Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 192


“Mexia, when we fight later, listen to my instructions. Please help me to imprison this purple alien. Please don’t force it; one second will be enough. Release your powers immediately after the imprisonment, okay?” When the battle was about to begin, Muyang quietly communicated with Mexia in the Acceleration Space, whispering instructions.

However, fearing that Mexia’s superpower would backfire, Muyang only asked her to perform her superpower for one second and immediately release it after one second regardless of the outcome.

That one second was enough time for him to do many things.

“Don’t worry, leave it to me.” Mexia’s divine spirit billet patted her chest and assured Muyang.

She had been watching the scene outside through the tunnel. Captain Ginyu’s team was stronger than she could have imagined, making her pair of jewel-like crystal pupils shining with excitement.

“Let’s do it!”


Muyang shouted. A dark red light shining up caught in his white qi flame. At this moment, Muyang cast Twice Kaio-ken, and his power level turned into a raging flame of qi.

“Beep! Beep! Beep!”

The scouter in the ears of Captain Ginyu, Jeice, and the others were beating rapidly.

However, the energy limit that this old scouter could detect was extremely limited. Soon, there were “bang, bang” explosions and burn out.

“Huh?” Captain Ginyu’s brow furrowed.

“The scouter… burned out.”

Jeice and Gausan watched from afar, their faces becoming complicated when Muyang doubled his Kaio-ken.

“That guy’s power level makes me feel uneasy!”

Although most of the universe’s races were unable to sense ki, they could still roughly tell the ki’s strength.

The power level that Muyang displayed was already far above them.

“No wonder he easily killed Ouaosi. What a terrifying fellow!” Jeice watched nervously. Now, he just hoped that Captain Ginyu could kill the other man.

“What kind of transformation ability is this? There’s actually such a powerful existence in the universe.” Captain Ginyu looked on in amazement.

His eyes moved, and he was a bit scrupulous. Ouaosi, just now, was killed by this move!

“Now, we are ready to fight.”

Muyang whistled and challenged Ginyu.

Under the burden of Twice Kaio-ken, his muscles tensed, and his blood was almost boiling. He was eager to experience an alien level battle.

“Ungrateful bastard!” Captain Ginyu licked his lips, emitting a compelling coldness all over his body, and coldly looked towards where Muyang was.


Muyang smiled coldly. His body took a slight step forward. In a flash, he came in front of Captain Ginyu, then flashed.

A fist strength reversed out from his waist. Captain Ginyu watched indifferently; his power level was higher than Muyang, so he could clearly see his opponent’s movements and immediately made a return attack.

However, at that moment, the attack failed, and just as Captain Ginyu was surprised, countless realistic afterimages appeared in front of his eyes.

More than two hundred “Afterimage Fist” visions stood in front of Captain Ginyu.

Hmph, this was just a simple trick.

Captain Ginyu smiled coldly. As he wiped his palm, his body exploded with tremendous power.

In a moment, this power crushed over, the void rustled, and Muyang’s afterimage was destroyed.

“Found you!” With a smirk on his lips, Captain Ginyu clenched his fist and slammed it.


Facing Ginyu’s attack, Muyang rested his arms in front of his chest for defense. The terrifying power hit between his arms; a sore feeling made him grimace, and his body could not help but fly out.

A trace of whirlwind grazed the ground, immediately as if an underground power burst, shoveling out a deep ravine.

With a swoosh, Captain Ginyu took a big step forward. His purple figure was like a glimpse of a giant wall stopping Muyang’s followers.

What a fast speed!

This was the first thought that flashed through Muyang’s mind.




Muyang and Captain Ginyu transformed into two rays of light that quickly traveled above the skies of Planet Demen.

The two flashes of light were seen to intersect and collide constantly—each collision sounding deafening loud noises and exploding into earth-destroying ki shockwaves.

“Hey, hey, hey, why is that man so powerful! The captain couldn’t even take him down.” Gausan wiped his eyes, unable to believe it.

“Don’t worry; there’s no problem. The captain can definitely kill him!” Jeice’s lips moved, but his mind wasn’t so sure.

What was the matter?

Obviously, the captain was stronger and could be said to have the advantage of defeating the opponent in terms of power level.

However, why was the actual fight so difficult to distinguish?

