Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 269


Near the center of the Central Area, an azure planet quietly orbits the central planet. A giant Super Dragon Ball and Planet Ambera orbit each other quietly as a twin planet in the same orbital position.

Planet Ambera.

Somewhere on the huge and full of life planet, along with a bright light that suddenly shone, Muyang appeared in the middle of a big forest with a rich atmosphere. After sensing Birgil’s ki, Muyang settled his mind and quickly teleported over again.

“Birgil.” Muyang appeared in front of Birgil.

“Muyang, you’re here.” After seeing Muyang’s arrival, Birgil’s expression relaxed quite a bit.

The fact that Muyang was able to come over at this time really touched him.

Planet Ambera was extremely far from earth. Without the Galactic Patrolman’s special high-speed spaceship, it would take at least several years to navigate an ordinary spaceship.

Muyang was able to arrive so quickly, all thanks to his Instant Transmission ability. Because he knew that he was facing the Namekian Lord Slug, and his true strength was still unknown, Muyang refused Melissa’s request to come along and teleported alone to the Planet Ambera.

Muyang nodded towards Birgil and asked, “How much longer until Slug arrives?”

Birgil said, “One day if it’s fast, seven days if it’s slow.”

“That’s quite fast.” Muyang thought to himself.

The shuttle between universes could take months or even years. Slug could arrive in a few days meant that Birgil found out about Slug’s arrival only after he was getting closer.

Thinking of this, Muyang looked at Birgil, “How did you get discovered by Slug?”

Birgil smiled bitterly, “I was too careless. I didn’t realize that Slug’s probe scouted me during a long journey. If the Galatic Patrol hadn’t released Slug’s whereabouts, I wouldn’t have known that his spaceship was approaching towards Planet Ambera.”

Muyang’s face was serious, “How strong is Slug?”

In the early years, Birgil was able to leave scars on Slug’s face. So, it was reasonable to say that he should not be powerful. However, this information was from many years ago. According to the opponent’s performance in the theatrical version, Slug’s strength was not as strong as Super Saiyan, but his strength was certainly much stronger than 10 million.

“I have asked the people of the Galatic Patrol to poke around.” Birgil face was gloomy. “According to the Galatic Patrolman officers, Slug’s power level is afraid to exceed 60 million!”

60 million?

Slug was actually so strong!

Muyang raised his eyebrows a little unexpectedly. 

He then pondered, “My power level has reached 10 million. If I use six times Kaio-ken, I can roughly reach 60 million power levels. If I resist hard, seven times, Kaio-ken can also withstand for a while…” When he thought of this, Muyang’s heart was clear.

Muyang’s face became relaxed, and he said, “Slug’s strength is quite strong.”

Birgil smiled bitterly, “Yes, he is an extremely gifted Warrior-type Namekian. I wonder what he has gone through in the past few hundred years to become so terrifying.”

Slug was always active in the area where the North Area and the East Area meet. Because the North Area was under the Frieza Force’s control, Slug could never penetrate into it. That was why he began to infiltrate towards the East Area. In the early years, Birgil could still compete with Slug, but now he was far from capable.

If he hadn’t met Muyang at the Galaxy Mercenary Headquarters some time ago and learned of his strength during the conversation, he wouldn’t have thought to ask for his help in this crisis.

“To be honest, if we fight on Planet Ambera, the environment here may not be able to withstand it,” Muyang said in advance.

Once the high-level battle starts, it wasn’t easy to control the power. It was questionable whether Planet Ambera could survive. In fact, he felt that the most appropriate approach now was to snipe Slug’s ship halfway or simply abandon Planet Ambera.

However, it wasn’t easy to find a planet suitable for life in the vicinity. Even Muyang, who could survive in a vacuum for a short time, didn’t dare to engage in a battle with Slug, who had a huge gap in strength, in the universe.

Birgil said, “We have to make an effort whether we can keep it or not. We can’t give up so easily. What I’m worried about is how I can stop Slug if he finds the Super Dragon Ball and wants to take it for himself.”

This was the most critical. Slug was also a Namekian; even if he hadn’t seen the Dragon Ball before, with the sense of the Dragon Ball in his bloodline, he would also be interested in the Super Dragon Ball.

