Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 766


Yi Tianyun immediately knew that the both of them were already in contact even prior to this. It wasn’t an alliance that was made recently, and they seemed to have planned this for quite a while! In particular, Yi Tianyun was surprised about their plan to kidnap Yi Tianyun’s close ones in order to lure him out to the ocean! 

Yi Tianyun was a reasonable person, but he wouldn’t be so kind if his loved ones were endangered! Right now, Water Dragon Empire must be destroyed! It was the first thought that crossed Yi Tianyun’s mind! Furthermore, Yi Tianyun didn’t need a conniving empire like this in his alliance to keep the Mortal World safe!

“I have to be more vigilant with the Evil Spirit Race. I didn’t expect them to thrive in Mortal World!” Yi Tianyun said to himself. Before he arrived here, he never really expected that Evil Spirit Race would thrive in Mortal World as they couldn’t really develop their cultivation here. However, quite the contrary, they thrived below the surface! Furthermore, Cang Min has reached the 7th Layer Saint King Stage, which was supposed to be impossible here on the Mortal World!

Yi Tianyun has already experienced firsthand that the ocean had no pressure limitation, unlike the land. Thanks to the Guardian status that Yi Tianyun got earlier, he wasn’t affected by this pressure on land, but he was surprised as he realised now that the ocean had no pressure! That was also why Cang Min said that he couldn’t leave the ocean, as he would be at the mercy of the pressure, forcing him to leave the Mortal World! The pressure was also the reason why he ordered the Water Dragon Empire to destroy the passageways as it would weaken the pressure here on Mortal World!

Once the pressure was weakened, the Evil Spirit Race would easily march out of the ocean towards the land, and if that time came, the Mortal World would surely fall into a great crisis! Heaven Creating Divine King went through the trouble to create this pressure limitation to make sure that a land with a limited resource like Mortal World was safer. Otherwise, Mortal World be at the mercy of countless experts that would try to dominate it!

“Don’t worry, Sir Cang Min! I will carry out the task you gave me!” Water Dragon Emperor said with a smile on his face before walking out of the room. But as soon as he walked out, he looked up with a surprised look on his face and immediately fell unconscious on the ground!

“Water Dragon Emperor, what happened to you?” a guard said as he was at the Water Dragon Emperor’s side as he fell. The guard looked disgusted at Water Dragon Emperor as even though they were allied with each other, the Scarlet Monster Clan’s hatred towards humans was undeniable. 

“Nothing happened! I just tripped. Now, excuse me! I have a task I must complete!” Water Dragon Emperor said with a smile as he turned around and left. As soon as Water Dragon Emperor left, Cang Min walked out of the room with a frown on his face.

“I felt someone was here just now.” Cang Min said with a frown on his face, but as he saw no one outside, he didn’t think much of it and walked away. 

Yi Tianyun that used his Eye of Charm to control the Water Dragon Emperor, immediately undid his invisibility after Cang Min left. His attempt at controlling Cang Min failed as the old man’s cultivation was stronger than he expected, but that wasn’t the case for Water Dragon Emperor!

“I have to follow this old man!” Yi Tianyun said coldly. He then concealed his aura again and followed Cang Min carefully. As Yi Tianyun followed Cang Min closely, he arrived at the Core Control Area of Heaven ascending Divine Altar. This was the main room where all the Divine Runes that were supposed to control the Heaven Ascending Divine Altar and where the Tool Spirit was supposed to reside! 

“Open the Door!” as Cang Min shouted, the thick door that separated the core control room from the rest of the room opened slowly. Yi Tianyun had a serious look on his face as he knew that he would see who controlled Heaven Ascending Divine Altar right now. 

The door closed again after Cang Min entered the room, but Yi Tianyun didn’t follow him inside as he knew that his cover would be blown if he went in. Besides, he could eavesdrop from outside anyway.

Yi Tianyun immediately activated his Appraisal Eye to see what was going on inside the room as the Divine Rune inside the room wouldn’t be able to stop Appraisal Eye from peeking in. Yi Tianyun saw Cang Min walked towards another figure in the middle of the room, clearly the one who controlled Heaven Ascending Divine Altar!

“Cang Yun, how are you doing?” Cang Min asked solemnly. Cang Yun, the one that controlled Heaven Ascending Divine Altar, was also an Evil Spirit race, and it seemed this Cang Yun was one of the original Evil Spirit Race as he had 4 arms, which were jet black! He was also at 6th Layer Saint King Stage Cultivation, a little bit lower than Cang Min.

“I almost gain full control! I need to devour more Heaven Creating Divine King’s Descendant to gain full control of this place! You have to fetch me more Heaven Creating Divine King’s Descendant to fool this place into thinking that I am Heaven Creating Divine King’s descendant!” Cang Yun said with a hoarse voice.

“Of course! But you should understand that it’s not easy to find Heaven creating Divine King’s descendant! They are only so many of them here in Mortal World. It may be another story on Ghost World! But rest assured, after the two passages have been destroyed, you wouldn’t need Heaven Creating Divine King’s descendant anymore! The control would weaken, and we would be able to leave the ocean!” Cang Min said solemnly.

“Sure, I will wait for the time to come! Had it not for the ancestor’s blood, we would’ve been discovered by those wretched people! Heaven Creating Divine King, Sealing Heaven Divine King, and that damned Ancient Netherworld Divine King, I will make sure that all of their descendants died an excruciating death!” Cang Yun said furiously.

Yi Tianyun that eavesdropped on their conversation outside was surprised as now all pieces of the puzzle were in place!

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