Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 749


Yi Tianyun was quickly hauled onto a boat. The cultivator who thought they were saving someone wasn’t strong per se. His cultivation was only at Core Condensation Stage, and several others cultivator on the boat was also around the same stage if not lower. But one big man was clearly stronger than the other, at 1st Layer Spirit Core Stage!

But it was normal on Mortal World as having someone stronger than Void spirit Stage was very rare! And these cultivators at Devil Clouds Island were rogue cultivators! They belonged to Core Condensation Stage and didn’t fear the Demon Beast that lurked around the island. Thus they could make a city on the island.

Furthermore, hunting Demon Beast was a good source of income as Demon Beast material always sold. But then again, Yi Tianyun was intrigued to infiltrate the city without revealing himself, which was why he let the cultivator save him.

“Thank you very much!” Yi Tianyun said gratefully. He wasn’t really in danger, but it didn’t matter right now. He was quite relieved that there were some good-natured people living on the island. He knew that not everyone would be nice. Nevertheless, it was good to see one. 

“What are you doing there in the water? Is your ship attacked?” Lin Xiang asked while observing Yi Tianyun. They were quite far away from the Devil Cloud Island that it was really curious inducing to find someone floating on these waters. 

“I swim, but thank you for rescuing me.” Yi Tianyun said honestly. He was swimming in the sea to search for Heaven Ascending Divine Altar. The people in the boat clearly didn’t believe Yi Tianyun’s story as they knew that they were so far from the mainland that it was a death wish to swim here.

“Boss, why did you save someone so suspicious! This brat is not right in the head. How can anyone swim to such a dangerous place!” one of the crews said worriedly.

“Yeah, a likely scenario is that he was abandoned by whoever it is that he was with! I am sure that they were up to something unspeakable!” another crew said worriedly.

Although they were trying to talk among themselves, Yi Tianyun could hear them clearly. He only smirked and sat idly without saying anything. This was a normal reaction and behaviour as they were in the Demon Beasts’ territory!

The boat that Yi Tianyun rode was quite special as it was made with a special material that could avoid the attention of the Demon Beast in the water, allowing them to travel safely. 

“There is nothing to worry about. We are already done and ready to return. Saving a life is always a good thing anyway.” Lin Xiang said solemnly.

“Boss, have you forgotten the bad thing that happened in the past? The brat you saved the last time stole our hard-earned Demon Beast Materials! Just remembering that brat drives me crazy every time!” the crew said angrily.

“Okay, but not everyone is that bad! I have been saved before, and if they didn’t save me that time, I wouldn’t be here! Saving people doesn’t always lead to bad things!” Lin Xiang said solemnly.

“I am sorry for what my brothers are saying. I hope you can turn a blind eye to their rudeness!” Lin Xiang said as he walks towards Yi Tianyun.

“It is fine. I can understand your feelings.” Yi Tianyun smiled lightly. 

“Well, if that’s the case, we are about to return to Devil Cloud Island! Get a rest! I will wake you up when we are there!” Lin Xiang said with a smile on his face. 

Despite the word of assurance from Lin Xiang, the other two crews who were against saving Yi Tianyun earlier still watched him vigilantly. 

“I don’t know what is going on here recently, but I haven’t been here for a long time. So, can you tell me what happened around here?” Yi TIanyun asked Lin Xiang.

“What do you want to know? I’ve been here for a long time and involved with the establishment of Devil Cloud City myself!” Lin Xiang asked curiously.

“I want to know what happened below the water around the island recently.” Yi Tianyun asked curiously. If Lin Xiang were here from the day the city was established, he should have known what happened.

“Below the water? Hmmm, I remember that roughly a year ago, a sudden surge happened in the water. We thought it was just a simple rainstorm, but we saw a palace was slowly moving inside the water towards the north! We were shocked by what we saw, but there is nothing we can do!” Lin Xiang said with a surprised tone.

“Some of our people tried to see whether we can use that palace for cultivation, but they were killed by the sea monster! So we have to abandon it and let it go.” Lin Xiang said solemnly. “The sea monster that protected that underwater palace was half man and half fish! We had never seen such Demon Beast before, but it  was clearly more intelligent than normal Demon Beasts!” Lin Xiang said solemnly.

Yi Tianyun was quite surprised. He didn’t expect a group of monsters would make the Heaven Ascending Divine Altar their home. But more importantly, this was a new type of Demon Beast that was clearly different from the usual Demon Beast!

Nevertheless, the sea is a vast place, and people were bound to see something that they had never seen before! 

“Any other noticeable things happened aside from that?” Yi Tianyun asked.

“Yeah, after that palace is gone, the magic clouds that surrounded Devil Cloud Island disappeared! But even when I first got here, that Magic Cloud was already so thin that it seemed like it was about to disappear anyway!” Lin Xiang said while shaking his head.

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