With the location of Planet Ambera exposed, Birgil didn’t want to watch what he had been guarding for hundreds of years fall into Slug’s control, which was why he would rather ask Muyang to come and help than avoid Slug.

Muyang nodded and sat on the lawn by the lake with his buttocks. At this time, a cloud of blue lifeform Gaia came paddling over from the lake.


Gaia’s pillow-like body jumped to the side of Muyang. Its blue body touched Muyang as if touched by transparent jelly, cold and very comfortable.

With a smile on his face, Muyang picked Gaia up. This Gaia was the original body of the Gaia in the Acceleration World of Muyang. Because it couldn’t resist the temptation of the “Acceleration Space” environment, it split itself into two halves, half of which remained on Planet Ambera and half of which entered the Acceleration World.

Birgil looked at Gaia and said with concern, “This little one is also a problem. Don’t get caught in the battle later.”

“I do have a solution.” Muyang smiled and said, holding Gaia, “Gaia, Planet Ambera is in danger; why don’t you enter my Acceleration World.”

A question mark surfaced on Gaia’s head as if it didn’t know what Muyang meant. Muyang smiled shallowly and opened a small section of the entrance to the Acceleration World. At that moment, divine ki was revealed, and the evolved “Acceleration Space” attracted Gaia, and its body twisted restlessly.

“To… go inside….”

“Then I will send you in. When you go inside, give me a good planting of Senzu Beans.” Muyang laughed loudly and waved his hand to send it into the Acceleration World.

It was nothing more than a little energy consumption for Gaia to live in the Acceleration World, but it could help him reclaim the land to plant Senzu Beans. Usually, it could also provide him with the Spring of Life, so it really couldn’t be a more perfect little assistant.

After settling Gaia’s matter, Muyang had no intention to transfer the other beings on Planet Ambera into it.


As a little bit of time passed, two days passed in the blink of an eye.

Two days later, powerful and tyrannical ki gradually appeared outside the atmosphere of Planet Ambera.

Did he finally come…

Muyang opened his eyes from meditation, and a flash of light in the pitch-black eyes flashed.

Muyang thumped up, frowned, and looked at the sky, “Slug’s ki is much stronger than expected. Worthy of being the Super Namekian.”

In Muyang’s sense, Slug’s ki has been over 70 million, a little higher than Frieza when he was in his Final Form. Although Frieza use 100% of his power, and his power level could reach 120 million, that power was tough to control. Frieza usually could control only 60 million power level; the rest of the power was very rusty.

If he really wanted to fight, Slug would only be a little bit worse than Frieza’s Final Form.

He was a formidable enemy. Muyang’s dark eyes were shining, and his body emits a strong battle intent. A warmblood in his heart surged up.

“What exactly has Slug gone through? His power is actually so strong.” Birgil also felt the ki from Slug and opened his eyes wide in shock.

After only two hundred years of not seeing each other, as a Warrior-type Namekian, Slug’s power actually surpassed him by so much. Compared to Slug, his 7 million power level was like the light of a firefly competing with the white moon. There was nothing to compare at all.

Muyang smiled and looked at Birgil without saying anything.

If Birgil knew that in the future, there would be a Super Namekian called Piccolo, with a power level of several billion, Muyang wondered how he would react!

At this time, in the sky, there was a shadow through the thin atmosphere.

A huge spaceship crashed on the top of the soil rocks, emitting a “click, click” sound, and finally, a yellow costume of Slug came out of the spaceship.

“Hahaha, is this Planet Ambera? Birgil is very good at making a living. He actually lives on such a beautiful planet.” Slug grimaced. Every time he thought of Birgil, the wound at the corner of his eyebrow will be faintly painful.

“This familiar feeling. Is it the feeling of hometown… you’re making me a little reluctant to destroy this planet.”

Slug had noticed the Super Dragon Ball in the same orbit as Planet Ambera. His delighted heart had already classified it as his own. However, he didn’t expect to feel a familiar feeling on top of Planet Ambera.

Just when Slug was alone and intoxicated, two upright figures flashed without warning. Muyang and Birgil appeared brightly in front of him.

“Slug, we have been waiting for you here for a long time.”

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