Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 146


As night fell, the city’s light began to shine. Malan City was only a small city, but with the construction in the last few years tended to develop into a big city.

In a separate courtyard not far from the World Martial Arts Tournament venue, the Kami School crowd and the disciples of the various schools that had participated in the World Martial Arts Tournament gathered together.

They rented a small courtyard that was filled with all kinds of sumptuous food.

Muyang, Son Gohan, and the others were holding skewers. They were barbecuing and tasting the deliciousness in a leisurely manner.

The aromatic smell permeated the entire small courtyard.

“Muyang, with all this spending, you’re giving away all the prize money from the championship?” Looking at the mountain of ingredients piled up on the table, Son Gohan joked as he grilled.

Muyang laughed lightly, “Money means nothing to me. If I want it, I can always get it.”

Getting rich wasn’t difficult for martial arts practitioners. For example, robbing a bandit would be a good choice.

Also, martial arts practitioners focused on their training and didn’t have any special food and clothing requirements.

“Uh…” Son Gohan didn’t react for a moment, but he wasn’t someone who lacked Money, so he didn’t dwell on the issue.

“But you’re amazing. In the end, you knocked out Mexia. It was so fast that I didn’t even see it.” Son Gohan still felt a bit surprised when he thought that the match would actually end in this way.

Of course, there was still more shock in his heart, which showed that the gap between him and Muyang was so large that it was impossible to tell with the naked eye.

“Muyang, after I go back this time, I plan to train well in the Mount Five Elements.” Son Gohan said seriously.

Muyang looked at him in surprise and nodded, “You are finally willing to work hard, and back to training. After a while, it will be my wedding with Mexia; you should come over by then.”

“About that, I’ll definitely come.” Son Gohan smiled, “When exactly?”

“Two months from now!”

Muyang thought about it and said that the marriage should not be rushed. He and Isaac had a lot of work to prepare.

At this time, Muyang looked at Wuting and the others. This time the older generation of the martial arts practitioners who came were very few.

Not only Wuting’s school, Thousand Crane School, Maple Leaf School, and the other martial arts school’s elders also didn’t come.

Otherwise, the World Martial Arts Tournament would have been lively.

He curiously looked to the side, “Wuting, why didn’t your teachers come along this time?”

Since Wuting was a disciple of the Orin Temple, he didn’t eat meat like Son Gohan; he just picked up some vegetables and roasted them there.

Hearing Muyang’s question, Wuting stopped, “Teacher said that times had changed now. Since the World Martial Arts Tournament has been handed over to the government, there’s no need for them to show up…”

“Besides, the various martial arts schools are used to living in semi-seclusion and don’t want to be exposed to the media.”

“Oh!” Muyang nodded indifferently.

Martial arts practitioners were all practitioners who stuck to their selves. However, with the development of the times, general entertainment was very much on the rise.

The media’s excessive exposure inevitably broke that tranquility in their hearts, which was not conducive to their practice.

In the absence of any improvement, they preferred to live in seclusion and did not want to make many appearances.

This was the inevitable development of the times, and it was no longer possible for the martial arts practitioners… to close their doors and circle a hot land of their own…

The transfer of the World Martial Arts Tournament organization to the government was a strategy to cope with the trend.

It also reflected the martial arts practitioners’ conflicting psychology who wanted to carry forward the martial arts and did not want to attract too much interference from the secular world.

The decline of the martial arts in the world was unavoidable.

At this time, Wuting looked at Muyang with emotion. “Muyang, I have also received guidance from Immortal Korin on top of the Korin Tower, but the gap between you and me is getting wider.”

Muyang turned and looked at Wuting, Arlo, and the others for a few moments, and said, “I think you can get even greater gains by going to Korin Tower again now.”

“What do you mean?” Wuting was interested.

Muyang smiled without saying anything, “You’ll know when you go there.”

Korin had now obtained the secret technique of the Kami School. Combined with his 800 years of insight, he had a better way to train martial arts practitioners.

The purpose of Kami Noah creating the Kami School was to improve the earth’s martial arts world’s strength.

So, Muyang wouldn’t hide the secret technique of the Kami School because of some portal.

Seeing that Muyang did not want to say it explicitly, Wuting and the others were curious. Among the people present, Wuting had been instructed by Korin and was most aware of the Korin Tower’s wonders.

