Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 750


“A group of Sea Monsters came out of the palace and protected the palace as it was their own! I should have looked carefully for a nest! But I think they have gone far away from the island!” Yi Tianyun said to himself as he wondered where to find the Heaven Ascending Divine Palace. He wasn’t concerned about the Demon Beast as even they were no match for him, but it was a little bit unfortunate that he wasn’t at Divine King rank. Otherwise, he could search for the palace a lot faster and more efficient!

He wondered about what the Three Divine Kings had gone in the past in order to find the Demon’s remains. They searched the three realms up and down, and it still took them a few months to do so. In the end, they finally knew that it was impossible for them to thoroughly destroy the Demon’s descendants as they realised there was no practical way to differentiate them from the normal cultivator. 

They knew that the Evil Spirit Race was the descendant of the Demon, but there were too many of them, and they closely resembled a normal human! Many of them stayed at Ghost World as they realised that it was the best place for them to survive. 

“Brother, are you a first-timer here on the island?” Lin Xiang said, snapping Yi Tianyun from his thought. 

“I have been here before, but it was before the city was established.” Yi Tianyun said honestly. He indeed was here long ago to hunt Demon Beasts, and his word wasn’t a lie. 

“Sure it was! This place has changed so much since then. The most important change is that the black cloud that surrounded the island was gone! Although the island no longer looked like a Devil nest, it’s hard to change the name that was inseparable to this place.” Lin Xiang said while nodding his head.

Yi Tianyun asked a few more questions, and Lin Xiang answered all of them honestly as he didn’t think Yi Tianyun was a bad guy. This saved Yi Tianyun a lot of time as he didn’t have to waste his time in the city trying to find the information he needed. 

“Big brother, this brat actually comes here without knowing anything!” one of the crews said while shaking his head. They were a little less suspicious of Yi Tianyun, but they remained vigilant.

“Brat, I want to ask you something! How did you come here? Did your companion abandon you?” another crew asked.

“I told you already that I swam here and then got saved by your boss.” Yi Tianyun said indifferently before walking away. Yi Tianyun wanted to search for the palace now as he thought there was no need to go to the city anymore.

“We didn’t expect that you would lie to us even after we went through the trouble to save you! Well, once we are in the city, you’re no longer our trouble! So don’t expect us to babysit you!” one of the crews said with a frown on his face. He was slightly on guard because he didn’t believe Yi Tianyun’s words.

“Qian Liang!” Lin Xiang reprimanded the crew named Qian Liang while frowning.

Qian Liang immediately shut his mouth as he knew that Lin Xiang didn’t like his tone.

“I apologise for my brother’s word. We were once tricked, so pardon me if they can’t trust a stranger.” Lin Xiang said as he shook his head.

“It is fine! It is time for me to leave anyway.” Yi Tianyun said as he walked towards the side of the boat. But suddenly, the tide swept, followed by several Demon Beasts popping out of the sea! The Demon Beasts rammed the side of the boat, and one cultivator fell into the sea. Unfortunately, his cultivation was too low to fly, so he was helpless when he fell into the sea.

“Heaven Water Beast!” Lin Xiang shouted. He was startled by the sudden emergence of the Demon Beast. “Quick, we have to get out of here!” Lin Xiang shouted hurriedly. The three of them immediately tried to drive the boat away from the Demon Beast.

“Little friend, can you help us mend the sail! We will die here if we dawdle around for too long!” Lin Xiang said to Yi Tianyun.

“Heaven Water Beast? That’s an advanced-level Demon Beast. Apparently, this place indeed went through drastic change!” Yi Tianyun said as he observed the Demon Beast.

They soon saw another boat in their peripheral vision. However, they noticed that boat was turning around, probably because its passenger noticed the Heaven Water Beast that attacked Lin Xiang’s boat.

Heaven Water Beast Roared and rammed the boat continuously. Their attack was fast, and they clearly tried to throw off everyone into the sea!

“We are doomed!” Lin Xiang shouted in horror as he noticed an attack directed to the deck. “Quick, into the water! We can still fight them, and if we’re lucky, we may be able to catch them off-guard!” Lin Xiang ordered his crews as he realised that it was no use trying to get away when they were already surrounded.

“You don’t have to do that! Just stay here and let me deal with them!” Yi Tianyun said indifferently. Needless to say, everyone was surprised that a young man said that he’d deal with the Heaven Water Beast on his own. Qian Liang and other crews thought that Yi Tianyun was stupid and out of his mind! 

But as soon as he said that, Yi Tianyun waved his hand, and a sound wave appeared, shocking the Heaven Water Beast and force them to retreat underwater.

At the same time, the sound wave spread to affected everything around and below the boat! After a while, a bunch of Demon Beasts floated to the surface. They were all dead, including the Heaven Water Beast that the people on the boat were so afraid of! Everyone was clearly shocked by what happened as they couldn’t tell what Yi Tianyun has done. 

Moreover, in their mind, the Heaven Water Beast was not a Demon Beast that they could handle! 

Lin Xiang was the most surprised one out of the three of them. He saw Yi Tianyun flicked his hands, and a giant palm appeared, shaking the sea! He began to wonder what kind of power that Yi Tianyun used!

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