Dimensional Chat Room

Dimensional Chat Room Chapter 16 The World Reflected in Everyone’s Eyes


House of Eternity, an incredible house hidden in the Bamboo Forest of The Lost. The house’s structure was the style of ancient Japanese houses, but it does not look old for some reason.

The owner of The House of Eternity was once the Princess of the moon, Houraisan Kaguya.

The Princess was exiled to the ground as a sinner for taking the forbidden medicine Penglai. After the punishment, she could have returned to the moon, chose to stay on the ground, and lived in hiding for thousands of years.

Therefore, when she was connected to the world’s network, she was named Neet Hime. A minimalist and straightforward ancient-style house with eight-length tatami mats.

There is a desktop computer that did not fit this placing style in front of the open bamboo window.

Neet Hime sits on the ground, the gorgeous twelve layers of single clothes spread out like water waves, and the pure black princess-style soft hair runs down the shoulders and across the back, pouring down on the floor.

She holds a book of “Hundred Ghosts Illustrated Book” in her hand. It was sent over from the Tower of White Jade, the place where the undead had gathered not long ago.

“It is that demon sage, isn’t it,” when Neet Hime spoke, she as clear as a bright moonlight.

“It seems so.” It was a woman with thick braids who answered her.

It was impossible to judge her age only from her appearance, she looks very young, but she has the deep layers of an elder.

She was wearing a red and blue robe with this constellation pattern painted on it. The eight-trigrams pattern surrounded the lower edge of her skirt, but she wore a nurse hat. It sounds awkward to dress up, but it was unified in her.

Her name was Yagokoro Eirin, and her age cannot be verified. She was once the brain of the Lunar Capital.

The brain of the Lunar Capital folded her hands in front of the group and smiled softly, “That demon sage snatched away the “Introduction to the Magic Circuit” and sent us the “Hundred Ghosts Illustrated Guide”… It is because she is unhappy with what you did, Princess, but she does not want to be confronted with our side, I guess.”

Princess Kaguya blinked, her clear and innocent eyes filled with confusion as she tilted her head, “Dissatisfaction with me? Did I do anything excessive?”

Eirin just kept smiling and did not speak. The Demon Sage Yakumo Yukari, the owner of the Tower of White Jade Saigyouji Yuyuko, the relationship between the two was incomparable, and their mutual understanding was unbreakable.

So, in this series of events, none of them needed to think carefully to understand the whole story.

“Anyway, let us upload the Hundred Ghosts Illustrated Guide first.” Kaguya clicks to upload and then put the book on the screen. In an instant, the book was sucked into the chat room.

“Hey, there is actually an extra 10-dimensional point.” Neet Hime suddenly felt a little regretful.

She had given Ye You several books before, but she used item transfer. Not only did it not increase the dimensional point, but it would consume it instead.

Upload means uploading to the chat room, and the item transfer was standard among all the chatroom members.

However, if the subject was the room leader, Ye You, there was actually no difference in the two methods’ final results.

“In the future, if it is something for Blue Sky, better use upload. It can also increase the dimension point.” Neet Hime had already known that the Room Leader had the right to dispose of the uploaded stuff.

On Ye You’s side, he could see a book like a scroll from opening the file diagram of the chatroom upload, and then clicked to take it out, and the Hundred Ghosts Illustrated Book appeared in his hand.

He also realized that the item transfer was not too useful for the room leader, but it had a significant meaning among the chatroom members.

“Am I going to be a spiritualist from now on?” Ye You opened the illustrated book, which contained detailed introductions of various ghosts.

Weaknesses, habits, characteristics, origins, disposal methods, etc.

“There is still a feeling of unreality…” Ye You said so. After being in this world for fifteen years, plus the years of life in the original world, Ye You have never encountered any ghost.

Now suddenly said that he would fight the evil spirits and accumulate experience or something. It feels a bit like a dream.

Blue Sky curiously asked, “Speaking of which, are there really so many ghosts in our world?”

There were hundreds of ghost and monster kinds recorded in the Hundred Ghosts Illustrated Book. It looked like reading a manga set.

Neet Hime explained, “Ordinary people think that they have never encountered it in their entire life, but in fact, they just cannot see it. However, now you have stepped into the world of irrationality, the world in your eyes will be different. I am also uploaded some of Eirin’s secret medicine. Taking it at a critical moment can explode your spiritual power several times. Escape should not be a problem.”

Seventeen said, “We also made two spell cards that can break open space and escape when in danger.”

Ah, it was even more reassuring if it was Yakumo Yukari. She was a demon that manipulates boundaries. Among them, the “space” was her signature skill.

She had reached a superb level of understanding and use of space. Her two spell cards were really two life-saving cards.

As for Eirin’s medicine… Ye You was really panicked now, not knowing what its side effects are.

Ye You opened the panel, and now he has:

[Eirin’s secret medicine: “You can become stronger after eating this”] [Spell Card: “Poisonous Bait,” “Curse of Dreams and Reality,” “Net of Now and Later”*2] [Dimensional point: 114]

Blue Sky was suspicious, “Why are you guys so kind suddenly? I’m a little panicked…”

Let us did not mention the medicine for now, but spell cards were not that simple. Neet Hime would instead sign-in in exchange for dimensional points than make spell cards, so Ye You could get a glimpse.

Neet Hime sadly said, “Hey, what you said is really too much. I am unfortunate now.”

Seventeen responded, “it is just that If you, the room leader, died, we will also be afflicted. You should think about it as a mutually beneficial and win-win approach.”

Ye You were not too bothered by this issue. He silently took out a spell card. Spiritual energy flowed above, shining with the spell luster.

Ye You could feel a breath far surpassing him. As long as he was liberated, he could cause miracles that he could not achieve.

“Spell card…”

It was something that could genuinely cause incredible phenomena. It was originally a rule set by the witch in Land of Fantasy, but now it could be preserved as a magical scroll-like spell.

Kuroneko asked, “Neet Hime, you just said ‘the stuff has been delivered’…is it a courier?”

Neet Hime shortly answered, “It is upload.”

“Upload?” Kuroneko was confused, but then an incredible look flashed in her eyes.

Neet Hime explained, “It’s upload something to the chat room.”

Kuroneko was confused, “Things? Not files such as videos or pictures? But objects in reality?”

Neet Hime just typed, “Hmm.”

“How did you do it? Please tell me, and I will be grateful to you for the rest of my life.” Kuroneko started to breathe shortly.

She did not have to sign in for a hundred days. If she could upload actual items to the virtual network… wouldn’t this be the invisible boundary she pursued?

Neet Hime responded, “It is effortless, put the items you want to upload in the window, then click upload, and finally confirm.”

“This, is this, all right?” Following Neet Hime’s words, Kuroneko randomly took out a notebook and placed it in front of the computer.

Click. With a swish, the notebook disappeared from Kuroneko’s hand. The air in Kuroneko’s room instantly quieted down.

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