Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 290


In the next few days, the number of armed fortresses destroyed at their hands reached twenty. The number of lives was countless, but in Muyang’s opinion, they all deserved it.

There might be a few members of the Frieza Force who were forced to join the Frieza team, but it was their misfortune to be killed by Muyang accidentally. After death, there would be an arrangement from King Yemma.

After destroying several important planets in succession, one day, North Kai contacted them.

“Muyang, I found the whereabouts of Frieza.” North Kai’s urgent voice came to his ears.

“Frieza is still alive. This guy actually managed to survive the planet explosion.”

If it wasn’t for Muyang’s reminder, which made him persist in searching for several days, he had let Frieza escape, and next time it wouldn’t be easy to kill him.

Muyang looked gloomy, “Just find him, and send me his location.”

“Hmm, okay.”

After North Kai finished speaking, a string of data surfaced in Muyang’s mind.

Muyang checked this message and found that Frieza’s current location was actually on a planet not far from Planet Munster.

The two planets were in the same stellar gravitational field.

However, Frieza, who had lost his communicator, could only wander through the universe by drifting without a dedicated person to pick him up.

It was unknown how much time it would take to float to a planet with civilization.


Planet Munster was located within the planetary system, not far away from a not so big planet.

At this time, Frieza weakly collapsed in the middle of a huge crater.

This crater was about two hundred meters in diameter, more than fifty meters deep.

Because the planet was rainy and watery, half of Frieza’s body was soaked in the rain.

“Damn Super Saiyans, one day I will kill you.”

Frieza’s gloomy cheeks filled with fury. His current situation was so bad that his Final Form body was already scarred.

The energy of the planet explosion behind him almost killed him. Now, Frieza had no extra power to preserve the Final Form, his body degraded to its Base Form.

The lower half of the Base Form of Frieza’s body was bloody. One of his arms was half broken, and what hurt Frieza more was his tail, which was cut off in his Final Form and was difficult to recover from.

Frieza’s eyes were half-open in pain. He regretted that he didn’t listen to the community’s rumors and destroy the Saiyan planet in advance.

Otherwise, the Super Saiyan might not have appeared at all. With the two Super Saiyans’ age, they should have been born after he ruled Planet Vegeta.

“I regret it. Perhaps even father did not think that the legend of Super Saiyan is actually true.”

“But the Saiyans won’t be able to get complacent for long. When I recover my body and go to train for a while, I can definitely take this revenge back.”

Frieza was secretly thinking about the next plan.

Truthfully, Frieza’s talent was considered the most outstanding because he was born with terrifying power.

It was so much that he was a self-proclaimed emperor who did not care about training and had never seriously exercised his body.

Until now, it was Muyang and Melissa who forced him to this point, making the arrogance in his heart collected and really intend to start training.

With Frieza’s talent, as long as he was given a few years, he could easily surpass those Super Saiyan’s.

At this time, a spaceship flew over in a distant direction. After a search, it found the miserable-looking Frieza.

“Hurry up and find King Frieza!”

Why was King Frieza’s face swollen?

The spaceship landed, and the hatch opened. When Frieza saw that it was his subordinate who had come, a cold smile finally appeared on his face.


Inside the repair cabin, Frieza’s body was immersed in the nutrient solution.

“Tell this king what happened these days? Why only a few of you came to pick up this king? Isn’t this king has a huge army?”

“King Frieza, our headquarters planet, was destroyed by the opponent…”

A short, fat subordinate suddenly cried out, “We lost contact with the legions below. Also, some Legion Commanders got the news from somewhere that King Frieza had died, and they…. they were making a fuss to disperse…”

“Humph!” Frieza snapped his eyes wide, making the restoration cabin resounded with a gurgling bubbling sound.

“Go on!”

“In just a few days, our armed fortress has been destroyed by the mysterious people in more than twenty places.”

“The Legion Commander who governs the eighteenth planet domain has disobeyed the orders and changed the name of the legion as well.”

“The Legion Commander who governs the twenty-sixth planet domain, with his legion, has defected to King Cooler….”

Frieza: “……”

It was really one bad news after another, “So, my huge foundation, almost completely collapsed away?”

“…..Yes, it is.”

“Ho ho ho ho, interesting!” Frieza soaked with a cold face. “You guys, don’t worry. I only have a small injury and will soon be able to recover.”

The subordinates: He couldn’t even move. How could it be a minor injury?

However, thinking of Frieza’s past authority, they obeyed, not daring to raise any questions.

Now they were like dogs in their homes. They were on the wanted list of the Galactic Patrolman.

Unless they joined King Cold or Cooler, their lives would not be saved. Of course, now that they had found King Frieza, the situation was a little different.

They hope that Frieza could recover from his injuries as soon as possible.

