Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 764


“I am not surprised to see a human Empire was trying to control the sea and curb another faction too!” Yi Tianyun said coldly. He now knew that he had to destroy Water Dragon Empire as soon as possible before they could pose a threat to Heavenly Clouds Empire. Although he knew that they wouldn’t be a problem for him, it couldn’t be said the same to his men.

He has already heard of Water Dragon Empire before, so he knew that they weren’t particularly strong, nor were that weak in Mortal World’s standard. They didn’t seem ambitious and stayed under the radar for most of the time, which was why Yi Tianyun didn’t show any interest in them before. 

But now that he knew the Water Dragon Empire was working with Evil Spirit Race to destroy his faction, Yi Tianyun wouldn’t let it slide! Even though the Evil Spirit Race has taken roots in Water Dragon Empire was another possibility, Yi Tianyun still had to destroy them! 

“You are dead, you hear me? I won’t spill anything else to you! I’d rather die than doing so!” The survivor said while trembling, visibly shaken by Yi Tianyun’s ability to control him. 

“Don’t worry. I didn’t plan to force any information out of you, anyway. You are obviously just a pawn, irrelevant in the eye of your leader. There is nothing much you can provide me now.” Yi Tianyun said coldly. He knew that the survivor only held the common knowledge from their clan, not the vital information that he needed!

“No wonder this quest gave such amazing rewards. It sure doesn’t seem like an easy one!” Yi Tianyun said to himself as he glanced at his main quest information. Following the survivor’s lead, Yi Tianyun swam towards Heaven Ascending Divine Altar rather quickly. According to the Scarlet Monster Clan that he captured, Heaven Ascending Divine Altar was now their base, meaning that the Tool Spirit that held the control over the Heaven Ascending Divine Altar was being suppressed by the enemy. Otherwise, it wouldn’t let anything other than the Descendant control the Divine Altar!

They soon arrived at the Abyss that Scarlet Monster Clan used to hide their base. Yi Tianyun realised that the area was difficult to find. If no one led the way for him, he doubted that he would find this abyss anytime soon! 

‘Tiger Imitating Empire has become an ally!’
‘Reward: 1 billion Exp, 100.000 Cps, 10.000 Sps, 100.000 Mastery Point.’

Yi Tianyun was surprised as the notification popped out when he was about to enter the abyss! It seemed that Shi Xueyun was working hard on the surface to persuade other forces across Mortal World to join their alliances. “I am not alone in this fight! I have my comrades that I can rely on, supporting me from behind the scene!” Yi Tianyun said while smiling to himself.

He then immediately swam down the abyss led by the survivor and concealed his aura. As long as it wasn’t a high-grade expert, it was impossible to discover his existence. As Yi Tianyun got deeper into the abyss, he finally saw the familiar Heaven Ascending Divine Altar on the ground covered with ice. However, the Scarlet Monster Clan didn’t seem to be fazed by the cold as they had the Water and Fire attribute on them!

Yi Tianyun saw many Scarlet Monster Clan’s guards standing vigilantly around every corner of Heaven Ascending Divine Altar. Although their base was located in such a remote area, their security was far from lax! Some of them even patrolled the parameter of Heaven Ascending Divine Altar itself!

“Who is that?” one of the guards shouted as the survivor approached the bottom of the abyss.

“You are the soldier that went after the Mermaid Clan’s Huge Sea Whale! Why are you back so soon?” The guard said as the soldier comes near the guard.

“I have something to report, and that is why I return immediately!” The soldier said, of course, being controlled by Yi Tianyun! 

“Alright!” The guard said as he opened the gate that led to the Heavenly Ascending Divine Altar. But as soon as the gate opened, the soldier suddenly went crazy and attacked the guard, slashing him mercilessly!

“Soldier, what’s wrong with you!” one guard said as he was surprised by the soldier’s sudden aggression. 

“You dumbass, he betrayed us! We have to stop him, quick! Ask for backup!” another guard said nervously.

The guard shouted worriedly as their cultivation was too low to stop the soldier on their own. But soon, someone came to stop the soldier from rampaging any further, and it was Scarlet Monster Clan with four arms! “Stop him, don’t just stand around frightened like that!” The Four-Armed elder said with a frown on his face.

“Please help me! I am not betraying you. Someone is controlling me!” The soldier said while still trying to attack the nearest guard. However, his word fell into deaf ears as his word was drowned by the scream of the guard he slashed. 

Eventually, many Void Spirit Stage experts and even Spirit King Expert came out of Heaven Ascending Divine Altar to see what the ruckus was all about! Yi Tianyun was slightly surprised as he believed that the Scarlet Monster Clan was more skilled than other factions in Mortal World! But Yi Tianyun noticed that all the powerful experts that came out of Heaven Ascending Divine Altar had four arms! It was obvious to Yi Tianyun that they were connected with the Evil Spirit Race now! 

They didn’t even try to hide it, unlike Yi Tianyun’s previous encounter with the Evil Spirit Race when he was dealing with Heavenly Netherworld Divine Nation! At the same time, Yi Tianyun disappeared from his spot and reappeared inside Heaven Ascending Divine Altar!

When he looked around, it was obvious that the place was controlled by Evil Spirit Race, but everything was still familiar to him as he had already been to the other two Heaven Ascending Divine Altars! There was one question that bothered him right now, which was regarding who had the ability to control Heaven Ascending Divine Altar! Yi Tianyun knew that he must take the control away from whoever it was as the controller had the privilege to suppress those inside Heaven Ascending Divine Altar!

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