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Dimensional Chat Room Chapter 08 Elementary School Student is Awesome


Even Neet Hime’s abilities did not come from magic, and she had no accomplishments in magic. However, the good thing about the immortal being was that she knows a little bit about everything.

It was just that she did not even know how to teach from the basics to the details, teaching according to the object, and just threw out all the things she learned in a single breath.

So after her unclear explanation, Ye You was still in a fog. Instead, he became even more confused.

“By the way, what am I doing out here today?” Ye You arrived at the editing building entrance by instinct in a trance, forgetting the purpose of the trip as he pondered what Neet Hime had told him.

“Ah. Right. It is to discuss the transition with the editor.”

Although it was possible to communicate online, face to face would be more pleasant.

Ye You spoke to Neet Hime to leave herself alone for now and digest what was imparted.

Then Ye You straightened his clothes and stepped into the building with the words Shinazugawa Library printed on the signboard.

The elevator opened, and on the third floor was a very spacious hall, divided into two parts. One side of it was filled with neatly arranged desks, where editors usually worked.

On the other side was a small room separated by a two-meter-high partition, where editors and authors could meet.

Before going to the compartment room where he had an appointment with the editor, Ye You had to pass a huge floor-to-ceiling window.

Through it, Ye You could see children running and playing in the playground, which was an elementary school.

“Yo, Ye You, do you also like to enjoy admiring the body of the elementary school students here?” There was a familiar voice from up ahead, and Ye You did not expect to run into her here today as well.

“Kasumigaoka-san, please do not use such statements as a crime to describe me, okay?”

A tall, beautiful young woman with fleshy curves greeted Ye You. She has long, straight black hair with a white hairband and slender thighs covered with black stockings that make you think fanciful.

It was probably because the dress code is too dark, so the exposed skin appears extraordinarily white.

At first sight, it was indeed a beautiful girl with an outstanding figure that was flawless.

“Then— First grade-Kun, are you that interested in the growth of elementary school students? To such an extent that an oncoming beauty like me did not even notice.” Kasumigaoka was full of nonsense. In the last sentence, that was indeed the truth.

“Hey, still remembering that incident now.” Ye You was helpless.

The black silk girl lifted her chin and stared at Ye You with burning eyes, “Isn’t it a matter of course, running away when you win is the type I hate the most.”

‘That event’ was a reference to the fact that Kasumigaoka. Who had been at the top of her grade, had been caught off guard by the sudden transfer student Ye You and lost her first place.

It was not a nagging feeling, but it just sparked her competitive spirit.

While she was doing her best to catch up day and night, she found out that Ye You had unexpectedly dropped out of school, making Kasumigaoka like hit the cotton with full strength. The twisted sense of dislocation made her very unhappy.

“At the very least, you should explain why you are running away without a fight.” Kasumigaoka puffed up her chest and said with words full of energy.

Ah. So troublesome, if Ye You had known, he would not have come.

It was only recently that Ye You had learned that Kasumigaoka was under the same editor. Usually, it was difficult for authors under the same editor to meet, and the editor would arrange a time.

Such a situation could arise…….. Which means the editor betrayed him?

Sighing once again in his heart, Ye You looked out of the window with a smiling face

“It is indeed awesome, looking at those students? Moreover, I feel like I have become younger.” Ye You suddenly began with this sentence.

Then he talked endlessly about his experiences and thoughts about the elementary school students in front of the increasingly strange eyes of Kasumigaoka, and ended with the sentence, “The elementary school students are really getting better and better these days,” was the final line.

This made Kasumigaoka take a gasp of cold air. “Lo, lolicon?”

Ye You smiled at her, “Who knows?”

Among Kasumigaoka’s distracted pupils, Ye You quickly slipped on his feet and got into the compartment where the editor was.

Battle of attention diversion, success.

The reason for dropping out of school was because that year, Ye You parents’ plane crashed. At the same time, since the appearance of Kasumigaoka Utaha, it is clear that the world also does not have a “Saekano: How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend” this anime.

Moreover, fifteen years had passed, and Ye You’s memory of seeing the anime series before was almost faded. Unless this world also has one.

After discussing the future direction with the editor-in-charge, Ye You decided to take the safe route and keep his own style.

When coming out, he did not encounter Kasumigaoka. It seems that she also has her own business. Otherwise, she would keep squatting here.

Ye You returned home and asked Sora if she felt anything special after meditating. Sora just shook her head and said that she did not feel anything unusual.

Ye You stroked her head and said that she should remember to communicate with him in time if there was any problem regarding the cultivation.

Ye You then went back to his bedroom, opened the webpage, and logged in to a certain point. It was possible to log in directly from Japan, with no restrictions. If there had to be a restriction, it was probably only the language factor.

He searched for chat rooms, and as expected, someone was already writing.

The first one was “Dimensional X Chat Group” then “Dimensional X Chat Room.” Followed by a few more about other chat rooms, but they are all abandoned.

The one that is still being updated seems to have an excellent track record called “Alien X Realm Chat Rooms.”

There were even clip videos of the chat room at a particular station. This caused Ye You to have a hard time, this topic… It seemed like it was poorly written.

Nevertheless, soon, he still decided to write it. Because this book did not even need to be conceived, he just needed to copy and paste the content from his chat room selectively.

How nice.

Ye You quickly contacted his best friend from China, hoping to use her ID card to open an account. Because of this side, ID cards seemingly cannot be used, and there are restrictions on bank cards.

His best friend quickly agreed and said that she would have Ye You prepare a big meal the next time she came to Japan as a reward. This made Ye You’s heart shrink but still agreed to it.

Meanwhile, Kuroneko here in the chat room was also in the same situation.

“Ah, making money, it is so hard.” Kuroneko started to mourn. “Why can’t anyone understand my novel?”

Ye You remembered that Kuroneko’s intention of writing novels seemed to be able to debut. Her family was not very well off in the economic situation, and she had two sisters. It would be nice to be a little more relaxed in terms of finances.

However, Kuroneko’s novel was too complicated in their settings and dark content. Only a few people could match the waves. Looked at her frustration, Ye You thought of a nice note – she could be a Plagiarists.

Blue Sky suggested, “Black Cat, I have a novel here that you can just copy and paste.”

Kuroneko did not understand, “Huh?”

Blue Sky explained, “I have said this is a dimensional chat room, our side of the novel, your world does not have it, so you can quickly debut with the best newcomer, right?”

Kuroneko was shocked, “Blue Sky… Have you finally… Have you lost your mind?” By the way, Kuroneko still did not seem to believe that it’s a dimensional chat room.

So Ye You changes his story, “I have a novel here that has not been published on any website so that I can give it to you.”

Kuroneko doubted, “I am not quite sure what you are after, but let us just ask, what kind of story is that novel about?”

Blue Sky replied, “Well. The story is probably about an older brother playing a sleazy game on his sister’s computer in her room.”

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