However, the heavens always gave people the right amount of despair when they were most hopeful. At this time, an icy voice reached Frieza’s ears –

“Finally, we found you, Frieza!!!”

“Ah, King Frieza, that’s the voice, that demon is catching up again.”

As soon as the crowd of subordinates saw the visitor, they all trembled with fear.


Frieza opened his eyes with difficulty. His eyes suddenly contracted to the size of needlepoint as a handsome man, and a beauty beyond words woman appeared in front of him.

“Super Saiyan, it’s you guys again. How can you find me!

Frieza’s “fat face” twisted and was filled with intense resentment and unhappiness. He turned his head to look at his subordinates, and he suspected that it was these careless subordinates who had led this fury here!

Did God not even give him the chance to take revenge?

How could he be an opponent to the two Super Saiyans in front of him in his Base Form?

This was….the end.

Muyang smiled at Frieza and said, “You don’t need to worry about how I can find you.”

The Base Form of Frieza, who was wounded, could not be better to deal with.

With that, Muyang stretched out his palm towards Frieza, and magical energy along with the repair pod enveloped.

Frieza struggled, his body was firmly locked, and let out a final wail, “No, I am not willing. I am the emperor of the universe, Frieza. Even if I die, I cannot die in your hands.”

“Do you want to blow yourself up again? You won’t be given a chance this time.” Muyang’s face was cold.


After the cold voice just fell, a mandatory rule descended, as if another world squeezed in.

The universe’s rules retreated one after another, and the extremely injured Frieza was enveloped by a white light, unable to resist at all.

In a strong reluctance and struggle, his body began to turn into powder gradually.

It started with the lower half of the body, then the abdomen and chest, and finally even the head faded away in the breeze.


A large hole appeared in front of his eyes, and Frieza’s figure, along with the restoration chamber filled with culture fluid, had long since disappeared.

“Is Frieza finally dead now?” Melissa asked.

“Yes,” Muyang affirmed.

“Then these guys…”

“Let’s send them on their way together.”

On the North Kai’s Planet, North Kai looked excitedly at the place where Frieza disappeared.

He was jumping and dancing with excitement. Frieza, who was hindering the Lower Realm’s peace, was finally dead, and a big stone in his heart was dropped.

“Muyang, Melissa, thank you ……”

“No need to thank. I also have quite a grudge with Frieza.” Suddenly, thinking of something, Muyang looked at Melissa and smiled, “Melissa, let’s go see what happened to Frieza.”

“Yes!” Melissa responded with a smile on her face.

Muyang nodded, took Melissa’s hand, and used Instant Transmission to take her into Other-World.

In the Other-World, inside King Yemma’s office, the large red-faced King Yemma was busy with his work, when suddenly there was a noise and Frieza with a golden halo was escorted into the hall by the ghosts.

“Ah, Frieza, how come this villain is dead?” King Yemma jumped up from his chair when he saw Frieza.

As the ruler of the Other-World of North Area, the red-faced King Yemma knew too much about the World of the Living affairs.

Because of this understanding, he was clear about the power of Frieza and that such a great master would actually have a day of unnatural death. God really opened his eyes.

“Let go of me. How dare you treat the great Great King Frieza like this!”

Frieza twisted his body, and the surrounding smoky souls backed away, leaving a large field empty in King Yemma’s large hall.

Frieza kept screaming, yet he who had lost his physical body could not even cope with the tiny ghosts of the Other-World.

Under the Other-World rules, only people with great merit and great power could have the appearance they had in life after death.

Otherwise, they could only have a small cloud of white smoke as a soul carrier.

Those who were qualified to enter Heaven deserved to have a physical body with the same power as before they died. Others, even if Majin Buu died, he would be subject to the rules of the Other-World.

Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang.

“Frieza, be honest when you die. No one in the Other-World cares if you are some kind of universe emperor.”

King Yemma’s sturdy body was like a small mountain close to Frieza, and the dense sub-dimensional pressure shook Frieza to speak out.

“Damn it. If I were still alive, I wouldn’t be afraid of you, a tiny deity.” Frieza’s face turned blue, and there was a kind of frustration.

Bang Bang Bang!

“Silence. The sentence will now be pronounced…”

“Wait a minute, King Yemma…”

just when King Yemma intended to pronounce the sentence on Frieza, Muyang entered the Hall of King Yemma with Melissa and interrupted the sentence on Frieza. “For Frieza’s punishment, I have a few suggestions.”

“So, Muyang, what are your suggestions?”

After King Yemma saw Muyang, his two eyes stared as if they were lanterns looking at Muyang’s Dimension Leve.

When he heard the transmission from North Kai, he knew that Muyang was the one who took credit for killing Frieza.

According to the instructions from the North Kai, Frieza’s trial could be deferred to Muyang.

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