Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 748


Yi Tianyun immediately plunged into the sea around Devil Cloud Island. Although he was surprised to see a striving city on Devil Cloud Island, that was not what he was here for! He immediately used his Appraisal Eye to see inside the water clearly and explored the sea bed thoroughly. 

Yi Tianyun was quite surprised that a lot of caves could be seen on the seabed that wasn’t formed naturally! If he had to guess, it was the mark of the battle from thousand years ago! Many wreckages could be seen too, but Yi Tianyun doubted it was from thousand years ago as it should be buried by now!

“I think it should be around here! The trace of battle was so clear around here.” Yi Tianyun said to himself as he continued to explore the seabed. Heaven Creating Divine King’s Heaven Ascending Divine Altar was built with a concentration of Spiritual Energy. As Mortal World was located in the middle of the three realms, Heaven Ascending Divine Altar in Mortal World should be concentrated with Spiritual Energy!

That might be the reason why the Demon attacked the Heaven Ascending Divine Altar in Mortal World, as it would sever the connection between the other two Heaven Ascending Divine Altars to some degree! That was probably why the Heaven Ascending Divine Altar on both Demon World and Heaven World had been deactivated for so long!

Heaven Creating Divine King was the one who set up the Heaven Ascending Divine Altar like this. Certainly, he had his reasons! There was no way he would create something out of a whim! But Heaven Creating Divine King was a quick thinker. He might be building the altar specifically to counter the Demon as he could teleport through the realm with ease and summoned reinforcements very quickly!

“I don’t know what happened to Heaven Ascending Divine Altar here, but can I reestablish the connection once again?” Yi Tianyun frowned as that doesn’t seem to be the case. “Could it be because the altar was underwater that it lost its ability to connect with the other two altars?” he wondered.

After thinking for a while, Yi Tianyun didn’t seem to reach any conclusion! It was unlikely that the altar was that weak! Why would Heaven Creating Divine King build an altar that was weak to seawater in the middle of the sea? But that might not be the case in the past too. These parts of the sea might be formed after a huge attack destroyed the land and drop the altar under the sea!

Yi Tianyun looked again and noticed a big cave that apparently had the same size as Heaven Ascending Divine Altar. Yi Tianyun knew that the altar had the same size from observing the Heaven Ascending Divine Altar on Heaven World and Ghost World. Thus, the one on Mortal World should be the same size as well! 

Yi Tianyun immediately knew that the cave was where the Heaven Ascending Divine Altar should have been in the past, but as he looked inside, he couldn’t see the Heaven Ascending Divine Altar anywhere.

“What happened here? Where is Heaven Ascending Divine Altar? I don’t see it anywhere!” Yi Tianyun said with a shock on his face. The only thing he saw there was a huge pitfall roughly the same size as the Heaven Ascending Divine Altar.

Yi Tianyun immediately swam around at an incredible speed. His Appraisal Eye covered a large amount of ground now, and he planned to utilise it to its utmost limit! 

But no matter how far he went, he failed to see anything out of place aside from the lurking Demon Beast. He couldn’t even find any trace of the Heaven Ascending Divine Altar anywhere!

“What is going on? Is it possible that the Heaven Ascending Divine Altar to be up and disappear just like that?” Yi Tianyun said with a frown on his face. He knew that there was still a possibility of the Heaven Ascending Divine Altar on this place being transferred elsewhere instead of completely destroyed without a trace.

But what baffled Yi Tianyun was because he knew that there is no such structure on Mortal World. If such a structure existed, the faction that controlled it would have reigned on top of the Mortal World as Heaven Ascending Divine Altar had a powerful Spiritual Energy that could haste the speed of cultivation better than anywhere else on Mortal World!

“This is a problem! No wonder that the quest gave quite a heavy amount of rewards! Finding the Heaven Ascending Divine Altar itself was already a massive hurdle!” Yi Tianyun said annoyedly.

The reward that he got from the quest corresponded with the quest’s difficulty! With that said, the harder the quest would be, the better the reward from that quest! But now, the quest simply ordered Yi Tianyun to find Heaven Ascending Divine Altar, meaning that the difficulty of the quest depended solely on the possibility of Yi Tianyun finding the Heaven Ascending Divine Altar itself!

The amount of Exp that Yi Tianyun would get as he completed this quest was 30 billion points. The amount of Exp that he got from killing a Saint King Expert was roughly 10 million points, and at best around 100 million points! In other words, the quest would have the same amount of difficulty as killing three hundred Saint King Expert!

“It seems that Heaven Ascending Divine Altar is no longer around here! Now, I have two options to complete this quest. Either I spend my hard-earned Crazy Points to buy a Soul Guide or explore the area until I find some clues!” Yi Tianyun said as he frowned upon the thought of having to buy another Soul Guide.

He had bought it before, which meant that the price would increase! It would be such a waste to buy a Soul Guide when he didn’t have that many Crazy Points, to begin with!

“Well, I have to calm down for a moment! It’d be best to return to the city on Devil Cloud Island first. I may be able to find a clue about Heaven Ascending Divine Altar up there too!” Yi Tianyun said hopefully. He could ask the people in the city for any kind of information! Who knew if they had some kind of information about any places with similar characteristics as Heaven Ascending Divine Altar!

Yi Tianyun decided to save his points for now as it was best to search thoroughly before using an item hastily! He then quickly swam and resurfaced while trying to think of any place with the same characteristic as Heaven Ascending Divine Altar. But suddenly, Yi Tianyun heard a shout from the side.

“Hey, look! There is someone floating on the water there! Hurry, we have to save him!” a voice said worriedly. He immediately told his friend to steer the boat towards Yi Tianyun that floated on the surface while thinking.

Yi Tianyun just watched them silently and let the man approach him without doing anything! Yi Tianyun knew at that moment that a hunter like these guys might know something that he didn’t know about! 

It was especially true for a Demon Beast hunter like them! A Demon Hunter must learn any information about the Demon Beast on the area as they knew that a simple slip-up could cost them their life!

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