Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 765


Yi Tianyun sneaked inside and immediately headed towards the deeper part of Heaven Ascending Divine Altar as he was familiar with the layout of the place. Furthermore, he was so fast that he could easily walk past the guards that stood guard in various locations inside Heaven Ascending Divine Altar. 

“I have to find out who is the one controlling this Heaven Ascending Divine Altar!” Yi Tianyun said to himself solemnly. He was curious as the person that controlled the place right now was able to seal the Tool Spirit inside and also controlled the environment inside too!

Yi Tianyun immediately rushed towards the control room, and the room wasn’t guarded as basically no one would be able to enter without a certain level of cultivation! Once he arrived in front of the control room, Yi Tianyun slowed down and leaned into the wall, trying to overhear the voice inside. 

“Hey, I think there’s someone outside!” The Water Dragon Emperor frowned and stood up as soon as he thought he sense something. 

“Don’t worry. It must be your imagination! We have to talk about our plan!” an old man that sat across from the Emperor said casually. Yi Tianyun noticed that the old man looked like an ordinary old man! But the old man was accompanied by two guards that were at Spirit King stage level. It was safe to say that the old man was stronger than those guards!

“Sir Cang Ming, now Heavenly Clouds Empire has started to expand their influences rapidly! I am in a dire situation right now because if I am not joining his league, my empire would be sanctioned! It was clear that the Heavenly Clouds Empire wanted to rule the entire Mortal World! We have to make a move as soon as possible!” Water Dragon Emperor said solemnly. 

“They are too arrogant now as they have so many weapons and demon beasts on their side! If we let them gain momentum, there would be no place left for our Water Dragon Empire at this rate!” Water Dragon Emperor said angrily. 

Obviously, joining the league wouldn’t be an option for Water Dragon Emperor as it would mean they would submit towards the league’s leader, and in this case, Heavenly Clouds Empire! 

Even though Yi Tianyun gave them resources for their cooperation and had no intention to intervene with their empire at all, his idea to form an alliance seemed to raise resentment among the existing empire in Mortal World. 

“If they really want you to join their ranks, why don’t you just join them? That way, it would be easier for us to wreak havoc among them later and take away their power!” Cang Min, the old man said with a grin on his face.

“But it would be hard to make a move as they will surely station their men in the palace! They will monitor our every move for sure!” Water Dragon Emperor said with a frown on his face.

“Well, that shouldn’t be a problem! Just mix their drink with some sleeping pills, and you can do whatever you want while they were out cold!” Cang Min said casually.

“Is there even such a thing as undetected poison? Why don’t you just come up with a poison that can control people instead?” Water Dragon Emperor asked curiously.

“It can be done too. Nothing is impossible for us. Take your time and find the right opportunity to assassinate their Emperor during your time there! Heavenly Clouds Empire was a new empire, so if you kill their Emperor, the faction will be in chaos!” Cang Min said casually.

“I will do that for sure! The Great Emperor of Heavenly Clouds Empire was too arrogant for his own good! He might be a little bit stronger than others, and with that knowledge, he goes on a killing spree across the continents!” Water Dragon Emperor said as some of his killing intent spilled out. In the past, he wanted to deal with the other empire himself and took over their faction to strengthen Water Dragon Empire, but Heavenly Clouds Empire beat him to it!

“But still, he is way too strong for Mortal World’s standard! I don’t even know how I can kill him. There’s a chance that he is at Spirit King Peak Stage too!” Water Dragon Emperor said with a frown back on his face.

“If you didn’t have the ability to do so, it was better for you to contemplate your action! If you can’t kill him in the end, I suggest you lure him into the ocean. That way, I can make sure to turn him into fish bait!” Cang Min said with a smirk on his face.

“That’s great! With sir Cang Min’s assurance, I could rest easy! I believe that it will be easy to lure him towards the ocean. He has so many trustees, and people often said that Heavenly Clouds Emperor was a kind man that wouldn’t abandon his comrades! If we can kidnap one of these trustees and bring them here, Heavenly Clouds Emperor would come charging in, I am sure of it!” Water Dragon Emperor said confidently.

“That’s a good plan, but I will leave the land to you. I can’t leave the ocean, so I can’t help you with anything on the land. That is why, once we drag Heavenly Clouds Empire from their throne, you will control the land while we will control the ocean!” Cang Min said with a smirk on his face.

“Great, that’s settled then!” Water Dragon Emperor said excitedly. The thought of ruling the entire continent of Mortal World elated him!

“If there is no problem, I hope you can carry on everything we planned here immediately! Furthermore, did you already send people to destroy the Passage of Heaven World and Ghost World?” Cang Min asked solemnly.

“I have sent several people, but it wasn’t an easy task, especially the Passage of Heaven World! There is an expert that guarded that passage! I hadn’t received any report about their identity yet, but some of my men that I sent there were already dead!” Water Dragon Emperor said annoyedly.

“You have to understand that we have to destroy both of those passageways, no matter what!” Cang Min coldly said while releasing his aura. Water Dragon Emperor immediately felt immense pressure from Cang Min as he almost tripped from the intense aura. 

“Right, I hear you loud and clear!” Water Dragon Emperor said with cold sweats on his head. 

Yi Tianyun that was eavesdropping on their conversation was surprised to hear such shocking news himself! He knew that he had to make a move soon. Otherwise, Mortal World would be in a dire!

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