlong didn’t seem to be surprised by what the Third Elder said! It seemed he had suspected that was the case for a long time, but he couldn’t prove it, so he had no choice but to stay quiet.

He knew that it was impossible for Jiao Linghe to make enemies at that time as she only arrived at the Heaven World shortly. If it were indeed Jiao Linghe’s enemies who chase after them, it would be in Mortal World, not the Heaven World.

As for Yi Xingchen, he had quite a lot of enemy, but no one dared to attack him as he was under the protection of Sealing Heaven Divine Nation! Attacking him meant declaring war with Sealing Heaven Divine Nation! However, what would happen if the one who attacked him were from the Sealing Heaven Divine Nation itself? No one would be able to declare war with anyone as the truth could be buried easily.

The Great Elder was still furious, but now it was clear that he was anxious too! He wanted to stop the Third Elder from spilling the beans any further, but he couldn’t go through Yi Yuanlong! They were more or less evenly matched, and if he chose to attack Yi Yuanlong, everyone would be suspicious, and the truth might be uncovered faster!

“Now, tell everyone what happened in the past.” Yi Tianyun said with a smirk on his face.

The Third Elder then started to speak out. He explained the detailed story of what happened in the past and what he and the Great Elder had planned. On the other side, Jiao Linghe was losing her patience as she heard the truth coming out of the third elder’s mouth. But even so, she was still confused why the third elder would tell the truth!

She realised that the third elder only responded to what Yi Tianyun asked and ignored everyone else. She now knew that her son had something to do with all this. She recalled that Yi Tianyun already told her not to worry about anything. 

Not long after that, the third elder finished his story, and everyone was speechless after hearing the truth behind what happened in the past. It was clear how they felt from the disgust on everyone’s face. 

As Yi Tianyun snapped his fingers, the Third Elder was startled immediately and looked around with a horrified expression. “What did you do to me?” The Third Elder shouted to Yi Tianyun. “Everything that I said earlier is all lie! This man has put me under his spell to tell everyone anything that he wants!” the Third Elder shouted to make sure that everyone wouldn’t take what he just said to heart. 

The third elder started screaming to defend himself. Everyone turned their attention to Yi Tianyun. Was the Third Elder telling the truth? Or Yi Tianyun did manipulate the third elder to say everything.

“Do you think I’m making it up? In that case, why don’t we use Soul Search on the third elder to confirm the truth? If it truly was misleading information, I am willing to give my life here and be punished in any means necessary.” Yi Tianyun said indifferently.

“Soul Search? Why would someone be willing to accept that kind of thing!” the Grand Elder said worriedly.

“Well, I agree with my son! Soul Search could find any piece of memories that happened in the past! If Sealing Heaven Divine Nation really wants to find out the truth, I suggest that we have to Soul Search the third elder’s memories!” Jiao Linghe said adamantly.

Great elder and the Third Elder were pale because they knew that everything would be uncovered if someone used Soul Search on him!

“What did you say, you whore! Soul Searching? Everything happened because of you, and now you want to damage my soul too? You are a stinking greedy whore!” The third elder shouted furiously at Jiao Linghe. He would do anything to eliminate the Soul Search option here.

“Well, you have another option if you want.” Yi Tianyun said as he pulled out the Evil Spirit Divine Sword on the ground. The black energy surged from the sword to the ground, and everyone could see that it was a Divine Tool that could damage the soul!

“A Divine Tool?” The Third Elder shouted as he realized that Yi Tianyun would beat him to death to uncover the truth!

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