“Yes, there must be no problem.”

They must kill their opponent, or else they would be in trouble.


Muyang’s attack struck Ginyu’s body. Captain Ginyu had a cold face, and a fist swung out towards Muyang.


The two fists collided in the void, scattering a circular band of impact along the impact surface. The sharp fists spread out, tearing a huge opening in the earth with a bang.

Jeice and Gausan were so horrified that they jumped aside. When they looked back at the deep gaping hole, they couldn’t help but break out in cold sweat on their foreheads.

That was close!

How awful!

A battle of this caliber, even the stirring peripheral fluctuations brought danger to their lives.

In the air, Muyang and Captain Ginyu were openly fighting and entangled with each other. Muyang’s technique was very subtle, but Captain Ginyu’s power level was still above him.

“Hahaha!” Muyang laughed loudly.

A wipe of blood spilling out of the corner of his mouth. After wiping off the fresh blood, his body immediately turned into a ray of light, swiftly rushing and attacked again towards Ginyu.


With a face of birds of prey, Captain Ginyu opened his arms wide and whirled arrogantly.

A ball of crimson ki hurled out. It exploded as it approached its target, fracturing into thousands of sharp and tiny ki beads.

Upon seeing the countless ki beads coming towards him, Muyang’s fingers flashed twice, constructing an azure shield in the void.

With a crackling sound, the ki beads hit the shield, causing the entire sky to tremble violently.

However, Muyang’s power wasn’t as strong as Captain Ginyu’s, and the shield eventually cracked under the impact.

In a crisis, with nothing else to do, Muyang paled. He waved his arm and threw a large amount of ki out of desperation.


Muyang clenched his fist and reared his head with a long whistle.

For a moment, the dark red light overtook the white flames on his body. Veins surged on his forehead, and every muscle was under tremendous pressure.

North Kai had warned a long time ago that he could not continuously use more than twice the number of Kaio-ken. Otherwise, his body would not be able to withstand a collapse.

Muyang wasn’t a Saiyan, and this wasn’t Kai’s Planet, so the pressure that Muyang faced caused his expression to distort.

But the effect of the “Triple Kaio-ken” was self-evident. With the triple ki, Muyang’s power level had soared to 128,000!

This figure had far exceeded Captain Ginyu’s power level. Even if he couldn’t display his full attack power because of the huge burden on his body, it wasn’t something Captain Ginyu could deal with.

So, in the aura field full of unease and nonsense, Muyang’s figure cut through space and suddenly appeared in front of Ginyu.

Under Ginyu’s horrified gaze, Muyang grabbed one of Ginyu’s arms and folded it with such force that the bones broke with a crisp sound.

With a crack, Captain Ginyu’s entire arm was deformed and drooped down to the ground.


Captain Ginyu’s mouth let out a miserable roar, his eyes gazing angrily at Muyang.

It was at this time that Muyang’s eyebrows furrowed deeply. The burden of the Triple Kaio-ken caused him severe pain all over his body, and his internal organs seemed to have been severely traumatized.

Reluctantly, Muyang sighed and readjusted his Kaio-ken to twice as much.

This time, the two became evenly matched again. Muyang suffered serious damage to his body due to the Triple Kaio-ken.

On the other, Captain Ginyu was not much better, with purple blood on his lips.

“Damn, you actually managed to hurt me. You also have that superpower that can suddenly increase your power level!” The expression on Ginyu’s face kept changing.

Although the man in front of him didn’t look like he had much power level, he actually had such a terrifying power level after exercising his superpower.

At that moment, Ginyu actually had the danger of facing death. A body like this was just worth having!

Ginyu Force suddenly revealed a wry smile. It was long and wildly whistling, with a bright red light flashing in his eyes.

Captain Ginyu’s superpower was to swap bodies, and he had already looked at Muyang’s body.

“Mexia, this is the time!!!” Seeing the expression on Captain Ginyu’s face, Muyang’s heart trembled, and decided to let Mexia take action.

“Do you have any helpers at this time? I’ll take your body!” Captain Ginyu’s eyes flashed with murderous intent.

The perfect body of his dreams was about to be obtained!


As soon as the words fell, a bright light shone. Then the transparent spirit body emerged from the strapping body and flew towards Muyang’s body.

