Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 721


Yi Tianyun wasn’t the Pill Refining Grandmaster yet and still an Advanced level Alchemist! However, that was not a problem for Yi Tianyun, as he could just level it up right now! “Increase mastery of Pill Refinement!” Yi Tianyun said, and immediately the Crazy Levelling System responded.


‘Successfully levelled up Pill Refining Mastery!’
‘Pill Refining Mastery is at Grandmaster Level. Next Rank requires 10 million Mastery point.’

The level up process was easy as he had so many Mastery Point lying around. Yi Tianyun got it every time he levelled up, but he didn’t want to use it instantly as he wanted to see what he needed first in the future. Since he needed it for Pill Refining, he spent it to increase his Pill Refining Mastery!

Yi Tianyun smiled a little as he was now a Pill Refining Grandmaster and Divine Rune Grandmaster, but Pill Refining Grandmaster is a little bit different as it was divided into three stages. It was Qi Refinement Stage, Spirit Refinement Stage, Soul Refinement Stage! 

These three levels made it hard to cultivate Pill Refinement mastery for ordinary people, but it wasn’t a problem for Yi Tianyun! 

“You are a Pill Refining Grandmaster?” an elder shouted as he couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Yi Tianyun was too young to be a grandmaster. Was it even possible for someone this young to achieve such a thing? 

“Yes, is there a problem?” Yi Tianyun said indifferently. “I don’t like people to interrupt as I speak. I am talking to the Family Lord now, not you!” Yi Tianyun said to the elder, who was clearly on the side of Great Elder earlier.

Yi Tianyun’s arrogance made everyone else furious, but there was nothing they could do about it. Suo Kaifeng was ignoring his people as he was too ashamed of their rudeness. He could justify Yi Tianyun’s arrogance as his men were being rude!

“Those who don’t like what they see here is free to walk out!” Suo Kaifeng said to the rest of the people in the room before he turned his attention to Yi Tianyun once again. “Are you really a Pill Refining Grandmaster?” he asked curiously. 

Suo Kaifeng wasn’t the only curious one as Jiao Linghe were also curious about it. She thought Yi Tianyun was too young to achieve that! 

“Did you think I would endanger my father’s life?” Yi Tianyun said indifferently.

Everyone was startled by Yi Tianyun’s answer as it was simple and effective to shut everyone up! Yi Xingchen here was Yi Tianyun’s father, and there was no way Yi Tianyun would lie about being a Pill Refining Grandmaster when his own father’s life was on the line. Still, how was that even possible? Has Yi Tianyun begun cultivating inside his mother’s womb? 

Shi Xueyun was the only one who was still smiling as she has already seen Yi Tianyun’s pill refining technique in the past. She also knew that Yi Tianyun had the right tools to do it, but she didn’t know how Yi Tianyun achieved it even though she knew about it. She didn’t want to ask too much as she trusted Yi Tianyun would tell her when he wanted to.

“I originally planned to observe the Pill Refinement process myself, but I didn’t expect that Sealing Heaven Divine Nation didn’t have any Pill Refinement Grandmaster here. If we go to Medicine Divine Valley, it would take a long time and surely spent too much effort. It’d be better if I do it on my own now as it would be more credible and safer!” Yi Tianyun said casually.

“Mother will always believe what you said.” Jiao Linghe nodded as she decided to trust her son. Even if it was questionable as Yi Tianyun was too young, she would always believe her son! Yi Yuanlong also nodded as he decided to do the same.

Suo Kaifeng stared at Yi Tianyun for a moment and then immediately ordered the Fourth Elder to take the Heavenly God Grass from the faction warehouse. “Fourth Elder, fetch the Heavenly God Grass and bring it here.”

“Yes, Family Lord!” the Fourth Elder said immediately and left to fetch the Heavenly God Grass. He returned shortly and gave it to Yi Tianyun. Jiao Linghe also handed her Blood Drinking Grass to Yi Tianyun. Thus, all the material needed to refine the antidote for Bloodthirsty Poison is already in Yi Tianyun’s hand.

Yi Tianyun then pulled out the furnace to refine the pill, which surprised Suo Kaifeng. “Alchemy Furnace of Sacred Tool Rank?” Suo Kaifeng said as he knew how precious a furnace like that was.

Other people also looked at Yi Tianyun in disbelief as they didn’t understand how Yi Tianyun got his hands on so many precious treasures that was worth more than a Divine Nation! The Sacred Tool Furnace itself was more precious than a Divine Tool Rank Weapon!

“I don’t believe that kid like that can refine a 6th grade Medicinal Pill. If he turns out to be only a 5th grade Alchemist, the ingredient would be wasted!” an elder frowned on the side.

“Yes, if he actually fails, how does he plan to take responsibility?” another elder said mockingly.

“Shut it, he will erase you if he hears you!” another person reprimanded them from badmouthing Yi Tianyun. 

These elders saw the Alchemy Furnace, but they still didn’t believe Yi Tianyun would succeed. They never heard anyone who could become a Pill Refining Grandmaster at such a young age. Thus they believe Yi Tianyun might be just a 5th Grade Alchemist. A 5th Grade Alchemist could be considered Pill Refining Grandmaster, but it was still not enough to create the Antidote for Bloodthirsty Poison as it was a 6th grade Medicinal Pill!

Yi Tianyun ignored those elders even though he could hear them. He was just focused on the task at hand, which was to refine the antidote for his father. He immediately threw the Immortal Fire inside the furnace to start it off, and once again, Suo Kaifeng was surprised by the fire that Yi Tianyun used to refine the pill!

“Immortal Fire?” Suo Kaifeng said surprisedly. “I didn’t know the fire you used earlier on the Great Elder was the Immortal Fire, I know I have seen it somewhere, but this is remarkable!” Suo Kaifeng said excitedly.

He was so focused on the Great Elder’s pained expression earlier that he failed to notice that the fire itself was the Immortal Fire! Now that Yi Tianyun used it to refine the antidote, he noticed it immediately! Immortal Fire was a super rare fire that was stronger than Phoenix Fire! The Alchemist who had this fire was said to become the best Alchemist in the world!

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