Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 259


The remaining three members of the Ginyu Force were all in a grave mood at this point.

Ginyu looked at his two team members, but he didn’t know what to think.

“Jeice, calm down. How can you keep thinking about running away now!” Ginyu scolded Jeice with a gloomy face.

They should take out the courage to fight so that there might be a chance of survival. The idea of escaping was impossible. 

Moreover, the other party aimed at themselves and others early on, so how could they let them run?

After Ginyu scolded Jeice, he calmed down, subsequent hitting his senses, “Captain, I understand.”

“Good.” Ginyu nodded faintly, calculating in his heart. “If I can seize the opportunity to snatch the opponent’s body, there might be the hope of survival.”

His eyes aimed at Muyang, whose body had been on his mind for more than ten years. 

He wanted to seize his body, but when he thought of the power he had used to force him back then, he was afraid that it was no worse than King Frieza’s usual power.

That was why the risk of seizing the body of such a master was too high.

“The little girl’s body…” Ginyu hesitated. Melissa’s body was undoubtedly excellent. Unfortunately, she was a woman.

After a moment’s hesitation, the greedy desire still prevailed, and Ginyu’s eyes became malicious.

“As long as I seize the girl’s body at the right time and then quickly destroy her consciousness, that man shouldn’t be able to detect it. When I get used to her body, my power will rise quickly, and I can then exchange that man’s body without being noticed by anyone.”

Ginyu’s plan dinged loudly. He then settled down after repeatedly considering it and found that it was really feasible.

“Jeice, Natania, let’s fight them.” Ginyu waved his hand and gave an order to the two team members.


“This is the only way.”

Jeice and Natalia nodded their heads vigorously.

The windswept up for a time, and the three of them attacked Melissa. This time, Muyang didn’t stop Ginyu but stood aside and watched Melissa’s performance.

In the face of Ginyu Force’s trio’s attack, Melissa shouted in excitement. The fighting gene in the Saiyan bloodline awakened, and her whole blood boiled.


More than a dozen illusory shadows appear on the battlefield. The Afterimage Technique was perfect for confusing people, especially alien beings who couldn’t use ki senses.

Swoosh, swoosh!

Melissa knew she was no match for Ginyu for the time being, so she first stared at Jeice. Her figure was flashing like a ghost, and unknowingly, she had touched Jeice’s side.


With a sudden warning of danger in his mind, Jeice red’s body began to chill when an enlarged smile suddenly appeared in front of him.

“Captain, she’s so fast.” Jeice broke out in a cold sweat and hurriedly called for help from Captain Ginyu.

Captain Ginyu turned his head, knocked out an afterimage. He found that the opponent’s real body actually ran to Jeice, so he cursed and hurried towards Jeice.

Unfortunately, Melissa’s action was faster than Captain Ginyu’s. She smiled coldly and directly pinched up a bright ball of energy in her hand, which had already hit Jeice’s body.

With a loud “bang“, the pain of a broken body surged up to his heart, and Jeice’s’ eyes were filled with fear.

Melissa had gotten away with it and was about to run up and make up for it. However, Captain Ginyu had already approached her at that moment. 

Even though Melissa had good fighting skills, the battle suddenly became a mess because of the strength between her and Captain Ginyu.

“Well, well, such excellent quality. If I can take it away, I can soon become strong.” Ginyu’s heart began to calculate with joy.

Even if Melissa’s body was a female, Ginyu thought that gender and all other things would be acceptable as long as he could become strong. 

So, he intentionally drained the water in the next battle to avoid harming such an amazing body.

As he fought and looked for opportunities to seize the body, Ginyu’s smile grew wider.

“SPACE LOCK!” Demoness Natania seized the opportunity to display her superpower.

Feeling the freezing sensation in the space around her, as if her body was wrapped in countless moist ribbons, Melissa shouted out in displeasure. With a wave of her arm, and even more powerful superpower struck back.

With an “ah” sound, green light enveloped Natania’s body. She flew away without resistance, like a kite with a broken string.


Natania hit a ridge, and a human-shaped depression appeared in the hard stone wall.

“I was going to save you for last, but why are you so uninteresting!”

For Demoness Natania, a voluptuous woman, Melissa had no intention of letting her go. 

Her face was fierce, and the overwhelming spiritual power began to crush her like a torrential torrent, breaking through the watery space.

Soon, it wrapped around Natania’s side, making her unable to move. Then the superpower began to squeeze inward, trying to crush her.


Melissa widened her emerald green eyes and squeezed with her slender fingers. On the other side, Natania popped as if she squeezed in Melissa’s hand.

Dark Planet’s Demon King, Demoness Natania, was actually pinned to death by Melissa’s superpower.

“Hahahaha, this is the time!” The purple figure suddenly appeared beside Melissa, and Captain Ginyu laughed maniacally.

He had been waiting for this opportunity for a long time. The moment Melissa killed Natania, he performed his Body Change superpower toward Melissa.

He was desperate.


A bright light shone up, and Captain Ginyu’s spiritual body came out of its shell and lunged toward Melissa’s body.

“Huh?” Melissa bit down on her thin lips. 

Her body suddenly became rigid, and at this moment, a great sense of crisis came over her heart. 

At this time, she couldn’t care less about what Muyang asked of her, and the golden light shone in her eyes.

Seeing that Melissa suddenly used the Legendary Super Saiyan Transformation, Muyang, who was prepared to stop Captain Ginyu from using his powers, stopped.

He observed. Once he found something wrong, he would immediately take action to block it.

“You’re looking for death!” Melissa snorted coldly. The golden light in her eyes was flashing away.

Captain Ginyu’s spiritual body came close to Melissa’s body, flew halfway to it when the immense momentum suddenly hit it. The spiritual body paused and returned to its original body.

Captain Ginyu’s head went blank, and his whole body trembled, “How could this happen? My superpower actually failed. Is the power in her body still above the limit of my superpower? 

There was only one possibility of the superpower failing, and that was that the opponent possessed a level of power that the master couldn’t capture.

At the moment just now, he felt the fear that he had only felt in Frieza.

This girl, too, possessed a transformation ability that instantly increased her power level.

At this moment, Captain Ginyu’s eyes were filled with deep scruples when he looked at Melissa. In his heart, he mistook Melissa’s power just now for Muyang’s ability of “Kaio-ken.”

“You seem to have used some weird superpower just now. Is it the ‘body exchangeability’ that Muyang told me about before?”

Melissa tilted her head, very angry, “How dare you try to take my body; you deserve to die.”

Her body was actually being watched by such an ugly alien, making Melissa’s heart swelled with rage at the thought.

How could her body be taken away by someone else! At this moment, she didn’t care what Muyang had told her before, that she couldn’t use her Golden Eyes Transformation and she should use the Kaio-ken. It had already been thrown out of her mind.


Melissa shouted, and dark red energy rose. The whole earth suddenly cracked open with countless cracks, and after the ground sank a large section, the bursting stones bounced out with a swoosh.

“Your power has actually increased that much!” Ginyu was dumbfounded.

“Damn, you and that human really are the same race!”

Ginyu wasn’t happy about it. Such “transformation ability” was really desirable. Moreover, he couldn’t even take such a body away.

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