Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 746


Yi Tianyun’s word shocked everyone as it was such a far-fetched goal for them. Unifying the Mortal World itself was already a big goal for them, let alone unifying the three realms! Furthermore, they knew that there were so many Divine Nations in the Heaven World and Ghost World that it would be foolish for the people here in Mortal World to fight against them! There was another hurdle, which was the to way to go to the other realms itself! 

“Did you think it would be hard?” Yi Tianyun said as he looked at everyone’s expression. 

“We don’t doubt the emperor’s strength, but we are certain that the preparation would take a lot of time and wouldn’t Palace Lord Shi have to wait for a long time for that?” one elder said meekly. She felt that it would take at the very least 10 years for Heavenly Clouds Empire to achieve the emperor’s goal, if not hundreds of years!

In the past, not even the great Divine Kings were able to unify the three realms, so Yi Tianyun’s goal seemed to be almost impossible to do right now! 

“Don’t you worry about it! I just want to use the unification of the three realms as my betrothal gift to my empress! The thought of gifting her the unification of Mortal World seems to be lacking for me!” Yi Tianyun said solemnly.

Shi Xueyun was moved by Yi Tianyun’s word. She didn’t really want any betrothal gift from Yi Tianyun as she would be happy as long as she was with Yi Tianyun! The feeling of Yi Tianyun claiming her to be his empress alone made her happier than she could be at this moment! The thought of claiming someone in front of a large group meant the importance of that person in his heart!

But the thought of gifting the unification of the three realms as the betrothal gift to become the empress of the three realms obviously came off as a shock! It wouldn’t matter whether Yi Tianyun succeeded or not as the thought was the only thing that counted for Shi Xueyun! Nevertheless, Shi Xueyun believed that Yi Tianyun would succeed without a hiccup!

Yi Yuwei and the other girls were envious of Shi Xueyun as they wanted to be in her position too! But sadly, they could only watch from the side as it wasn’t up to them to decide who would stand beside Yi Tianyun! Even so, they were happy for Shi Xueyun and cheered for her to be able to always make Yi Tianyun happy! They already felt grateful that Yi Tianyun had given them a role on this faction!

“I know that many of you think that my goal is too far-fetched, but that is understandable! From today onward, I will create an alliance that would spread around the Mortal World’s empires, and of course, with our Heavenly Clouds Empire will be holding the helm of this alliance!” Yi Tianyun said confidently. Yi Tianyun didn’t pace himself too quick. He knew that to realise his goal, he must conquer the Mortal World first before planning on taking other realms!

“An alliance? We aren’t going to destroy the faction like before?” One of the disciples asked curiously. They’ve already witnessed Yi Tianyun destroying empires in the past that the thought of conquering the Mortal World peacefully didn’t cross their mind.

“No! while the past may seem to beg to differ, I am not a mass murderer! Unification of the Mortal World doesn’t require any extreme measures! We only have to prove that we are the strongest, and they will follow our instructions without any discomfort. If I try to rule by fear, they would only retaliate against me in the end!” Yi Tianyun said with a smile on his face. 

“That is a great plan, Master! But what would you do if they don’t want to listen to your idea? Some factions can be pretty stubborn! Should we destroy them if they don’t want to cooperate with us?” Yi Yuwei asked curiously.

“No, we only have to persuade them by negotiation! We need an alliance that’s ruled by hope and trust! We don’t need to brew any vile mood from anyone! If push comes to shove, the only thing that we can do is offer them a lot of Martial Arts and Weapons to persuade them to agree to our terms.” Yi Tianyun said solemnly. Yi Tianyun threw out a few rings to the disciple on the front. “Use this to tempt them to join the alliance!”

“Is this really enough to tempt them to join our cause?” a disciple frowned. Mortal World had so many factions that they must persuade to join alliances with Heavenly Clouds Empire, but the emperor only handed out several storage rings!

“You just have to take a look at the content of those rings! Just make sure that you negotiate accordingly! For example, is it normal to persuade a 2nd grade faction with Heaven Level Martial Arts? This is certainly unheard of!” Yi Tianyun said calmly.

“Of course, my liege! We will do everything you said to perfection! But I have to ask, what do we have to do if that faction bears hostility toward us and attacks out of nowhere?” Yi Yuwei asked again calmly.

“If they return our negotiation with violence, then we have no choice but to subdue their faction with power too! Tell them that I don’t need their power constantly! They don’t have to obey my words, as long as they lend me their power when it matters! An alliance isn’t slavery. They can do as they please until the time comes where their power was needed to save the realms!” Yi Tianyun said commandingly.

Yi Tianyun’s goal to unify the three realms wasn’t for his own benefit. It was all for the sake of defeating the demon that was sealed once it broke its seal! He only needed their power in a battle against the demon!

From the memory that Yi Tianyun received from Sealing Heaven Divine King, he knew that the demon wasn’t alone! He would need all capable cultivators to join in and repel the demon’s invasion as best as they could! 

Yi Tianyun wasn’t still quite sure that the demon would truly invade the three realms, but there was no harm in preparing for the worst in advance! Defeating the sealed demon wasn’t what really mattered right now, as the most dreadful thing was to stop and repel the possible Demon Race invasion!

“I know that some of you are still struggling to understand the concept of Alliance that I developed, but don’t worry, I don’t mind explaining it to you in private later!” Yi Tianyun said confidently!

All of this was necessary for Yi Tianyun to create an alliance that could stand against hardship in the future!

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