Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 718


Suo Kaifeng’s indifference startled everyone else as it was questionable for the Family Lord to let his two best elders die. But then again, it was done in a fair Death Match. At the same time, people began to wonder whether the Sealing Heaven Divine Nation would take another hit now that two of their strongest elders were in this state. 

The Great Elder had the potential to break through into the Saint King Stage, and now that he couldn’t do that anymore, the Sealing Heaven Divine Nation would have to wait for a long time to have someone with the same potential.

“Family Lord, please save my father!” the Son of the Great Elder rushed towards Suo Kaifeng as he couldn’t stand to watch his father anymore.

“Family Lord, please save the Great Elder. We are willing to pay the price for that!” numerous people from the Great Elder’s family stepped forward to ask for mercy to the Great Elder. They kneeled in front of the Family Lord to beg for his mercy.

“It’s not for me to decide, if you seriously want to ask for mercy for the Great Elder, ask Yi Xingchen’s son!” Suo Kaifeng said with a frown on his face. He was not a fool. He knew that Yi Tianyun wasn’t even serious yet. Thus he knew that he wouldn’t be able to survive the confrontation either! The best he could do was show his utmost respect to Yi Tianyun so that the Sealing Heaven Divine Nation didn’t become the teenager’s enemy!

The Death Match has been approved by both sides. Thus everything that happened in the battle was up to the winning side to decide. Thus the Great Elder’s family was surprised once again by the Family Lord’s decision and immediately rushed towards Yi Tianyun and bowed their head for Yi Tianyun to spare the Great Elder. 

“I wonder what they were thinking when they poisoned my father and me. They knew full well what kind of poison it was, and they had it in them to proceed with their wicked scheme. Thankfully, my father is strong enough to withstand the effect of the poison for this long. As for me, I was lucky that I managed to cure the poisoning! Now, if I poisoned the Great Elder, would you give me mercy?” Yi Tianyun asked indifferently.

The Great Elder’s Family was startled by Yi Tianyun’s words as they knew that it meant the Great Elder wouldn’t be given any mercy. The weight of the Great Elder’s sin towards Yi Tianyun’s family didn’t earn him Yi Tianyun’s mercy today!

“Please, have it in you to let the Great Elder go. We will be forever indebted to you, and we will give you all of our family treasures too. You can even make us your subordinate for the rest of our life!” the people from the Great Elder’s family kept pleading for Yi Tianyun’s mercy despite what Yi Tianyun has said earlier. 

But for Yi Tianyun, their pleading means nothing.

“It was such a shame. I didn’t have any intention to make any of you my subordinates! Maybe it was too late, but I never said that I was a good person either! Ever since their misdeed was out of the bag, they had no intention to repent for their sin. Worse, they tried to scam my grandfather for the resources to heal my father back to health. People like them are a waste of space and thus better to rid them from this world! I am doing the world a favour by doing this!” Yi Tianyun said indifferently.

Yi Tianyun turned his attention back to the two elders who were writhing on the floor, screaming in pain as the Evil Spirit kept gnawing on their soul. Their plead was too boring for Yi Tianyun to hear, and he didn’t want to listen to any of them any longer. The same could be said to Jiao Linghe and Yi Yuanlong. They had no intention to persuade Yi Tianyun to show mercy for these two elders as they knew that what these two elders did in the past was unforgivable! 

It was a normal occurrence in this world to reap what you sow. Thus if the others were kind enough to bring a gift, it was a courtesy to repay them somehow. But if the others gave you hatred, it was a great fulfilment to exact your revenge against them!

“Now, I will give you two a chance to kill yourself if you couldn’t endure any longer. That way, you will be able to preserve your last dignity and also gave the Sealing Heaven Divine Nation a little bit of respect that it needed!” Yi Tianyun said indifferently to Great Elder and the Third Elder.

They thought Yi Tianyun would be giving them mercy, but it turned out that he just offered them to commit suicide! It was either that or suffered until death by having their soul gnawed by the Evil Spirit!

“You are a cruel and wicked monster! May you never be reborn in this world!” the Great Elder said as he gritted his teeth and stood up, he pulled out a sword and ready to take his own life, but Yi Tianyun got to him before he could do it!

“There are too many people who already cursed me and died before they could see it happen. I wanted to let you die in dignity, but it seems even that was too good for you. I despise people like you!” Yi Tianyun said as he grabbed the Great Elder’s soul and pulled it out of the Great Elder’s body before he burned the soul with the Immortal Fire! 

The Great Elder screamed horrifiedly as the pain intensified countless time than when his soul was gnawed by the Evil Spirit. The Great Elder screamed and tried to curse Yi Tianyun even more, but he couldn’t say anything but gibberish as he couldn’t withstand the pain.

The scene was terrifying as burning one’s soul meant that the person wouldn’t be able to enter the soul cycle. In other words, they would never be reborn again! The Third Elder, who wanted to do the same thing as the Great Elder, was discouraged. He immediately pulled out a long sword and stabbed himself right on the heart, killing himself immediately!

The Third Elder’s aura disappeared from the hall as his body slumped on the ground, unmoving. Suicide was terrifying, but it was better for him as the pain from having his soul gnawed by the Evil Spirit was unbearable.

Yi TIanyun himself didn’t care at all as the look of indifference was still evident on his face. It was his principle to kill all of his enemies, especially those who tried to took his life!

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