Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 191


“Captain, is this guy, Guldo, the one we’re looking for?”

The lizard Gausan stood beside Ginyu and scanned Muyang with a puzzled gaze. As far as he understood, Guldo shouldn’t look like this.

However, it seemed like the one in front of him was also very strong.

“No, Guldo is an alien with four eyes.” Jeice was the first to shake his head in reply.

At that moment, Ginyu pointed at the half-corpse on the ground and said, “The Guldo we’re looking for should be this one on the ground.”

“This one on the ground?”

Several men sighted toward the ground.

“He’s dead!”

Gausan and Ouaosi looked at the headless corpse on the ground in amazement. They and the others had come all the way here to recruit talents, but they never expected that he would have been killed by someone else before they even met. Such a person didn’t seem qualified to join the Ginyu Force either.

“Guldo is proficient in time and space abilities, yet someone could kill him.” Jeice frowned, somewhat incredulous. He looked at Muyang with eyes filled with scruples, “Did you kill him?”

“Hmm?” Muyang’s gaze was calm as he looked at the few people from the Ginyu Force with an unapologetic attitude.

“Hahaha, interesting. It seems that you are also good at fighting. Since Guldo is already dead, it means that there is no recruitment value. Rather, are you interested in joining our Ginyu Force?” Captain Ginyu laughed maniacally.

The two black horns on top of his head were reflecting light. 

“Are you trying to get me to join you?” Muyang shook his head and refused outright, “No way!”

“Kid, you probably don’t know about our Ginyu Force. However, it doesn’t matter; I’ll tell you about it.” Ginyu didn’t get angry and was very patient in introducing the history of the Ginyu Force.

For someone to join their team, they always had to clearly explain the history of themselves and the rest of the team.

At this time, the Ginyu Force had yet to take shape; that was why Captain Ginyu was “seeking talent.” 

“Our Ginyu Force is a special battle force that serves King Frieza. Frieza is the youngest son of King Cold and the younger brother of Lord Cooler. He is destined to become a great figure of Emperor Frieza in the future. Being able to serve King Frieza is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity…” 

Although Frieza had taken over a large portion of King Cold’s territory, because Frieza had started out late, he wasn’t as famous as his father, King Cold, and his brother, Lord Cooler.

“How is it? Do you want to join?” Ginyu patiently asked the question again.


Muyang looked at Ginyu and the others as if they were clowns. His cold attitude already said it all.

Ginyu’s face went cold and said, “Haha, it seems that you don’t look up to us!”

“Captain, let me teach him a lesson!” There was a fierce gleam in the lizard man, Gausan’s eyes.

“Hmph, Gausan, let me do it.” Ouaosi stopped Gausan and stepped up himself. He pressed the scouter in his ear, “Let’s see how much power level you have that you dare to be arrogant in front of our Ginyu Force!”


The scouter flickered, and the data were settling on a value.


Tsk, such a low power level, what rubbish!” Ouaosi peered disdainfully, scowling at Muyang.

Such a pitiful power level, he would be able to exterminate the opponent by blowing his ki.

It seemed that there was someone else who killed Guldo. This kid mostly just happened to pass by near Guldo’s corpse.

Ginyu listened to Ouaosi’s assertion, vaguely felt something was wrong.

However, he couldn’t say what was wrong and shook his head, “Be careful. I heard that some races in the universe could hide their power level on their bodies, and the results detected by scouter may not be reliable.”

“Captain, how can there be such people in the universe…” Ouaosi said back with a big grin.

His big body barred in front of Muyang, the two-meter tall hunk stood there, and a compelling momentum was crushing over.

“Oh.” Muyang laughed lightly and also took a step forward. 

Idly and generously, when he was only five or six meters away from the opponent, suddenly, his body flickered, and Ouaosi lost Muyang’s figure in his vision.

“Hey, where’s the man!” Ouaosi looked around in confusion.

“I’m right in front of you.” A voice rang out, and Muyang appeared half a meter away from Ouaosi.


