Dimensional Chat Room

Dimensional Chat Room Chapter 36 Life Counselling


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After Kiyohime came, an additional pale blue bracelet on Sora’s white wrist was crystal clear and small.

For some reason, Kiyohime was now extremely lethargic, and she sleeps on Sora’s wrist in this state these days.

Sister Jing also sent a text message over there, saying that the contract for the transfer procedure had been signed.

The signing of the contract required a legal representative, which meant that Sister Jing has traveled from Chiba to Tokyo. Ye You wanted to stay with her for dinner but was refused.

Sister Jing said that if an old friend asks her about something important, she must hurry back to Chiba immediately.

Seeing that Sister Jing was so determined, Ye You could not force her only to have time to visit her.

Moreover, Kuroneko’s novel has finally begun to be published.

Kuroneko said, “I don’t know what the sales will be like.”

Blue Sky replied, “Rest assured, this is our best-selling work.”

Kuroneko grumbled, “But I haven’t sold a few copies yet…”

Blue Sky tried to calm her and asked, “It’s only been released for one day. How do you know the sales figures?”

Kuroneko answered, “I’m right at the door of the bookstore. Only ten copies have been sold since the morning.”

“Don’t worry. In such a short period, your data collection sample is single, which can’t explain the problem.” Ye You was very confident in ‘Oreimo’ then said, “And the sales of light novels mainly depend on how the second volume sells.”

Kuroneko asked, “Why?”

Blue Sky explained, “The first volume, the readers at most think that the title and the illustrations suit their appetites before taking a look at it with the mentality of giving it a try. Only if they feel good, they will continue to buy the second volume and introduce it to the people around them.”

Speaking of the illustrations, Ye You really wanted to see what their world’s Goko Ruri and Kosaka Kyousuke looked like.

Blue Sky asked, “Can you buy a copy for me to see? If it is not convenient, you can take a picture.”

Kuroneko was very refreshing, so she uploaded a copy directly. Seeing her upload speed so fast, Ye You understood that she had already bought a copy.

The illustrations of their world actually have five levels of similarity, especially the person named “Saori,” the host of the offline party, was precisely the same.

She wore a headscarf and glasses. The hem of the long-sleeved zip-up shirt was tied in the waistband, and she carried a coarse mountaineering bag. Moreover, there was a rolled-up poster in the hiking bag.

“Too uncreative, is it possible that otaku in the eyes of a painter is the same? They don’t know if there is another handsome like me?”

Blue Sky said, “It’s good. The characters are charming.”

【】 (Sora) asked, “Kuroneko was originally a serial light novelist? What did you write?”

Kuroneko answered, “I didn’t write it. It was passed to me by the Blue Sky, called ‘My sister can’t be so cute.'”

【】(Sora) typed, “…”

Sora fell into contemplation, and then the corners of his mouth curled up with pleasure.

【】 (Sora) said, “I see, go for it, Kuroneko.”

Blue Sky couldn’t help asking when he sees Sora.

Blue Sky typed, “There are also Oreimo’s novels in your world.”

【】 (Sora) typed, “HEHEHE.”

Blue Sky, “HEHEHE.”

The two smiled tacitly.

Kuroneko frowned, “I don’t know why. I think you two laugh so disgusting.”

Useless was envied, “Has Kuroneko’s novel been released? I really envy it.”

There were also Kuroneko novels in the world of Useless Angel, but she has not realized that the Kuroneko in the chat room was Kuroneko in “Oreimo.” Of course, there was only one reason: she spends all her time playing games.

Although she also bought in-game cash and DVDs, it was only because of the integration of ACG.

Blue Sky said, “Useless angel, can’t you do the same with the novels I gave you?”

Although it was an original novel in this world, it was also an animated work anyway. It does not make sense even to review it.

Useless replied, “yes, yes, but the release has to wait until a month later.”

Usually, that was the case.

Blue Sky said, “It’s okay, you know, many bigwigs are not up to your current level.”

Useless responded, “Forget it, I will continue to play the game. I am currently attacking the town, and I will be able to get military power after the fight.”

Blue Sky asked, “Strategy game? You still like to play this.”

Useless replied, “it’s exciting. As long as you give instructions, the characters will act according to my strategy.”

Wasn’t that what games are like? ……

Ye You did not know what she meant by interesting. Nevertheless, personal hobbies were different, of course, Ye You would not point fingers at others’ interests.

And in Kuroneko’s world.

There was a girl who was fashionable and beautiful. The long, light brown hair carries the vitality of a young girl, the small earlobes wear delicate earrings, and the long nails are smeared with bright nail polish.

She has a pretty face even though she was bare, and after some careful grooming, she was even more beautiful.

The body was also tall and slim, but still towering where it should be. Such a beautiful girl with a sunny and robust atmosphere, no matter how you look at it, the word “otaku” was not even connected.

Her name was Kousaka Kirino, a junior high school student, but she was a famous magazine model. After passing by an ACG specialty store, Kousaka Kirino was instantly taken away by a light novel.

Her forehead was against the glass window, and her lips, like cherry blossoms, murmured, “My sister can’t be this cute?”


The girl angrily said, “Since you deny your sister’s cuteness, don’t use the attribute of your sister to attract attention. It is a really hopeless novel, and the person who wrote such a novel is even more hopeless.”

Kousaka Kirino was a very determined sister-attribute lover. Seeing such a title, she was naturally furious.

She felt the need to leave some heartwarming words under the writer’s blog of this novel, thus making that person painfully change his or her ways.

Knowing oneself and the enemy could win every battle. So, before that, she would read through this novel well. Kirino walked into the store very imposingly, “How much is this light novel?”

Late at night.

There was a crisp sound of ‘pop’ in a simple room. Kirino straddled her brother Kosaka Kyosuke, looking at him just waking up in a daze. She put her hands on both sides, “Life Counseling!”

Brother’s next door was the sister’s room. The pink style was full of girlish atmosphere. Unlike the brother’s shabby room, it was decorated very luxuriously. There were two computers, a desktop and laptop.

Of course, these have nothing to do with the preference of the parents. Everything in the room was the reward of Kirino’s own hard work.

Kousaka Kyousuke sat on the ground, looking weakly at his stubborn sister, “So, this night you asked me to get up to read novels?”

“Let’s take a look first.”

In Kirino’s stressful sight, Kyousuke had to open the light novel titled “My Sister Can’t Be So Cute.”

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