Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 163


In the hazy Acceleration Space.

Muyang unscrewed the lid on the small bottle as soon as it emerged. Along with a cloud of smoke coming out of the mouth of the bottle, Karov Old Fifth soon appeared in the Acceleration Space as well.

“Hey, what is this place?” Looking at this unfamiliar place, Karov Old Fifth looked confused. When he noticed Muyang not far away, he couldn’t help but sardonic his face and yelled, “Hey, what is this place!”

“A place where you’ll lose your life, and you’ll be alone to experience it!” After saying that, Muyang smiled indifferently, and his figure gradually becoming blurred.

Is it dark magic?

When he saw Muyang disappear, he thought of the strange “tricks” Muyang had done before.

Then his heart thudded, thinking of Mr. Hawke’s dark magic. When he remembered the terror of dark magic, his heart couldn’t help but flash a chill, but then he shook his head, “Hmph, how can a mere earthling master powerful dark magic?”

He looked around, “Damn, this hellhole is so annoying. If I were to go out, I’d have to kill that man!” Karov Old Fifth cursed and grumbled as he thought about taking revenge on Muyang after he went out.

Suddenly, a suffocating feeling came. Old Fifth’s entire body froze. The blood in his body was flowing backward.

His whole body was under tremendous pressure, as if the whole world was against him.

There was a whirlwind, making Old Fifth clutch his chest. His consciousness suddenly became blurred, and he fell into darkness afterward…

Outside, Muyang reappeared beside Mexia, who asked in a low voice, “How is that demon?”

Muyang said, “I sent him into the Acceleration Space, where life cannot survive without my support. He should be dead by now.”

Mexia smiled wonderfully at the words, “Senior brother, your Acceleration Space can actually be used to kill people. When you meet someone you can’t beat in the future, you can send him inside and kill them inside.”

“It’s not the same. If the person going in is too strong, I’m afraid it will burst through my Acceleration Space.” Muyang shook his head.

“…Moreover, if you hadn’t used your superpower to imprison that demon before, I wouldn’t have been able to cast the Evil Containment Wave in time to send him into the Acceleration Space.”

The opening of the Acceleration Space took some time to conceive. How could there be such a good opportunity in a fierce battle?

If it wasn’t for Mexia’s use of superpowers to imprison the demon, and with his Evil Containment Wave, none of this would have been possible.

Moreover, before his strength reached a mighty level, Muyang didn’t dare send someone into the Acceleration Space rashly.

The Acceleration Space was his most crucial magic treasure; he would die of heartache if it were broken.

Muyang dared to do this just now because he concluded that Karov Old Fifth was only a little stronger than his Power-Up.

So, if he couldn’t even blow through the “ceiling,” the opponent wouldn’t be able to blow through from the Acceleration Space.

“Forget about that for now. At least we took out a strong enemy. Let’s get out of here.”

Feeling the dark and boundless atmosphere in the distance, Muyang was worried about attracting the opponent’s companions, so he urged Mexia to leave quickly.

After hearing Muyang, Mexia nodded. She then located April and the little girl, Panchy, and brought them to a safe place.

It was already getting dark when Muyang and Mexia were flying with one girl in their arms.

Looking down at the ruined city that had turned into a wreck below, Muyang and the others had complex emotions; their hearts were heavy.

Now that the earth had fallen into the Demon Race control, there were brutal killings taking place everywhere.

The power of just a few people couldn’t take care of the entire earth’s well-being.


The Great Azure Mountain.

When Muyang returned with April and the others, the town below was burning with fire. The people in the town had scattered and fled. Muyang saw some of the Kami School disciples with bandages on their bodies, obviously badly injured. The missing arms of Beyaros and Sith were even the worst.

“Did something happen while I was away?” Muyang’s face changed suddenly.

“Father, what’s going on?”

“Ugh, it was those demons. After you left, another group of demons came from nowhere. We fought them as hard as we could to kill them, but we were all badly injured.” Isaac smashed the table hard and said with sorrowful words.

Muyang’s heart sank, and took out the Senzu Beans and handed them over.

“The Great Azure Mountain is no longer safe. Teacher… we should evacuate.”

“Where else can we go?” Isaac declined.

“Let’s go to the Mount Five Elements, or… leave earth.”

Muyang looked at everyone with a calm face. He still had some spaceships in his hands, so it wasn’t impossible.

They still had the option of leaving the earth, even though this was the most helpless way.

Eventually, Isaac and the others were still unwilling to leave their homeland. Muyang sighed; he respected their choice.

Therefore, he took out his spaceship to carry them to Mount Five Elements. With the speed of the spaceship, it was only a blink of an eye to bringing them to the Extreme West.

In the sky above the Mount Five Elements, Muyang saw the crimson hemispherical temple. He soon spotted Kami and Korin, but the only thing he didn’t see was Mr. Popo’s figure.

“Where did Mr. Popo go?” Muyang asked strangely.

“Mr. Popo is training Son Gohan inside the Hyperbolic Time Chamber,” Kami answered briefly.

Muyang nodded his head and then introduced the people to each other. Isaac and the others had reverence on their faces when they knew that the people in front of them were Kami and Korin.

However, this reverence made Kami and Korin ashamed that they didn’t guard the earth properly as gods.


A little bit of time passed, just as Muyang and the others were rendezvoused at the Mount Five Elements.

After clearing the last of the rebels, the Central City’s capital was trampled down by the army led by Garlic in the eyes of the king’s grief and anger.

So far, all forces on earth had been suppressed, and the entire planet had fallen under the demons’ rule.

“Old Second, where’s the fifth? Why hasn’t he returned yet.”

In the newly built palace of white bones, the Karov Brothers’ Boss asked as he hadn’t seen Old Fifth for a long time.

Old Second said, “I don’t know. He seems to have said that he went after someone but then never came back.”

“Nothing’s going to happen, is it?”

Old Second said with a sneer, “What could possibly happen? This is just a small Low-Level Planet. It’s not a place like the Dark Demon Realm where there are so many masters.” If he was in the Dark Demon Realm, he might still be worried about his brother’s life. However, on earth, he didn’t think anyone would be a match for them at all.

At this time, Garlic, who was sitting up there, said, “It’s good to be careful. As far as I know, there is a very mysterious guardian in the Lookout named Mr. Popo. His strength is unfathomable… Mr. Hawke, please check the location of Old Fifth.”


Hawke replied and began to cast black magic to search for Karov Old Fifth. However, after a while, Hawke was shocked to find that he couldn’t find Karov Old Fifth on earth.

Hawke looked pale, “Something seems to have happened. I haven’t found the Old Fifth.”

“How could it be?” Several of Karov’s other brothers were stunned at this point.

Garlic tapped his fingers. His wrinkled cheeks darkening, “There’s no news from Niefer either. It looks like something happened just like Old Fifth. Everyone be careful afterward and don’t go it alone. I don’t think Mr. Popo, even if he’s powerful, can deal with all of us alone.”

To put it in perspective, the only thing that made Garlic feel scrupulous on the entire planet was the dark and ebony Mr. Popo.

He didn’t know how robust Mr. Popo was, except that back then, when competing for Kami, both he and the Old Kami had practiced under Mr. Popo’s hand.

“It does seem to require attention.” Hawke nodded his head, “Lord Garlic, the planet is already within our grasp. Rather than waiting for the opponent to come to us, I think it’s time to take the initiative and just hit them. I think it’s time to meet the planet’s Kami.”

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