Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 711


Having a Divine Tool was really something else! Divine Nation had a lot of Divine Tools, but only some people had the privilege to wield them. Even if they were a high ranking elder, they wouldn’t instantly have this privilege! 

“A Divine Tool?” Yi Yuanlong said with surprise evident on his face. He didn’t expect his grandson to have a Divine Tool. Jiao Linghe herself was surprised too, but she chose to stay silent for the moment. The Third Elder’s eyes shone as he knew that he would get that Divine Tool if he agreed to the Soul Search, but it wasn’t worth it as everyone would know what he had done in the past.

“Is one Divine Tool not enough?” Yi Tianyun sarcastically asked before he pulled out the Evil Spirit Armour, which was another Divine Tool.

Everyone was baffled, not because Yi Tianyun has another Divine Tool, but because it was an armour Divine Tool! Armour Divine Tools were rare as the materials to forge one was way more valuable than the materials to forge a weapon.

Everyone realised that the third elder had to accept the deal. Two Divine Tools for a little damage after the soul search was worth it! But the Third Elder was still silent, and the look of uncertainty covered his face.

“Is that still not enough?” Yi Tianyun said with a frown on his face before he pulled out Evil Spirit Boots, another Divine tool. With these boots, it was a complete set of Evil Spirit Divine Tool! A full set of Divine Tools were extremely rare. It was a whole Divine Nation’s worth of gold just to buy it on the auction.

The look of greed filled the room. It was clear everyone wanted to have it for themselves. No one knew that it was worthless for Yi Tianyun as he often got a full set of equipment from his enemies thanks to his Lucky Aura.

The Evil Spirit Set was the Divine Tools that he got after killing the Imperial Preceptor of Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation. He didn’t have any use for this set as it had an extremely evil aura, and most people wouldn’t be able to control it. Of course, Yi Tianyun wouldn’t have any problem wielding the set, but the Evil God Suit was much more powerful than the effect he got from the Evil Spirit Set.

Everyone was brimming with anticipation as they knew that the third elder might become the strongest elder if he accepted the deal. Who in their right mind would refuse a whole set of Divine Tool in exchange for some knowledge in their possession and slight damage from the soul search? 

No one said anything as they were waiting for the third elder to make his own decision. Everyone began to think that maybe the third elder deliberately remained silent to tip the negotiation to his favour even more. Surely, the third elder wouldn’t be that dumb!

But everyone began to grow impatient as the Third Elder stayed quiet for too long. 

“Third elder, you are clearly making a profit here! It is a Divine Tool Set! It’s worth the little damage you will receive!” one of the elders shouted as he grew impatient waiting for the third elder’s answer.

“Yeah! This is my first time seeing a set of Divine Tools myself! It’s too good to be true, but here we are!” another elder shouted, pressuring the third elder to accept.

“It is truly a sight for sore eyes, but it’s also confusing at the same time! If he has this amount of Divine Tools, wouldn’t he be able to cure Yi Xingchen by himself? Why didn’t he save them then?” another elder said with a confused expression.

His confusion was to be expected as it was incredible to see a young teenager of Yi Tianyun’s age having such amount of Divine Tools. 

“Where did you get that many Divine Tools?” Third Elder asked solemnly.

“Why does that even matter? As long as you agreed to the soul search and your memories  match what you said earlier, it would be yours!” Yi Tianyun said indifferently.

Shi Xueyun was holding her smile on the side. Although it was a little bit surprising that Yi Tianyun would give that much, it was a given for Yi Tianyun to have that much. After all, Yi Tianyun was a man that brought about miracles!

“You didn’t steal these Divine tools from someone else, did you? I don’t want someone coming here searching for those Divine Tools later!” The third elder said solemnly.

“Stolen items? Then the one I steal it from deserved it! how can someone with these Divine Tools be stupid enough to let it got stolen!” Yi Tianyun said coldly.

Everyone nodded as what Yi Tianyun said did make sense. After all, there was no way anyone would part with such a Divine Tool easily. Either they died or sold the Divine Tools themselves for such a thing to be possible. This set was probably an inheritance or something else entirely.

“No, I wouldn’t accept such questionable equipment! I refuse your offer! I have always hated something with zero credibility!” The Third Elder said righteously.

He knew that he wouldn’t look bad with this excuse, but Yi Tianyun knew that he was just scared everyone would find out the cruel thing he had done in the past. Unfortunately, everyone else thought that the Third Elder was a righteous person, and thus the look of admiration was clear on everyone else’s face.

“Can I take this set of equipment instead?” an old man came from the inside door. He looked very old like he could just drop dead at any second. However, he still walked in with confidence instead of walking in feebly as he was supposed to based on his age. His eyes still reflected confidence that wasn’t inferior to the youngsters.

“Family Lord!” the Third Elder shouted respectfully. Although they were a Divine Nation, their leader wasn’t the Holy King, but a Family Lord instead! This was because Sealing Heaven Divine Nation derived from a faction created inside a family. Thus they maintained the title even though they’ve already become a Divine Nation.

Yi Tianyun observed the current Lord from top to bottom and was quite surprised that the Lord only achieved 7th Layer Saint King Stage cultivation base. Although it was a strong cultivation level, it was a little bit too weak for someone his age. Did his cultivation regress due to his old age? Yi Tianyun didn’t know for certain, but it was clear that the old man didn’t have many years left to live.

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