Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 717


“You are merely a cat in front of a tiger! I admire your bravery, but that’s it! Those Divine Tools will be mine!” the great elder said coldly. He then aimed his axe at Yi Tianyun and swung it with all his might. A line of dazzling starlight manifested, heading towards Yi Tianyun’s direction at an extreme speed. It was clear to everyone that the Great Elder was serious and no longer wanted to waste his time on Yi Tianyun!

Everyone knew that was just the Great Elder’s attitude towards his enemy. He always got serious right off the start so that the enemy didn’t have any chance of surviving! The earth shook due to the Great Elder’s powerful attack, but fortunately, the room was already coated with Divine Rune, so the Great Elder’s attack didn’t damage the palace!

“Star God!” the Great Elder shouted as he swung his great axe once more. 

“A god? Let me teach you the meaning of god here!” Yi Tianyun coldly said as he slammed the Evil Spirit Divine Sword to the ground. Suddenly, the Great Elder was surrounded by the Evil Spirits, and Yi Tianyun began to smirk as the effect he was waiting for finally occurred.

‘Successfully triggers the Critical Attack, All damage amplified three times!’

The great elder was torn apart by the Evil Spirit that Yi Tianyun summoned. Even the dazzling light that came from the great elder’s axe was swallowed without a trace! Everyone could sense the terrifying Evil Aura that came from Yi Tianyun’s attack, but fortunately, they immediately stepped back before they got swallowed by the Evil Spirit too!

Everyone was clearly shocked by the power behind Yi Tianyun’s attack. The Evil Spirit that Yi Tianyun has summoned could cover the entire palace with ease! This was the most terrifying attack they have ever seen. It was clearly above the Great Elder’s league!

“Get off of me!” The great elder screamed as he struggled to get away from the Evil Spirit. He swung his Stars Divine Axe repeatedly, but the attack was immediately swallowed by the endless darkness that came in the form of Evil Spirit. 

The great elder even bombarded the Evil Spirit with the strongest attack that he could muster, but it just opened a little path from the Evil Spirit that surrounded him, and it quickly surrounded him again.

In the meantime, Yi Tianyun’s attack has even swallowed the entire room and even began to shroud the sky above them as if the Evil Spirit was trying to swallow the earth itself!

“Good lord! Even the sky was being swallowed!” The elder shouted, full of surprise as they evacuated themselves from the room. They were dazzled by the great elder’s power just a moment ago, but now they were cowering from Yi Tianyun’s power!

However, Yi Tianyun’s attack didn’t last long as the Evil Spirits were absorbed back to Evil Spirit Divine Sword. The light returned to the hall, and everything seems normal, as if nothing happened in the hall to begin with! 

Only the great elder seemed different as he slumped on the ground with his face pale after taking on Yi Tianyun’s attack. He was still alive, but it was clear to everyone that he could no longer fight as the great elder groaned in pain, just like the third elder on the side!

People kept thinking that Yi Tianyun wouldn’t be able to defeat the great elder even though he might be stronger than the third elder, but that wasn’t the case at all! Yi Tianyun’s attack just now was clearly more powerful than the attack he launched toward the third elder. It was too much different than the last attack! But the thing that left the entire hall speechless was the fact that the great elder was defeated so easily!

The great elder and Yi Tianyun attacked at the same time, but the great elder’s attack never reached Yi Tianyun at all! It was clear that Yi Tianyun’s attack was much stronger than the great elder’s attack. But even so, everyone knew that Yi Tianyun didn’t attack the great elder with the intention to kill as the great elder should be dead if Yi Tianyun wanted him to!

“Your so-called Star Power is good, but it wasn’t enough to reach me. You two would be swallowed by the Evil Spirit slowly, and your soul would be corroded over time. I hope you would repent your sin in your next life!” Yi Tianyun said coldly.

He then put away the Evil Spirit Divine Sword and looked at everyone else indifferently. He wasn’t just arrogant as he had the power to back it up! Everyone realised that Yi Tianyun never considered any of them as a threat as he was just toying with them in the first place!

Yi Tianyun easily defeated the great elder. Did that mean he was stronger than the great elder? If that was the case, then does it mean that Yi Tianyun already reached the Saint King Stage? If that was also true, then that meant Yi Xingchen had a son who already reached the Saint King Stage at such a young age!

Everyone was dumbfounded by these facts alone, and Jiao Linghe was no exception! Yi Yuanlong was even more dumbfounded by the fact that his grandson was even stronger than himself! It was clear that both Yi Yuanlong and Jiao Linghe didn’t trust Yi Tianyun enough in the first place!

But everyone’s attention shifted back to the third elder and the great elder who kept on screaming horrifiedly, unable to withstand the pain from having their soul devoured by the Evil Spirit. The Evil Spirit took its time devouring their soul. Clearly, Yi Tianyun controlled the Evil Spirit to do so as everyone knew that the Evil Spirit could just devour their soul in one go!

“Family Lord, save us!” the third elder shouted as he struggled to get up as his face was already petrified from the pain. Cold sweat already covered the floor below him as he kept trying to defend his soul from the Evil Spirit. He tried to crawl towards Suo Kaifeng as he couldn’t withstand the pain any longer. Earlier, he only would do anything to stay alive, but now, even death would be a mercy!

“You agreed to a Death Duel. Thus I have no authority to decide what happens to you.” Suo Kaifeng indifferently said as he concealed his emotion to the third elder. From the moment that the truth was out, Suo Kaifeng no longer cared about the third elder and the great elder as what they have done in the past was really abhorrent! 

Surely, if Yi Yuanlong attacked these two, Yi Yuanlong would have to be punished as he attacked his own family, but as Yi Tianyun wasn’t part of the faction, he could ask for a death duel to pursue justice!

Yi Tianyun looked at Suo Kaifeng and nodded at him. If Suo Kaifeng wanted these two to be killed instantly, Yi Tianyun would’ve done so, but as he realised Suo Kaifeng didn’t care, Yi Tianyun wanted to torture these two a little more! 

Yi Tianyun wasn’t a dreadful person, but for these two who justified poisoning a man and even that man’s child, Yi Tianyun didn’t want to show any mercy!

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