Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 763


After the matter was resolved, the Queen ordered the reorganisation of the Mermaid Clan and ordered the injured Mermaid to rest. “I didn’t expect that you would become the young master of our Mermaid Clan!” Lan Qingling said with excitement in her eyes. “I never expected the one that saved me out in the wild would be the young master!” Lan Qingling added dreamily. 

The ancestor of the Mermaid Clan was really loyal towards Heaven Creating Divine King. Thus they kept passing down the story about the past and foretold about the forthcoming of the Divine King’s descendant! For some reason, the ancestor of Mermaid Clan knew that the mighty Descendant of Heaven Creating Divine King would come one day!

Water Jade Pearl was a gift from Heaven Creating Divine King, and that alone would justify the Mermaid Clan’s loyalty towards the descendant of Heaven Creating Divine King! A middle-grade Divine Tool was a treasure that was so rare that they were convinced that the Water Jade pearl was the only Middle-Grade Divine Tool on Mortal World! But in reality, Heaven Creating Divine King was only helping create the Water Jade Pearl, and he wasn’t its creator.

The Creator Rank of Blacksmithing was Sealing Heaven Divine King. Thus, Water Jade Pearl was Sealing Heaven Divine King’s treasure! “Well, to be fair, I never thought it will end up this way either!” Yi Tianyun said as he smiled towards Lan Qingling. 

“So, when will you go to the Scarlet Monster Clan’s den?” Lan Qingling asked curiously. 

“Soon.” Yi Tianyun nodded. He knew that the Mermaid Clan was discussing a plan to join Yi Tianyun even though it wasn’t necessary from his perspective. What Yi Tianyun needed from the Mermaid Clan was just the plan that allowed them to lead all the races in the ocean and how much resources they would need to do so. 

His plan to unify the Heaven World and Ghost World could wait since he had to unify the Mortal World first! He at first thought that the Evil Spirit Race only infiltrated the races in Ghost World and Heaven World, but he finally knew that the Mortal World was no exception! 

“Young Master! Do you want me to lead the way towards their base?” Lan Qingling asked excitedly.

“I don’t think that’s necessary.” Yi TIanyun said as he pointed his fingers towards the survivor of the Scarlet Monster Clan. Lan Qingling’s expectation was shattered as she realised that it was better to have the Scarlet Monster Clan themselves guiding him than having the Mermaid Clan did it.

The captured Scarlet Monster Clan was terrified as he could hear everything, but he could neither speak nor moved no matter how hard he tried! 

“But I want to help you! Scarlet Monster Clan caught my parents! I want revenge too!” Lan Qingling said determinedly. 

“I understand what you want, but with your current cultivation base, you won’t be of any help.” Yi Tianyun said honestly. With the Scarlet Monster Clan leading the way, Lan Qingling’s help was really not needed anymore. Lan Qingling was immediately deflated after hearing Yi Tianyun’s words as she never expected to be rejected so harshly. 

“Your real enemy is not the Scarlet Monster Clan, but the Evil Spirit Race!” Yi Tianyun said as he reached out and patted Lan Qingling’s head. “I gave you some memories containing some Martial Arts. If you really want to get your revenge, you have to become stronger and raise your cultivation to some extent.” Yi Tianyun said solemnly.

“If you manage to pull it off, you will be the ruler of the ocean, and that way, you can find the Evil Spirit Race that lurks in the ocean and deal with them easily! I have given some memories that will teach you how to identify the Evil Spirit Race, and I hope you will share it with the Queen too.” Yi Tianyun added solemnly. 

This is Yi Tianyun’s true feeling. He’d rather share the power after unifying the Realms with other races that were loyal to him instead of hoarding everything for himself. That way, he could rule the realms quite easily as he had eyes in every corner. 

After absorbing the memory, Lan Qingling lightened up with determination! “I will make sure to live up to your expectation and make our Mermaid Clan the ruler of all ocean!” Lan Qingling said excitedly. 


‘Successfully placed Lan Qingling as a General!’
‘Reward: 5 million Exp, 100.000 Cps.’

Yi Tianyun smiled as this was an unexpected yet joyful turn of events, but knowing that Lan Qingling has become one of his generals, he would make sure to train her well in the future. After the situation calmed down, Yi Tianyun immediately left the Mermaid Clan and headed to the Scarlet Monster Clan’s base with the survivor that he spared earlier!

“You are dead as soon as you come near our base! There is no way you can take back the Heaven Ascending Divine Altar!” The survivor shouted nervously. “Our Old Ancestor will definitely kill you and eat you until there is nothing left! Heck, you may die even before we reach the front door as we have many exceptional individuals there!” he continued to shout at Yi Tianyun.

“Oh, powerful individuals? How about you tell me all about them?” Yi Tianyun said with a smile as a light flickered in his eyes. Although he could control the Scarlet Monster Clan member as he saw fit, he couldn’t tell what they had in mind. 

“The Great Emperor of Water Dragon Empire was willing to work with us and want to use our power to gain the upper hand against Heavenly Clouds Empire! They sneaked out information while following our instructions, so no one knows what Water Dragon Empire was up to. At the end of the day, we would have to destroy a stupid human faction, and it’s not a big deal!” The Scarlet Monster Clan answered under Yi Tianyun’s eye of charm’s power.

After he answered Yi Tianyun’s question, Yi Tianyun freed him from his mind control. The Scarlet Monster Clan was visibly shaken by the fact that the human could easily obtain information from him like that!

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