Dimensional Chat Room

Dimensional Chat Room Chapter 26 The Shrine’s Green Serpent


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A light mist shrouded the hills at the end of the year’s night. Here was the hill next to the city. From here, we could see the brightly lit city, immersed in a cheerful atmosphere, in sharp contrast with the seclusion on this side, as if it were another world.

Due to the rain just a few days ago, the forest was filled with cold moisture, and the high spaces at night were clear.

“Ah-choo.” Sora shivered while holding her shoulders.

“It doesn’t matter, Sora.” Ye You took off his black scarf and wrapped it around his sister’s slender neck. This was the birthday gift Sora gave when Ye You celebrated his birthday last year.

“Well, it’s okay, let’s keep going.”

Sora wore a kimono that was not suitable for walking on the forest path and covered the scarf tied by her brother.

She felt warm in her heart and swayed her thin body to move on. Ye You could not help but think back to Sora’s enthusiastic state before leaving.

The child has been in poor health since she was young, and she could not help being weak. In addition to the way to and from school, she rarely goes out because it is too harsh for her physical load. Moreover, Sora herself was a quiet character, and she prefers to stay at home rather than go outside.

If her hobbies were games and anime, she would be a standard otaku just like Neet Hime. However, today she has to take herself to a shrine on a hill outside the city.

Although he was a little worried about Sora’s body, Ye You did not want to wipe out his sister’s interest.

“Sora.” Ye You called Sora, “I’ll carry you.”

“Huh? No, no.” Sora stopped and refused.

“Uh, why?” Ye You felt confused.

If it was in the past, before even waiting for Ye You to bring it up, Sora would make a noise that she could not walk and had to carry it herself. Nevertheless, today it was unnatural.

“…Because it won’t work,” Sora whispered.

But now Ye You’s five senses are more than the usual number of people, and he still hears it. “What doesn’t work?”

“No, nothing. Yu is really long-winded. I told you I don’t need you to carry me.” Sora turned around first, then puffed her small face, angrily said. Uh… why she angry…

“Okay, okay, I get it. Didn’t you say you want to watch the fireworks at the top of the mountain? It’s still early to 12 o’clock, let’s go slowly.” Ye You said helplessly.

“Hmm…” Sora nodded lightly, then sneaked a glance at Ye You.

After the rain, the forest trails in winter were incredibly wet and cold. The dark trees and grass were swaying, and the sides of the stone steps were covered with traces of moss. It was quiet as if there were only two of them left in the world.

“Sora, is there really a shrine here?”

Ye You took Sora’s soft little hand and stepped on the stone steps, a slightly cold and slippery touch coming from her fingertips.

No wonder Ye You asked, the shrine on New Year’s Eve could be said to be the busiest day.

The lights were colorful, dazzling, and full of people’s voices. Moreover, this place, not to mention bustling, could not even see the slightest hint of a human presence.

“Well, it’s at the end of this stone step.” Sora said affirmatively, “A few of my classmates have been here.

Megumi said that when she passed by here, she saw the torii gate far away.

In other words, Sora herself was not sure yet. Wouldn’t it be better to come during the day in this situation?

But considering Sora’s mobility, Ye You could only smile.

“Is it still holding up? Would you like to take a break?” Ye You asked.

“No, it should be almost here. They said that it is only forty minutes to go up the mountain, and we have all walked for an hour.”

There was a big difference between someone else’s forty minutes and your forty minutes of walking. Ye You sighed inwardly.

He was not tired. He has been exercising for many years, and he has Yonglin’s medicine to cleanse the bones, which was no longer comparable to ordinary people.

Ye You was only worried about Sora, afraid that she would harm her health because of her persistence. “Is that shrine really effective?”

Sora was probably a rumor heard among girls, but Ye You felt something similar to urban legends. It was widely spread by some people who were in the mood of ‘if it’s okay.’

Because if there was indeed a miraculous shrine, it would definitely be filled with fragrance.

Ah, it could not be said that way, but Ye You remembered the Hakurei Shrine in the Fantasy Land.

“Fiuh… here it is.”

Turning around the woods’ corner, the two finally saw the horizon wider than the stone steps and the torii gate, which was not very tall.

“There is still light?”

Walking into the torii gate, Ye You saw six stone lanterns glowing in green on the walkway less than 10 meters away.

“It’s actually a green light? Is the shrine still equipped with neon lights?” Ye You were surprised.

There was only a main hall about four meters high in this small area, facing the torii gate, and next to it were the shattered coin hall and worship hall.

However, all the buildings were dark with lights, and there was obviously no one there.

Coupled with the eerie green lights, it looked as if they had entered a spiritual zone. Nevertheless, now Ye You, who has enabled second sight and constructed the magic circuit, was not afraid of the negative and filth things.

Furthermore, Sora was full of “Finally Here” at this moment, relaxed and satisfied, and did not even think about that. And by staying by Ye You’s side, she dares to face any difficulties.

Sora let go of Ye You’s hand, first went to the pool in front of the shrine to clean her hands with a long-handled wooden spoon, and then went to the shrine worship hall on both sides of the roof and threw some coins into the donation box with wooden bars, clapped her hands together a few times, and prayed together.

Then she shook the thick hemp rope of the worship hall, and the wind chimes swayed in the night sky with a crisp sound.

Ye You kept watching by her side, and when Ye You was about to ask her what she was praying for, Sora screamed.

She rushed behind Ye You, clutching his arm tightly, sticking a finger from behind to the box.

“There, there…”

Ye looked around and found that there was actually a small green snake nest there. “Huh?”

What made Ye You make a suspicious sound was not why snakes appeared in winter, but Ye You felt faint fluctuations in him.

Although this wave of fluctuation was different from his magic power, it obviously belongs to the particular category.

The whole body of the little snake was pale green, and the curve of its body was not as fierce as other snakes.

It actually gives a soft feeling. Simultaneously, there were two faintly arched bones at the corners of its head, which not only does not appear to be a violation but also makes this little snake more delicate.

It leaned against the outside of the box, shrank into a ball, but headed towards the mouth of the box, probably trying to climb in but failed.

The little snake seemed to notice someone and slowly opened its closed eyes. The golden pupils lost their original color and dimmed.

It looked dying, very pitiful.

“You, it seems to be dying.” Sora could not bear to say.

Ye you doubt, “Aren’t you most afraid of snakes and insects?”

“This… is cute, so don’t be afraid.” After seeing the appearance, Sora came out from behind Ye You. “Is there a way to save it?”

“Probably… yes.”

Since Sora had said that, Ye You took out a white pill from the chat room. This was what Kaguya wanted to exchange for the dimension point to upload Eirin’s medicine. Listening to its introduction, this medicine was a simplified version of Ye You’s previous use of the secret medicine for cleaning the bones. It was more than enough to restore the body.

It was just that Ye You did not dare to use it because there were too many unknown ingredients in it. But there were strange fluctuations in this little snake, and Kaguya also said that the medicine Eirin refined was not initially intended for human consumption. Then, maybe it was just right for it.

Ye You stepped forward and pinched the snake’s chin, curled his fingers, and shot the white object into the snake’s mouth. The next moment, the little snake burst into blue light.

Ye You was startled and quickly protected Sora behind him, condensing the Rune in his hand.

When Ye You looked over there again, the snake was no longer there.

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