Captain Ginyu looked surprised. His face turned pale, and shouted, “No, Ouaosi, get out of the way. Something is wrong with that man!”

“What?” Ouaosi screamed.

“It’s already too late!” A coldness flashed in his dark eyes, and Muyang smiled coldly.

His whole body’s strength suddenly raised as a dim red light flashed, and danger erupted. 


In an instant, Muyang’s power level had increased to 84,000!

He bent over and waved his arms!


A steel-hard iron fist swung out. The movement was crisp and clean, but it contained the power of the Extinguishing Heaven Destroying Earth.

The blow was heavy enough to destroy the planet easily.


There was a muffled sound, and Ouaosi bowed his body. His eyes were protruding, a mouthful of bitter water gushing up from his abdomen. 

At this moment, Muyang flashed again. His body moved closer, and pressed his hands on Ouaosi’ chest. A deep blue wave of ki fired out, and a “poof” pierced through Ouaosi’s chest, shattering his heart.

Ouaosi looked at the Muyang in astonishment. A look of disbelief appearing on his pale face. 


Most of the universe’s races didn’t have the Majin Buu’s abnormal recovery ability, and a broken heart meant death.

Soon, oxygen deprivation signals flooded the brain, and Ouaosi fell to the ground with a white face and blood popping out of his eyes.

One of the Ginyu Force, Ouaosi!

Was death!

“Ouaosi… has been killed!!!”

Jeice looked startled.

“Impossible. Ouaosi has 43,000 power levels; how could he be killed so easily!” 

Gausan didn’t react. It had happened so suddenly he hadn’t seen what was happening!

Ouaosi’s power level was still above him, yet he was killed so easily by the opponent.

Could it be that the black-haired guy in front of him was a fearsome master comparable to Captain Ginyu?

At this moment, Gausan was scared and quickly flashed to Captain Ginyu’s side.

“Captain, he killed Ouaosi!” Gausan shouted worriedly.

“I can see it!”

Ginyu looked frosty. His eyes were shifting, and his heart scrupulous. Simultaneously, a fascinating emotion lingered; the body of the man before him seemed very excellent. 

A greedy look flashed, and Captain Ginyu’s purple veins moved up.

Hmph, you actually killed my teammate. That’s a felony! By the looks of you, are you a Saiyan from Planet Vegeta? I’ve heard that the Saiyans are famous fighting people. However, as alien mercenaries, do you guys want to go against King Frieza?”

The Saiyans were famous alien mercenaries in the North Area, taking on large and small missions.

It was said that there had been a few short-lived collaborations with the Frieza Forces.

It was noted that Saiyans could transform into giant apes when fighting to improve their power level, but the one in front of him hadn’t transformed just now.

Another guy who thought of him as a Saiyan.

Muyang gazed at Ginyu, “I’m not a Saiyan!”

“Even if you’re not Saiyan, it’s okay. Saiyans are famous, but they aren’t as strong as you.” Captain Ginyu craned his neck, making a clicking sound.

He then said to the side, “Jeice, Gausan, you two get out of the way. This guy is not something you can deal with.”


“Understood, Captain!”

Seeing that Captain Ginyu was ready to take action himself, the two knew that this battle was not something they could interfere with.

The previous death of Ouaosi had already left a shadow on their hearts. Now that Captain Ginyu was asking them to get out of the way, they were begging for it.

“Watch this. Later, the captain will kill him and avenge the death of Ouaosi.”

Jeice and Gausan thought with glee in their hearts.

“Kid, no matter who you are, you will pay for your foolish actions today!” Captain Ginyu’s face was cold, and his body was covered in a blood-red murderous aura.

These intense murderous auras were left over from the slaughter of other planets by Ginyu.

“To tell you the truth, the captain’s power level is a terrifying 94,000!”

Unfortunately, there was no look of shock on Muyang’s face, and Ginyu shut his mouth in disinterest.

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