Now that Muyang was saying this, he could only assume that there was any martial art that Korin had not taught him.

Nodding his head immediately, “If you have time, come with me to the Sacred Land of Korin to take a look.”

“That’s right.” Muyang smiled and noticed Gillo, who was quietly eating a barbecue on the side.

This young man from Common Mountain Village had always insisted on studying his own martial arts path. Muyang was very impressed with him.

“Gillo, your qualifications are good, but you haven’t improved much in the past five years. There’s nothing wrong with sticking to your own path, but you should also absorb others’ strengths. Korin Tower is the birthplace of earth’s martial arts; you can go over there with Wuting and the others to have a look.”

Gillo possessed enough willpower and potential, but as the appearance said, it was true that he hadn’t improved much in the past five years.

It was as if he were deserted because he couldn’t find the right technique. Muyang also felt pity.

Gillo stared blankly at Muyang and nodded, “I understand, thanks!”

With Muyang’s current strength, being able to come over and remind him meant that Muyang had always valued him. Gillo’s eyes couldn’t help but flash a trace of gratitude.

Muyang patted the side of Gillo’s shoulder and laughed, “Hahaha, everyone eats until you are satisfied. This time I’ll treat you, someone, please go ask some more drinks!”

“Senior brother, senior brother, this is so sweet. I love it; you try it too.” With a cheerful shout, Muyang saw the brown-haired April with a plate of cake coming over from where Isaac and the others were, offering a small spoonful to Muyang like a treasure.

“Mmm, it’s sweet.” Muyang took a bite and patted April’s head.

April narrowed her eyes; she loved dessert.

“By the way, April, do you still have that candy jar? Senior brother has prepared some candy for you…”

“Candy!!!” April’s eyes lit up, and she nodded busily, “The candy jar is still there, I always carry it with me.” With that, she ran off towards where she had put her bags and pulled out a perfectly preserved candy jar.

This was the last gift his father, Claren, left her, and it was also her favorite.

Smiling lightly, Muyang opened the candy jar in April’s expectant gaze and placed various candies in it.

“Take it.” Muyang returned the candy jar to April.

“Thank you, senior brother!” She smiled happily and hugged it carefully.

“Senior brother, it’s time for Senior Sister Mexia to wake up, isn’t it?” April’s eyes twinkled and smirked as she turned the conversation to Mexia.

“Uh, it’s time for her to wake up.”

In the previous match, Muyang directly knocked out Mexia. She was placed in a hotel room by Muyang after she dropped her “Mellie” state. After counting the time, she almost woke up.

So after saying goodbye to April, Muyang said goodbye to Isaac and the others, then went towards the hotel room.


In the small hotel room, Mexia woke up drowsily.

When she opened her eyes for a moment, Mexia looked confused, not knowing why she was there.

It took a while for her memory to clear up – Muyang had knocked her out during the World Martial Arts Tournament.

“The bad guy actually knocked me right out.” Mexia grimaced, hitting the pillow viciously.

“You awake, little beauty?” A slightly flippant voice rang out. Mexia fixed her eyes to see Muyang in casual clothes sitting on a chair to one side, with a table full of delicious food.

It smelled delicious!

Mexia licked her bottom lip, her stomach grumbling.

“Huh?” Mexia looked unhappy and turned her head proudly.

“Hey, are you mad?” Muyang smiled and came over with a handful of skewers in his hand and handed them to Mexia. He then said, “Here, they taste good. Eat them, and you won’t be angry.”


Was she still mad at me? Muyang looked at Mexia with some amusement.

“Well, I’ll feed you.” Muyang brought the skewer to her mouth. As she smelled the enticing aroma, Mexia bit her lower lip and ate reluctantly. Soon, seven or eight skewers were down, and she wasn’t hungry anymore.

“I’m done eating.”

“Eat well, then let’s get down to business.” Muyang looked at Mexia and said, “For the fact that you hid from everyone and secretly ran away to join the World Martial Arts Tournament. The teacher and the others were very unhappy. They said that they should find you a disciplinarian, so, in two months, I can marry you.”

“For this wedding, you have no right to object.”


Mexia blinked her eyes. Her mouth slightly curled, “Oh,” but her fair cheeks were flushed. A pair of emerald starry eyes seemed to be intoxicated.  

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