Dimensional Chat Room

Dimensional Chat Room Chapter 43 God’s Paradox


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The Burgundy region was located in France’s east and was only a small principality with a radius of less than a hundred miles. However, in a skirmish in Compiègne, the saint who was sung by the world was captured.

There was no denying that their hearts were terrified. In this age of belief firmer than imperial power, if one dare to inflict poison on God’s substitute, they would feel trembling from the inside. But out of political considerations, the Burgundian authorities dared not release Jeanne.

The Principality, which survived between the two great powers of Britain and France, must act with care as if walking on thin ice. A wrong step was an abyss.

After learning that she was a saint, the soldier who captured Jeanne was in a panic all day long, thinking that God would punish him, and was in a trance.

He went to a nearby church to make atonement but was turned away by the pastor, who has always been known for his kindness. In this age, to blaspheme the saint was to blaspheme God.

“We will definitely get retribution.” Even if the soldiers at the gate of the prison wore strong helmets, they still could not bring a sense of security.

“Look at what we have done? I actually imprisoned the saint here.” The big hand holding the steel gun was shaking.

All this was because of the girl in the dark and humid room. Even where the sun could not shine, her brilliance was still dazzling.

The girl called the saint just quietly closed her eyes and prayed. Jeanne d’Arc was the prison, the first prisoner in history without handcuffs and shackles.


“Blue Sky. Are you not the leader of the chat room? Think of a solution.”  Useless Angel was anxious, and in history, Jeanne d’Arc was undoubtedly sentenced to the fire.

Ye You had already asked for leave and left early, and Sora came back with him. He was currently connected to Jeanne d’Arc.

It was learned from Useless Angel that this would make the speed of time flow uniform.

Blue Sky said, “What is it that makes you feel that I am omnipotent? I am just an ordinary person.”

Useless replied, “No ordinary person can cast spells in three months.”

Seventeen showed up, “What is going on?”

【】(Sora) explained, “There are members in the room who will be burned.”

“Is it Jeanne?” Neet Hime looked through the chat log.

Seventeen asked, “Can’t you change the established items in history?”

【】(Sora) replied, “At this time, you can invite professionals – Okarin.”

Useless was still anxious, “he hasn’t appeared in two months. It’s really unreliable.”

“Don’t worry.” Ye You comforted.

Blue Sky typed, “The most critical question now is which world Jeanne this Jeanne is. This is very important.”

Useless asked, “is there a difference?”

Ye You did not answer.

The images from Jeanne’s side were all from the first view, which meant that it was impossible to see the person, and naturally, there was no way to judge the world in which she was living.

A mirror would have solved this problem, but obviously, there would not be such a luxury in the cell. The reason for this should be the wrong angle of the ‘camera.’

Jeanne did not have any communication devices. It could be judged from this that she was directly connected to the chat room from the brain, which could be said to be a direct connection of consciousness.

This connection method was unprecedented. When connecting to the Dimensional chat room, the indoor ‘upload’ function has been turned on, and the connection was placed in the data panel.

Because it was a direct connection of consciousness when the consciousness was completely ‘uploaded,’ the name of Jeanne d’Arc was not visible on the list of indoor members. Ye You made such a judgment instantly.

Jeanne d’Arc in this state could not use any other chat room functions except for transmitting the information.

Therefore, as long as Jeanne d’Arc turned off the upload function, it should be able to return to the normal state.

However, the biggest problem now was that we did not know how Jeanne started. Ye You said his thoughts.

Useless said, “It should be because of ‘devotion.'”

Useless angels were fallen and tired, but they were angels, after all. In terms of beliefs, they have a considerable say.

Useless continued, “Devout believers will subconsciously dedicate their bodies and minds to the Lord.”

Seventeen guessed, “In other words, as long as she shakes her heart of faith, can she restore Jeanne’s state in the chat room?”

Useless said, “This is just a guess.”

Blue Sky replied, “But you can try.”

Shaked the hearts of devout believers; this was a complicated thing. Nevertheless, let her see the life state of the Useless Angel.

Maybe she could catch it with her hands. But Ye You did not plan to use this method.

Ye You connected to the video of Jeanne d’Arc. A vague shadow formed in Jeanne d’Arc.

Blue Sky called her, “Jeanne d’Arc.”

Jeanne d’Arc replied, “My lord! Do you want to give the oracle yourself?”

Jeanne was so excited that she could not help herself. In the most critical moment, God seemed to extend a helping hand. Was there any higher gift than believers?

Blue Sky said, “I am not your lord, nor is I a god.”

Jeanne d’Arc was praying in the dark, with a confused expression on her beautiful face.

Jeanne d’Arc confused, “Are you an angel?”

Blue Sky replied, “Not an angel either. I’m just an ordinary person.”

Hearing this, Jeanne showed a relieved expression instead. God was loving and kind and naturally did not show a superior attitude. Jeanne was even more convinced that the great existence that appears was God.

Jeanne d’Arc trembled, “I’m terrified.”

Blue Sky asked, “Jeanne, do you really think God exists?”

Jeanne d’Arc answered, “Isn’t it right in front of you?”

Blue Sky asked again, “Do you think God is almighty?”

Jeanne d’Arc quick replied, “Of course.”

Blue Sky continued asking, “Can God create a rock that he can’t move?”

Jeanne d’Arc started to doubt, “This…”

The keen-minded girl quickly noticed. If the answer was yes, then God could not move the stone he created, so God was not omnipotent in terms of power.

If the answer was no, God could not create a rock that he cannot move, so God was not omnipotent in creativity. Without waiting for her to think, Ye You continued.

Blue Sky asked again, “Do you think God is the most good and cannot tolerate the existence of evil?”

Jeanne nodded hard. She could not deny this. She seemed to foresee the storm after the talk.

Blue Sky asked, “Do you think God is omnipotent?”

As recorded in the Bible, the girl certainly believes. So, after being asked another question-

Blue Sky asked, “Then, why doesn’t God eliminate evil in the world?”


Jeanne was speechless. Of a sudden, she felt dizzy.

Consciousness seems to have withdrawn from a specific space, and an ID named ‘Jeanne d’Arc’ was added to the member list.

Blue Sky said, “It really works, but Useless Angel is still useful occasionally.”

Ye You closed the webpage that he searched for “God’s Paradox” on the Internet. Although these are two simple questions, they were countless philosophers and thinkers who, after repeated studies of the Bible and theology, condensed to the essential core issues.

It was inevitable that even a devout believer like Jeanne d’Arc would feel confused for a while.

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