Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 747


Yi Tianyun then explained about the Demon that would break out in 100 years to his men. They were startled that such a major event was happening under their noses, but there was no record about it! “Great Emperor! We should announce this information to the rest of the Mortal World!” An elder said worriedly. Others nodded along as they agreed to the elder’s suggestion!

“How many people would believe us when we told them that such a dangerous creature lived in Mortal World?” Yi Tianyun asked with a frown on his face. Everyone was startled once again as they never thought of it that way. They believed in Yi Tianyun’s word as he was their leader, but they realised now that Yi Tianyun’s word was a little bit unbelievable from a stranger’s perspective.

The problem for this matter was no record about this Demon had been passed down! Furthermore, how could Mortal World factions deal with something that the Divine Kings had a hard time dealing with! Mortal World Faction might be huge in quantity but lack quality as many Spirit King stage cultivators chose to go to Heaven World or Ghost World to find a better environment for them to cultivate.

Heaven’s Top Mansion was the best example. In the past, Xuan Tian Spirit King was the backbone of this Mansion, and once he died, Heaven’s Top Mansion had a hard time recovering! Meanwhile, Heaven World and Ghost World were a little bit different as they had a good environment to cultivate and good resources for their faction.

Most factions in Heaven World and Ghost World still had their old ancestor, meaning that they could actually do something. In that case, what could Mortal World Faction do against such an overwhelmingly strong monster?

Heavenly Clouds Empire’s people started to think about it, and they certainly don’t like their odds. 

“That is why I gave you so many resources to persuade them to join the alliance! Once they joined the alliance, everything would be easy from then on.” Yi Tianyun said indifferently. Everyone began to nod as they understood what their Emperor was saying. They didn’t need to tell other factions about the Demon as it would be pointless anyway. 

“Tianyun, I want to help the best I can too!” Shi Xueyun said as she looked Yi Tianyun in the eyes.

“No, I have said that you don’t have to do anything! You are the empress, you already have so many things to worry about, and this is not something that you should do!” Yi Tianyun said with a smile on his face. He really meant it as Shi Xueyun would be busy managing the faction as a whole when Yi Tianyun wasn’t there!

“Okay, I understand! I promise you I will help you manage the faction.” Shi Xueyun said as she immediately went inside the palace to see what she could do to help. A group of Shi Xueyun’s close attendants in the past immediately followed her after bowing their heads to Yi Tianyun. They didn’t know their status now, but they surely would help Shi Xueyun if they could.

Now that Heavenly Clouds Empire was the most famous faction in the Mortal World, building an alliance with Heavenly Clouds Empire at the top should be no problem at all! No faction would question Heavenly Clouds Empire’s authority as they would be scared to upset Yi Tianyun!

After trampling so many Empires in Mortal World, Yi Tianyun have made a name for himself! There was a reason why Yi Tianyun wanted to create this alliance so bad, as he wanted to use it to make sure that the three realms, especially Mortal World, could prepare for the invasion of the Demon to come.  

“Great Emperor! Don’t you know that you are literally paying for the safety of the entire Mortal World? In the end, the people in Mortal World might even abandon you when the time is near!” Jiu Lingyun said worriedly.

“It is fine by me. I just want to have the possibility of unity when the enemy comes. I don’t mind if they choose to run away by then! it is better than getting killed foolishly by the Demon!” Yi Tianyun said with a smile on his face.

He intended to benefit everyone with the alliance, not just himself! He didn’t need their gratitude as he only wanted his loved ones to be safe! He wanted everyone to be able to live without the possibility of dying at the hands of the Demon!

“Being able to do anything for the Emperor’s sake was the greatest blessing for this little Jiu.” Jiu Lingyun said as she bowed out of respect for Yi Tianyun. 

“Well, go get busy now! Do your business like usual and increase your cultivation level! I want you to be able to protect yourself if by any chance I didn’t get the chance to do so!” Yi Tianyun said as he smiled towards Jiu Lingyun.

Yi Tianyun then quickly headed towards Devil Cloud Island after bidding farewell to Shi Xueyun. 

“It is quite unfortunate that an island like this was the first place that caught my eye in the past!” Yi Tianyun shook his head as he remembered when he had to deal with Xiao Wu and He Rongkun. He arrived at the island, and he saw that there was no longer magic clouds gathering on top of the island. It was completely normal right now. 

But the only difference now was that the island was civilized. Yi Tianyun was quite surprised to see that the island had a small city and people running around doing their business here. 

“It seems someone come over and choose to live here after I cleared the demon beast’s nest!” Yi Tianyun said as he observed the small city. 

Yi Tianyun began to wonder, where could the Heaven Creating Divine Palace be? Was it under the seabed?

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