Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 720


Suo Kaifeng’s offer for Yi Tianyun raised dissatisfaction among the faction, but they knew that Sealing Heaven Divine Nation would gain more glory and recognition if Yi Tianyun joined them! He already possessed a terrifying power that easily surpassed two of their best elders, so he would easily become the great elder once he joined.

But it was frustrating for some part of them as Yi Tianyun was still a teenager. He wasn’t even 20 years old yet appearance-wise, but he had already reached Saint King Stage! 

“I can’t decide anything until my father wakes up.” Yi TIanyun said indifferently. He didn’t want to join Sealing Heaven Divine Nation as he didn’t have a good impression of them. Moreover, he already had his hands full with Heavenly Cloud Empire, so he didn’t think he could afford the time to join another faction.

But still, Yi Tianyun needed to know what his father would think about all this before he decided.

“For sure, we must wake him up no matter what!” Suo Kaifeng said as he walked towards the coffin and inspected Yi Xiangchen on his own. “This is indeed the Bloodthirsty Poison. In addition to its dreadful effect, it was also hard to detect!” he said with a frown on his face. He couldn’t believe the great elder and the third elder could find such poison on their own and even had it in them to use it on Yi Xiangchen! 

This poison will burn the Blood Essence inside the victim body so rapidly that they would be dead in a matter of days once the Bloodthirsty Poison circulated in their body, and a small drop of this poison would be enough to do the trick!

“The poison has been ingrained inside his body. I believe it was from the attacker’s blade at that time. We don’t even know about the poisoning until we safely reach the Desolate Bone Forest! The common antidote for Blood Essence ailments didn’t work. I want to find a better antidote, but I couldn’t as Yi Xingchen was no longer safe to be left behind alone.” Jiao Linghe said coldly. She still hated the third elder and the great elder so much that their death wasn’t quite enough for her.

They left Sealing Heaven Divine Nation to start a family, but they never thought the Sealing Heaven Divine Nation would treat them like a criminal and hunt them down. They even resorted to using such a vile poison against their own kin! 

“They’re not content with only poisoning Yi Xingchen that they even laid their hands on the newly born Yi Tianyun at that time! We are doing nothing wrong, and even we have done something wrong, we didn’t deserve something like this!” Jiao Linghe said coldly. 

Everyone was silent as everything Jiao Linghe had said wasn’t wrong. The two elders were definitely too blinded by greed that their conscience allowed them to do that. 

“This is my fault for my inability to manage my elders. But no matter, they are dead now, and it is time to heal Yi Xingchen back to health! But it was unfortunate that we didn’t have any Blood Drinking Grass and Royal phoenix Blood Essence with us. We only have the Heavenly Fragrant God Grass!” Suo Kaifeng said solemnly.

“I have got my hands on Blood Drinking Grass recently.” Jiao Linghe said as she took out the Blood-Drinking Grass from her storage ring. 

“We are in a predicament; Royal Phoenix Blood Essence is hard to get! In the underworld, it’s worth Three High-Grade Sacred Tool, but I don’t think we can get it soon. The only other option is to trade with the Phoenix Clan themselves, but the Royal Phoenix Blood Essence is so precious to them, and I don’t know how much they would ask for that.” Suo Kaifeng said with a frown on his face. 

“If it’s a Royal Phoenix Blood Essence, I have it on me.” Yi Tianyun said casually while pulling out the Royal Phoenix Blood Essence from his storage ring, he used one before and saved another drop in case he needed it later, but he never expected to use it on his own father.

“It really is Royal Phoenix Blood Essence. How did you get it!?” Suo Kaifeng asked curiously with a surprised look on his face. Everyone else also showed the same expression as it really was valuable.

“I helped the Phoenix Clan in the past, and they give me the Royal Phoenix Blood Essence as a reward.” Yi Tianyun said indifferently.

Everyone was confused as there was no way the Phoenix Clan would reward anyone with Royal Phoenix Blood Essence simply for helping them. Even if it were the truth, the Phoenix Clan must be in quite a situation to reward such a thing! Everyone began to think that Yi Tianyun must have a good relationship with the Phoenix Clan!

Jiao Linghe remembered the Blue Phoenix that Yi Tianyun summoned earlier and smiled to herself. The Blue Phoenix was the sign that her son had a good relationship with the Phoenix Clan, but she didn’t need to tell anyone about it!

“Great! so we can start Pill Refining right away!” Yi Yuanlong said excitedly. He was surprised by his grandson’s achievement, but Yi Xingchen still came first in his mind right now. 

“Well, that is another problem! In order to refine the Detoxification Pill for Bloodthirsty Poison, we need an advanced level alchemist. However, considering we don’t have any reserved resources, we need a master level alchemist to make sure that the refining process is successful!” Suo Kaifeng said with a frown on his face.

The refining process couldn’t fail now as they only had one each of the material needed for the Detoxification Pill. If they fail, one of the material would be lost, and their chance to get their hands on the next one is slim!

“Hand all of the material to me. I will take it to Medicine Divine Valley and ask one of the Pill Refining Masters there to refine it for me. Any of you can come to make sure everything is done right.” Suo Kaifeng said solemnly.

“Wait a minute. Sealing Heaven Divine Nation didn’t have Pill Refining Grandmaster or a master?” Yi Tianyun asked dumbfoundedly. The question embarrassed everyone in the hall as they really didn’t have any pill refining master.

“Honestly, Pill Refining Master is hard to come by. They didn’t have a good cultivation level as they aren’t very strong! If you are so troubled about it, why don’t you refine it on your own!” Someone said in the midst of people without revealing themselves. 

These people were the family of Great Elder. Obviously, they still bore some grudge against Yi Tianyun for torturing the great elder earlier! 

Yi Tianyun was annoyed and flashed towards the man’s voice and slapped the man across the hall! 

“If you have a problem with me, stand up and step forward! Stop talking behind my back, you coward! But alright. I’ll refine it on my own. I am a Pill Refining Grandmaster, after all!” Yi Tianyun said annoyedly.

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