Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 762


The Mermaid Clan didn’t see the Scarlet Monster Clan that Yi Tianyun has spared. Nonetheless, it was an exceptional achievement! In Yi Tianyun’s mind, he could just use this Scarlet Monster Clan to lead the way. There was no need for Lan Qingling to do it anymore as it would be too dangerous for her. 

“Tell me the current situation of the Scarlet Monster Clan!” Yi Tianyun said coldly towards the sole survivor of the Scarlet Monster Clan. He didn’t care whether Mermaid Clan was here or not at the moment as he didn’t exactly hide his intention to go towards the Scarlet Monster Clan.

“Scarlet Monster Clan is now teaming up with Evil Spirit Race to rule the entire ocean and continuously snatch other races to sacrifice them to the Old Ancestor to make him stronger. After that, the Old Ancestor is supposed to unify the Mortal World and then unify the other two worlds!” the survivor said nervously. 

Everyone else was confused by this exchange as they didn’t expect the survivor to spill out their internal information so easily. Nevertheless, Yi Tianyun kept asking other questions without holding back. 

In the end, Yi TIanyun was satisfied as he now completely understood the situation inside Scarlet Monster Clan. As he suspected, the one behind all this was indeed Evil Spirit Race, not the Scarlet Monster Clan! Scarlet Monster Clan was just an accomplice in all this.

The Heaven Ascending Divine Altar was probably moved because of an order from Evil Spirit Race! But Yi Tianyun still didn’t quite understand what the Evil Spirit Race wanted to do with it he thought there was no Saint King expert left in Mortal World. 

“Hmm, I wondered what are they planning to do with it.” Yi Tianyun said with a cold look in his eyes, but Yi Tianyun did expect that there should be a Saint King cultivator among Evil Spirit Race. Otherwise, they wouldn’t bother to move the Heaven Ascending Divine Altar! “Is it possible that the Heaven Creating Divine King’s rules didn’t work in the ocean?” Yi Tianyun wondered.

If Yi Tianyun’s concern were proven, then the battle against the Evil Spirit Race would be rough! Furthermore, he knew that Evil Spirit Race power was different from the other race, meaning that even if they were in the Saint King Stage, they were more powerful than most races with the same level of cultivation! Nevertheless, Yi Tianyun couldn’t let them do as they please. He had to make sure that he foiled their plan early!

Thanks to the survivor that he captured, he knew what he had to do next. Even so, Yi Tianyun knew that he didn’t know every single thing on the Evil Spirit Race’s plan. There was no way they would share all their plans with the Scarlet Monster Clan!

“Evil Spirit Race and Heaven Ascending Divine Altar? Does it have something to do with the Demon in the past?” The Queen asked Yi Tianyun as she listened carefully to the question Yi Tianyun asked the survivor.

“Yes, they are connected with the Demon in some way. It seems the Evil Spirit Race infiltrated all races, and now, they have the Heaven Ascending Divine Altar that Heaven Creating Divine King left to his descendant!” Yi Tianyun said with a frown on his face. “I suspect that the Old Ancestor that he was talking about was a Saint King Expert. Otherwise, the Heaven Ascending Divine Altar serves no purpose for them!” Yi Tianyun said coldly.

“A Saint King Stage expert?” The Mermaid Clan said with surprise clear on their face. They were clearly unnerved as they knew that not even their Old Ancestor had that high cultivation. The best they had was just a Void Spirit Expert, not even a Spirit King Expert!

“The Mermaid Clan used to be a companion of Heaven Creating Divine King. Therefore we are on the same team. I know that you aren’t as good as you are in the past, but I will be willing to give you as many resources as you need! With that in mind, I hope that you will find a place to settle down and inform other races regarding the possibility of war against the Demon again!” Yi Tianyun said solemnly.

“On the same team? I don’t even know your true identity!” The Queen said with a frown on her face.

“I am a descendant of Heaven Creating Divine King.” Yi Tianyun said straight-forwardly. 

“The descendant of Heaven Creating Divine King? I am sorry for my rude behaviour, Young Master!” The Queen said as she kept her head down in respect. Everyone else immediately followed suit as they knew that Yi Tianyun was someone that they should respect dearly.

Yi Tianyun felt awkward as he didn’t mention this because he wanted them to treat him with respect, but he set that aside and immediately asked something to ease the situation. “Where is your Old Ancestor? Did they left for Ancestral Training?” Yi Tianyun asked with a smile on his face.

“Yes, Old Ancestor had said to us in the past that we have to obey the descendant of Heaven Creating Divine King and become their servant!” The Queen said with a nod of her head. They were convinced of Yi Tianyun’s status as he just saved them from the Scarlet Monster Clan, and his power was really amazing!

“I am amazed that such a story was still passed down here and felt slightly embarrassed of your word.” Yi Tianyun said with a smile on his face. He really wanted everyone to treat him normally instead of behaving like his servant.

Nevertheless, Yi Tianyun knew that he needed the Mermaid Clan’s power to manage the ocean. However, he also knew that his relationship with the Mermaid Clan was still too shallow to expect loyalty from them. 

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