Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 285


“I can’t believe you resisted my attack in this state.”

Seeing that Frieza didn’t die in his first wave of attacks, Melissa shouted in surprise and turned to wrinkle her nose fiercely.

Although Melissa didn’t use her full strength in the attack just now, the energy value size was not something that Frieza could withstand in his Base Form.

It was true that the power contained in Frieza’s body would always block the fatal attack for him at the critical moment.

Muyang also looked at Frieza with the same surprise. In his expectation, originally, he thought that Melissa’s attack would at least let Frieza break a few legs and feet.

However, the result was only that the surface of his skin bloomed wounds. Compared to the last time when Muyang transformed into a shadow man and fought Frieza, Frieza’s ability to resist blows had improved significantly.

Was this the genius of the Frieza Clan? Even without training, the ability could be quickly improved.

Or was it that after experiencing the last lesson, Frieza had targeted the strengthening of defensive capabilities?

At this moment, Muyang deeply felt the potential of Frieza. As long as he was given enough time to train, he could easily grow into an invincible master.

Of course, the premise was that Frieza subjectively aware of the importance of training.

So, he couldn’t give Frieza any more time to continue to get stronger. If he really forced out the Golden Frieza, then Muyang would only be surprised.

“Melissa, let’s join forces to dispose of Frieza.”

A cold voice came out from Muyang’s mouth, followed by Muyang no longer reserved.

Silver pillars of light rushed up to the sky, and a terrifying aura then erupted on Planet Munster.

In an instant, yellow sand filled the sky, raising sand and dust, and the entire Planet Munster shook violently.


Melissa was also a master who didn’t want to make a small fight. She was sweetly revealing a smile, and with a fling of her arm, an equally powerful aura took off into the air. The couple tacitly cooperated and pressed forward, and the two figures surrounded Frieza, blocking his way back.

At this time, Muyang’s body was wrapped in silver flames, burning flames, not hot, but it gives incomparably heavy oppression.

Under the crush of Muyang’s terrifying ki, Frieza’s eyes widened in disbelief. Even if he couldn’t perceive the existence of ki in detail, he could still see the terrifying energy in front of him.

He really didn’t expect that the two Saiyans in front of him actually possessed such an ominous power that could almost rival his Final Form.

This was a joke. Frieza held a breath and didn’t breathe.

Suddenly an aura flashed in his brain, making Frieza’s grim face showed a trace of clarity.

“Could it be that…. you are the Legendary Super Saiyan?” Frieza asked with narrowed eyes.

Such a terrifying power, only the Legendary Super Saiyan rumored in the clan could be.

In the past, Frieza thought that the so-called Legendary Super Saiyan was just a heroic legend in which Saiyans put gold on their faces and deceived themselves. However, now it seemed that the legend was probably not empty!

The Saiyans could really give birth to such a master. Frieza had a thousand thoughts in his mind and had already made up his mind that he would have to deal with this unstable race of Saiyans after his return.

Although the Saiyans were useful combatants under his command, as long as it threatened his rule, Frieza would exterminate without mercy.

“I am not a Saiyan…”

Muyang said lightly, looking at Frieza’s face that showed a look of disbelief. He smiled lightly, and the next moment his body suddenly fell short, leaving a blurred residue in place, reappearing already leaning to Frieza’s front.

This is not good; when did he get close?

Frieza’s eyes flashed doubt, and he was about to make a counter-attack. Muyang’s hand, which was as hard as a steel pincer, had fallen on Frieza’s arm.

In a whirlwind, Frieza had no time to react, and his body had been knocked out.

Muyang flashed and appeared in the position where Frieza was about to arrive.His hands were clasped in fists and raised high, then struck down hard.


His body twisted at an exaggerated angle and fell at high speed.

Because of the greed for ease, Frieza’s body restrained too much of his energy.

Without releasing his full strength, he simply had to take a beating in the face of Muyang’s attack.

This time, Melissa also didn’t stay idle. She came to below Frieza’s fall, tilted her body, raised her leg, and bang, like kicking soccer, she kicked Frieza away.

In a short instant, Frieza felt the pain through the heart.


With blood spitting out of his mouth, Frieza let out a miserable scream of pain.

The Base Form of Frieza was not a match for Muyang and Melissa. So, just a few attacks made him experience the powerlessness of the weak.

This painful feeling, Frieza had tasted only twelve years ago in a battle with the light shadow men.

“Damn it. They actually make this king feel the pain. I will kill them.”

Frieza viciously put out fierce words, but at this time, he had no prestige at all.

“I have to release the Final Form as soon as possible. As long as the full power is released, this kind of character is simply not enough to worry about. Wait and see, damn Saiyans; I will not let you go!”

Even though he suffered some pain now, but Frieza was confident that he was still invincible in his Final Form, and he would definitely settle this score with them then.

“Muyang, this cold-blooded lizard is not going to let us go.” Melissa’s face was cold, and her golden eyes flashed with cold light.

Muyang said, “Then don’t give him a chance, just kill him.”

“Yes, yes!”

Melissa clapped her palms. In an instant, the air lurched, as golden and green energies tangled together. A shocking aura suddenly rose from her body. “Boom….” at this time, a transparent arrogance was burning all over her body.

This energy flame in soft and violent components and Melissa raised her power to the peak in one fell swoop.

The power of the “Legendary Super Saiyan” had already unfolded.


Melissa took a step forward. Her body suddenly disappeared, making Frieza’s eyes widened.

He subconsciously looked around. Then he saw a fist appeared in his vision, getting bigger and bigger, and moved directly towards his head.

The wild and rampant cyclone surrounding the fist, and the flow of light just stopped, containing the iron fist’s endless power will mercilessly hit the Frieza head.


Blood splashed up, and Frieza let out a painful scream. His head was smashed out of a hole.

His body had been like a high-speed meteor, flying backward along the horizon.


Frieza flew backward all the way, and soon there was no shadow.

“Where are you running!”

Muyang used the Instant Transmission and appeared above Frieza’s parallel flight trajectory.

His palm pressed to Frieza’s shoulder, and with a boom, he struck a ki wave with force.

The trajectory of Frieza’s flight was immediately bent at ninety degrees and moved straight toward the ground.


The violent impact resounded deafeningly. The entire Planet Munster shuddered violently; even the state of rotation was stationary for a second.

Upon seeing the situation, Muyang’s mouth’s corner raised slightly after a successful move. A kick shovel threw Frieza out of the impact point.

In the distance, Melissa had been waiting there for a long time. When she saw Frieza’s white body flying over, she reflexively kicked it.


Frieza’s face was distorted; the intense pain made him unable to speak. Both of his eyes stared at Muyang and Melissa, if this killing energy into substance, enough to penetrate several meters thick steel plate.

Frieza couldn’t say anything for a long time.

It was as if he had been beaten to autism.


North Kai watched dumbfoundedly at the North Kai’s Planet as Muyang and Melissa chased after Frieza and beat him up. He was already too surprised to speak.

“Great, Muyang and Melissa’s power is actually so powerful. If they put in more effort, they might really be able to kill that bastard Frieza.” North Kai thought excitedly.

Frieza, his father, and his brother had been the most unstable factor in the North Area.

If they could get rid of Frieza, the North Area’s order would hopefully return to normal.

“But Frieza’s life is callous. Why I feel that his body also contains a more terrible power!”

North Kai carefully observed the situation on Planet Munster and vaguely felt some uneasiness in his heart. Unconsciously, he gave North Area a stand.

Next to him, Bubbles “uh-oh, uh-oh, uh-oh” shouted, tilting his head, not knowing what North Kai was looking at.


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