In the Acceleration Space, Mexia’s spiritual body was already prepared for everything.

Upon receiving Muyang’s command, it immediately stared at the turquoise starry eyes with a fierce face and two hands stretched out through the space channel.



The dual superpowers came out together, targeting both Captain Ginyu and his spiritual body.

“What’s going on? Why can’t I move my body?”

Captain Ginyu’s spiritual body was hindered, imprisoned in the air. Simultaneously, huge pressure was exerted on his body and spirit, causing him to feel like a mountain was pressing him.

At this moment, Muyang knew that this was a golden opportunity. Mexia’s superpower would only be used for one second, but this time was enough for him to do many things.

So, dragging his heavily injured body, Muyang’s iron fist instantly fell on Ginyu’s body like a machine gun, knocking him unconscious.

Unfortunately, Ginyu’s body was too strong, and Muyang’s attack couldn’t kill him.

Immediately, Muyang disengaged from the battlefield and used Instant Transmission to move to another place.

Jeice and Gausan foolishly watched the intense battle in the sky. Before they could return to their senses, Muyang’s body suddenly appeared in front of them.

“This is not good!”

“There’s a danger.”

A strong sense of crisis stirred their nerves. When they saw the opponent’s cold face appear in front of them, cold chills violently arose at their spines.


Muyang’s voice was cold and ruthless. In his hands, he condensed a ball of radiant ki, with the addition of twice Kaio-ken.

Muyang’s movements were so fast that Jeice and Gausan were far from being able to be dodged.

“Hurry up and flee. This guy is too dangerous…”


The dark blue ki ball directly hit Gausan’s skull. It was as if a watermelon had exploded, splattering white and red liquid all over the floor.

The second member of the Ginyu Force, Gausan, with a power level of 41,000, died at the hands of Muyang after Ouaosi.

It was clean and straightforward, an immediate spike!

The difference in strength more than doubled; coupled with the swift speed and high skill, Gausan was no match at all.

Then there was one left. Muyang held on to twice the state of Kaio-ken. He turned his dark eyes to scan Jeice, the cold sight making Jeice shudder.

“No… you evil. I am a member of the Ginyu Force; you will not kill me.” His red face lost its color, and Jeice’s body trembled and couldn’t move backward.

Hmph!” Muang looked at him flatly and uneventfully and was about to do it.

At that moment, Captain Ginyu’s purple figure appeared between Muyang and Jeice. The veins on Ginyu’s forehead popped out in anger, “Bastard! I’m going to cut you into pieces!”

“Captain!” As if Jeice had seen a savior, he shouted in excitement.

The moment Ginyu appeared, Muyang knew that he had lost the perfect opportunity to kill Jeice.

Although Ginyu looked like a mess, in reality, except for one arm that was severely injured, there were no severe injuries to any other part of his body.

With a long sigh, Muyang knew it had to end here today.

Communicating with Mexia in the Acceleration Space and seeing that she wasn’t harmed in any way, he calmed his mind and spun around to close the Acceleration Space channel, then placed his finger on his eyebrow.

“Ginyu Force, this time you’ve lost two people. Next time you won’t be so lucky.”

After saying that, the Instant Transmission was immediately activated, and Muyang’s body disappeared in front of Ginyu and Jeice completely.


Ginyu looked gloomily at the empty void.

“Captain, that guy… has disappeared.” As if he had regained his life, Jeice was already drenched in a cold sweat.

Ginyu gritted his teeth and said, “Damn it! Don’t let me see him again!” To think that he had lost two of his generals on Planet Demen, how would he explain this to King Frieza!

Including the potential team member, Guldo, the opponent had killed a total of three of them.

The face of a man, skin of a tree, this folding at Planet Demen was more than just a shame for the Ginyu Force!

The chill on Ginyu’s face became even more incredible as he thought of the negative impact this incident might have on King Frieza.

As the youngest son of King Cold, King Frieza had just taken over a large portion of King Cold’s territory.

It was exactly what he needed to show his majesty and compete with his big brother, Cooler. If today’s events spread, it would be a very unfavorable blow to King Frieza.

Upon thinking of King Frieza’s anger after learning about this, Ginyu couldn’t help but shudder.

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