Dimensional Chat Room

Dimensional Chat Room Chapter 14 Structuring the Magic Circle


I signed in, got the dimension point, and transferred the item.

Kuroneko’s mind has fallen into a dead end.

In fact,… The ‘upload’ function was also a feature that could realistically be called a super-reality phenomenon.

It could upload items to the chat room and obtain the dimensional point based on the value judgment. When viewed only from a spectator’s perspective, its appearance is like ‘disappeared out of thin air.’

It was just that whoever could think of ‘upload’ is that in addition to uploading games, videos, and other files, it could also upload real-life items.

Except for the two girls in Land of Fantasy who have no common sense, and Ye You, who has been studying the chat room, ordinary people would not think about it at all.

However, signed in was so painful.

It takes 10-dimensional points ​​to transfer items, and need to sign in continuously for 100 days.

“A mere hundred days, it cannot stop my burning will,” Kuroneko was inexplicably excited.

Simultaneously, a post signed, ” ‘Chiba’s Fallen Angel Kuroneko” appeared on the Internet forum.

[I suddenly realized that the chat room was filled with anime characters themselves. What to do? Waiting while online, it was quite urgent.]


On Ye You’s side, after dinner with Sora, he was also prepared to construct the magic circle.

“Have you bathed and burn the incense yet?” Princess Kaguya sent greetings.

She already knew that the Basic Introduction to Magic Circle was in Ye You’s hands.

Although Seventeen was intercepted halfway, it was very uncomfortable. However, Neet Hime was still doing her best to complete her mission as a ‘Guide.’

Blue Sky responded, “Bathe and burn incense? This is not about drawing cards, but also paying attention to the occult.”

Neet Hime sent a tip, “Whenever something big happens, you need to feel calm. Just adjust your mentality.”

Ye You think what she said makes sense. Thinking of immediately constructing a magic circle and performing extraordinary miracles, now his blood was excited. “Then I will take a shower first, and you will wait for me here.”

Neet Hime was confused, “Yeah, why do I feel shaky reading this word?”

Blue Sky responded, “… No, you are the one. Why are you so proficient.”

Neet Hime chuckled and said, “Hehe, I have read a few books.”

Ye you said in his mind, “All right, you win.”

 As expected, the pure princess was only in fantasy.

Ye you were walking into the bathroom, Ye You’s fiery heart was slightly calmed by the splashes of water on his head.

Warm water followed his organized muscles, and a very stylish body was vaguely visible in the mist. His lines were very smooth, different from a muscular man’s blocky, and looks very well-proportioned and comfortable.

This resulted from Ye You’s physical exercise for fifteen years, plus Eirin’s secret medicine a few days ago to cleanse bones.

Ye You’s current physical quality far exceeded ordinary people, and conservatively estimated, and it is equivalent to the superimposed state of three adults.

Although he could not catch the bullet empty-handed, it was easy to run 100 meters for ten seconds. If it were an ordinary teenager, he would have been floating at the moment, showing his abilities everywhere, and then causing disaster.

Nevertheless, Ye You, who had been a man for two lifetimes, was more mature in his mind. Before being healthy, it was a foolish thing to attract attention. If it was not necessary, Ye You now just wanted to be a silent passer-by.

Breathing a long sigh of relief, Ye You slowly calmed down his mind, “It is time to start.”

In theory, anyone could construct a magic circle, or a corridor of spiritual power, which can also be described as opening up meridians.

However, in essence, they all referred to the same thing: building an endless loop in the body, just like blood circulation, which flows in a particular direction around the heart and vascular system under a heart pump action.

Magic was like blood; magic circuits were like blood vessels.

It was necessary to artificially guide the flow of magical energy and construct a closed inner circulation system. In this way, the magic power has a foundation in the body and would not leak out after being absorbed.

The “Basic Introduction to Magic Circuit” has been written very clearly, but for the sake of safety, Ye You asked Neet Hime again for a few details, and then explained the reason to Sora, do not come to disturb him.

Ye You slowly closed his eyes.

The mental power accumulated during meditation was concentrated, and Ye You slowly felt the flow of magic power.

Then they slowly gathered in the position of three inches below the belly button, and the thin hairspring resembled transparent magic and slowly rotated like a whirlpool, and a luminous ball was faintly visible in the abdomen.

The first step was complete. This luminous ball, like the heart of blood circulation, was the core of the magic circle. The next step was the hard part.

He had to keep the luminous ball gathered but not scattered, and at the same time using his spiritual energy to guide the magic power to flow throughout his body, spreading like a hundred limbs, and finally return to the ball.

In this way, the magic power would be stained with Ye You’s essence and spirit and controlled by him.

Even with Ye You’s mighty mental power beyond ordinary people, he was still had to carry out such precise manipulation when his mind was divided into two parts. At this moment, he was sweating profusely, and his back was soaked with sweat.


The crumbling sound came from the quiet room, and the ball of light dispersed.

“it was failed ……”

Just when he was guiding the magic power through the heart, Ye You hesitated slightly. It was just a moment of hesitation that caused instability and failure.

“Start over.” In his bones, he was not a person who gives up quickly. Otherwise, he would have known that the chat room had the traverse feature, and he would immediately abandon the original world.

Concentrate, condense the ball of light, guide the magic…

Failed again

And then continue.

Ye You did not know how many times he failed.

A high level of mental concentration and subtle magical guidance bring fatigue far more than physical fatigue. Later, Ye You did not count the number of times anymore.

He just put all his mind on the structure of the magic circle. If it were any other practitioners perform it about ten times, they would give up because of the pain caused by extreme mental fatigue.

By the time Ye You reached the twelfth time, he could no longer think about anything else in his mind. It will be successful. That was the only thought left in his mind. Then instinctively gather the light sphere to guide the magic power…

Finally, when the sky outside the window was dark, a ripple invisible to the naked eye spread out layer by layer in the center of Ye You.

“At last …… Finished ……”

At this moment, Ye You’s face was pale and scary, like a seriously ill patient, but his eyes were shining, and uncontrollable excitement surged from the bottom of his heart. Then an indescribable intensity of tiredness struck him, and he just fell on the bed like this.

It was already evening when he woke up. Ye You still felt a faint pain in his head and a feeling of being hollowed out of his body. Even so, the soft touch came from the back of his head, which made Ye You seem more energetic.

He opened his eyes, and an impeccable delicate face came into view.

With eyes as clear as the ocean, with a refreshing smile, staring straight at Ye You like this, “You are awake, You.”

“…… Sora.”

Ye You noticed that he was lying on his sister’s lap, and the back of his head and the temperature of Sora’s lap were almost the same. Sora had maintained this position for a long time.

“Sorry for worrying you.”

 Sora pursed his mouth, “I am not talking about this.”

 Ye You blinked, “Ah, thank you, Sora’s knee pillow, it is very comfortable.”

 Sora’s face was instantly stained with a smile, like a green lotus blooming, “Yes.”

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