Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 756


“Big Brother Yi, how do you plan to heal me? There is no Water Jade Grass here!” Lan Qingling said confusedly. 

“Water Jade Grass isn’t always necessary.” Yi Tianyun said confidently. He didn’t need Water Jade Grass to heal as he could just rely on his Spiritual Power to heal Lan Qingling. 

“Really? Then I’ll take you up on your offer!” Lan Qingling said excitedly. 

“Princess, wait!” Elder Bo said as he stepped in front of Lan Qingling. He was worried that Yi Tianyun was going to harm her instead of healing her,! Moreover, Lan Qingling’s trusting nature was a little bit worrisome. 

“What’s wrong, Elder Bo? Big Brother Yi has the ability to heal, so why can’t he?” Lan Qingling said curiously.

“We have to know for sure that he can do it!” Elder Bo said to Lan Qingling before shifting his attention towards Yi Tianyun. “Are you sure you can heal anything? You don’t even know what her injuries might be!” Elder Bo said with a frown on his face. He still felt that Yi Tianyun was all talk. He might be a spy that Scarlet Monster Clan sent to monitor their movement and whereabout too! 

“No problem, normally Water Jade Grass was used on an injury that cut deep into the bone that easily shattered them. In the mermaid clan’s case, I think the injury is right around your tail, is it not?” Yi Tianyun said indifferently.

“How do you know all that?” Elder Bo said in shock.  

“It’s not that difficult to figure out. That is just the kind of injury that needs Water Jade Grass treatment. But for me, I don’t need Water Jade Grass!” Yi Tianyun said confidently. He was telling the truth. Guessing the injury wasn’t that hard when you know the medicine they wanted to use, but that wasn’t all! Yi Tianyun knew that this type of injury could make it hard to move, so the one having this injury may not be Lan Qingling, but probably the queen or the king of Mermaid Clan!

Elder Bo still frowned silently. He didn’t know whether to believe Yi Tianyun or not. 

“Granpa Bo, Big Brother Yi said that he could heal the injury. What else are you worried about now?” Lan Qingling said curiously.

“Princess, why do you believe him? he is a human race! You know that Human has kidnapped our people in the past! We’ll be in trouble if he does something awful to the queen later! You have to think carefully about this!” a guard beside Elder Bo suddenly said as they too felt the same about Yi Tianyun. They couldn’t bring themselves to trust Yi Tianyun just yet, but Yi Tianyun now knew for sure that it was the queen instead of Lan Qingling.

“If you ask me why I believe in him, then the answer is simple! Because Big Brother Yi is an honest person. He never told any lie!” Lan Qingling said almost immediately. 

The people in the room were a little bit startled by Lan Qingling’s answer that they couldn’t say a back a word. But Yi Tianyun himself was surprised as Lan Qingling sounded like she could see through lies.

“Princess Lan, thank you for believing me.” Yi Tianyun said as he held Lan Qingling’s hand and kissed it.

“Princess, don’t be ridiculous! Even if we have the Water Jade Grass, it’s still hard to heal the injury!” Elder Bo said worriedly.

“Grandpa Bo! As the next Empress, I order you to let him heal the queen! I believe he can heal the queen, and he won’t lie about it!” Lan Qingling said as she squinted her eyes towards Elder Bo. Her demeanour changed almost immediately. Now her attitude was that of a queen, instead of a playful girl.

Elder Bo and the guards’ expression turned stiff as they didn’t expect Lan Qingling to exert such pressure. 

“Alright! But if he does anything funny, the Mermaid Clan would kill him!” Elder Bo said coldly.

“That’s big words coming from you, but do you think your queen can wait any longer? To be honest, I don’t care that much about the queen’s health, but it is the least I can do for your princess! Otherwise, I won’t do a thing!” Yi Tianyun said indifferently.

Elder Bo was startled by Yi Tianyun’s word, but there was nothing he could say to that, so he gave up and led the way towards the Royal Domain. They soon arrived there, and Yi Tianyun looked around, but the room didn’t scream royalty at all. It was probably because they were inside the Huge Sea Whale.

“Come on!” Lan Qingling said as she opened the crystal curtain and walked before Yi Tianyun and Elder Bo. When Yi Tianyun entered the room, he felt a chilling cold shrouding the area.

“I brought someone to heal you.” Lan Qingling said as she stood in front of a huge shell. Yi Tianyun used his Appraisal Eye and saw that lying inside the shell was a beautiful woman, no older than 30 with cultivation at 8th Layer Void Spirit stage. He also noticed that the woman was weak now as her tail looked frozen as the ice seemed to cover up the injuries.

“A human?” the queen said as she saw Yi Tianyun. Her killing intent suddenly spiked as she glared at Yi Tianyun. It was clear that even if she were weak right now, it wouldn’t deter her will to fight.

“He is not a bad person. He saved me earlier!” Lan Qingling said confidently. Her words eased the queen’s killing intent, but her eyes were still full of doubts. 

“So, where is the Water Jade Grass? Or did he plan to heal me without it?” The queen wondered.

“Yes, I don’t need it to heal you! I don’t even need to touch you to heal you!” Yi Tianyun said casually.

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