Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 719


The Third Elder’s suicide pained many people, but they couldn’t voice their complaint. The Third Elder has agreed to a deathmatch, so his death was justified. They saw Yi Tianyun as an outsider whose life didn’t matter for Sealing Heaven Divine Nation, but the third Elder has done so much for them in the past, so they couldn’t help but felt a little discontent. 

Yi Tianyun didn’t care about any of these people’s feelings as it was normal to feel anger towards someone who killed their loved ones. If they wanted to take revenge towards Yi Tianyun, he would welcome them anytime.

“If you want to take revenge on what took place here, I will always welcome you anytime. But if you took this revenge towards my family, it wouldn’t end well for your entire faction! If you want to see what will happen to you in collective masses, try me!” Yi Tianyun said indifferently. Although he showed no interest in the Sealing Heaven and his tone was indifferent, it still sent chill down people’s spine!

“I beg you. Please give our master a rest!” Several disciples said as they bowed their head in front of Yi Tianyun as the Great Elder was still burning painfully on the side. They knew that they wouldn’t be able to change the outcome of their master, but they couldn’t want to see their master tortured like this. 

“Give your master a rest? Didn’t I already give him the opportunity to do so earlier? Not only did he reject the offer, he even had the audacity to curse me. Well, now he can freely curse me while I am standing here, listening.” Yi Tianyun said coldly.

Yi Tianyun then walked towards Jiao Linghe and Shi Xueyun with a smile on his face. “Mother, Aunt, did I disappoint you with my choice?” Yi Tianyun asked curiously.

“Why did you still call me aunt?” Shi Xueyun said with a frown on her face.

“Oh yeah, it was a force of habit. I will pronounce you as my woman properly later!” Yi Tianyun said with a warm smile on his face. 

“Please, stop embarrassing me.” Shi Xueyun said as her face became bright red. Jiao Linghe on the side was smiling as she looked at her son. His power really surprised her. Still, she could see her own and Yi Xingchen’s reflection on Yi Tianyun’s personality. She was worried when Yi Tianyun had to fight against the Great Elder earlier, but it was just a false alarm as Yi Tianyun defeated the Great Elder with ease!

There was no doubt on her mind that Yi Tianyun was at least at Saint King Stage cultivation level! 

The Elders and disciples of Sealing Heaven Divine Nation couldn’t help but feel anger and embarrassment at the same time as their Great Elder was still tortured while the one responsible for such a thing was talking and laughing with his family. But their emotion was meaningless as they knew that they couldn’t beat Yi Tianyun even if they all ganged up on him. 

Yi Yuanlong sighed and approached Yi Tianyun. “Child, let the great elder rest now. It is enough.” He said with a sad smile on his face. He was still part of Sealing Heaven Divine Nation, so he knew that everyone wouldn’t like it to see the Great Elder being tortured like this.

“Since grandfather was the one who asked, I will do as you say.” Yi Tianyun said as he snapped his fingers, and the great Elder was instantly burned, leaving no trace!

The entire hall became quiet as soon as the Great Elder died. The Great Elder’s body also started to burn and only left a pile of ashes after a while. His soul was gone, and his body was burned to ashes. The Great Elder had nothing to leave behind.

Yi Tianyun didn’t blame his grandfather as he understood that Yi Yuanlong couldn’t help Yi Xingchen nor Jiao Linghe in the past due to the pressure from the faction. Furthermore, Yi Xingchen could get away from Sealing Heaven Divine Nation in the first place was due to Yi Yuanlong’s interference. 

“Family Lord, thank you very much for your support!” Yi Tianyun said calmly. He knew that if Suo Kaifeng interfered with the deathmatch earlier, Yi Tianyun would have a difficult choice to make. 

“There is a reason for everything, and their action in the past was something unforgivable. The choice to conduct a death match was also a justified reason; thus, agreeing with one means that both sides are willing to give up their lives.” Suo Kaifeng said calmly. 

Everyone was startled by Family Lord’s word. They thought Suo Kaifeng wouldn’t agree with Yi Tianyun’s way of doing things as he tortured the Great Elder and the Third Elder, but to their surprise, he didn’t seem to mind. As a result, everyone began to rethink their feelings about all this. Clearly, they couldn’t take the family lord’s word immediately, as it really pained them seeing their Great Elder being tortured earlier.

Yi Tianyun nodded his head. He understood what Suo Kaifeng was thinking here. It would be better to give up the two elders if Yi Tianyun were willing to join the Sealing Heaven Divine Nation, or at least willing to fill in the gap!

“My family, you all have worked hard so far, and now we are hurting ourselves out of stubbornness to preserve our Bloodline. The power within our family is already weakened. Thus it no longer has a valid value! This is our mistake, and we should correct it for the future generation, so they didn’t make the same mistake that we did.” Suo Kaifeng said solemnly to all of his faction members.

“As for Yi Tianyun, you still have the blood of Sealing Heaven Divine King within you. If you are willing to come back to Sealing Heaven Divine Nation, I would be forever grateful, and I am sure your father would be happy too. To compensate for the past mistake that our Elder had done to you, I am willing to provide the Royal Phoenix Blood Essence and the Heavenly Fragrant God Grass!” Suo Kaifeng said solemnly to Yi Tianyun.

Everyone was surprised as the Family Lord was willing to compensate such valuable resources just in reel Yi Tianyun in to Sealing Heaven Divine Nation. 

Yi Tianyun has already expected as much, for he already demonstrated his strength earlier that Suo Kaifeng knew that he must never let Yi Tianyun go. Sealing Heaven Divine Nation has fallen. They no longer had the prodigy who could propel the faction’s reputation back to compete with other factions.

Yi Yuanlong on the side also looked at Yi Tianyun as he hoped that Yi Tianyun and Yi Xingchen could return to Sealing Heaven Divine Nation. After all, this was their home. Although they’ve gone through a horrible experience in the past, the fact that Sealing Heaven Divine Nation was their home would never change!

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