Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 291


King Yemma was a relatively senior God in the Other-World, but his Dimension Level was only four.

In many aspects, he had to listen to the North Kai and the more senior Gods.

Muyang’s Dimension Level was five, and his status was equivalent to that of North Kai.

It made sense for North Kai to have King Yemma ask Muyang for his opinion.

Muyang glanced at Frieza, who was glaring at him angrily, and asked King Yemma, “King Yemma, what did you originally plan to do with Frieza?”

King Yemma said, “Of course, to send him to hell….”

Frieza’s crimeans in World of the Living were endangering countless star territory.

The red-faced King Yemma as the North Area’s Other-World administrator, previously unable to exercise jurisdiction over him.

Now, Frieza died and fell into his hands; of course, he must follow the Other-World rules for trial.

Hell was undoubtedly the most logical place for Frieza to go.

“According to the rules of the Other-World, Frieza is to be imprisoned in Hell, and then arrange a group of small Angels to use music to reform him…” King Yemma recounted his punishment for Frieza.

Muyang nodded his head after listening, basically agreeing with King Yemma’s verdict.

According to the original story, Frieza was sent down to hell after death. Moreover, because of his sin, a special place was created for him to be tortured.

It was a good place with birds and flowers similar to heaven, spider webs suspended Frieza on top of the tree, and every day there were little Angels banging gongs and drums out regularly, playing music, singing, and dancing.

In the heaven-like environment, such punishment for the single-mindedly evil Frieza was a double torment to the body and mind.

After learning about the specific punishment from King Yemma, Muyang felt that such a punishment was too light for Frieza, even when it was appropriate. However, before Muyang could say anything, Frieza was already furious.

“Bastards, you actually want to treat this great king in such a cruel way. This king will not let you go! Super Saiyan. I will kill you soon!!!” Frieza was like a fried wildcat, angry at what had happened to him.

“SILENCE!!!” King Yemma yelled in dissatisfaction.

At this time, neither Muyang nor King Yemma paid much attention to Frieza.

“This punishment is already very proper,” Muyang said.

“I know that there is a musical instrument called Suona on earth. The sound was high and loud, which could make people spellbound. There is also a percussion instrument called copper gong, which is even more piercing. It is used to cheer up every time there is a Martial Arts Tournament on earth. Suppose these two instruments are played together. The effect must be quite soulful.”

“In addition, there are many percussion instruments on earth. The sound is also quite outstanding. Arrange a few more Angles groups to play, a few more times per day, and play different tunes. After all, it is the emperor of the universe.

“It must be hot and lively, as lively as you want,” Muyang said emphatically.

Keeping Frieza in hell was very unsafe. In case someone collected the Dragon Balls to bring him back to life, it was big trouble.

The best way was to destroy Frieza’s soul or simply arrange his reincarnation, such as sending Demon Buu sent to reincarnation in the original story.

However, such thoughts could only be thought about. King Yemma’s trial must follow the rules unless there was a Universe Level God-like Supreme Kai or God of Destruction’s license to do special things.

Muyang had no power to make King Yemma break the rules, so he added some ingredients.

He thought it would be excellent to let Frieza listen to some more ditties in hell.

The emperor of the universe should enjoy the specifications of the emperor of the universe.

It would be better to finish the punishment early and arrange his reincarnation early to save recreating the trouble.

“This is a good idea.” King Yemma nodded his head with an approving face after listening to it.

He rubbed his chin to consider introducing earth’s Suona and gong into hell.

“Demons, you’re all evil!”

Frieza’s spirit was about to collapse. His body struggled frantically, but because he was being held, his whole body was like losing his life, and he already foresaw his future misery.

“Who asked you to do so much evil in general.” Melissa sneered.

“It’s settled.”

King Yemma sat back in his seat, picked up a large seal, and stamped it hard on top of a document.

The energy representing the rules of the Other-World flowed up, and this pronouncement was officially in effect.

“Go, put Frieza in the False Heaven of Hell, and also arrange for someone to go to earth to take the material so that Frieza can listen to the beauty of music properly.”


A few ghosts wrote down King Yemma’s words in a pamphlet and then sent Frieza towards hell.

From afar, Frieza’s voice could constantly be heard cursing, which grew smaller and smaller, and finally slowly became inaudible.

Only after Frieza was escorted down, King Yemma looked at Muyang with a surprised face, “I didn’t expect you actually defeated Frieza. Seriously, when I saw Frieza just now, I was shocked.”

Muyang laughed out loud, “It’s nothing. It was also a grind for me.”

King Yemma laughed, “This is a great achievement. One day when you die, you can still go to heaven.”

“Don’t curse us.” Muyang raised his eyebrows.

Although for High-Level God, death was just one more aperture above the head and would not affect themselves, Muyang did not want to die.

“No more.” King Yemma’s loud voice said.


King Yemma was busy with his business, so he quickly found a reason to leave.

Muyang indifferent said, “Let him suffer, it can not be helped me.”

“It’s bad enough.” Melissa said playfully, “But I like it.”

On the other hand, after being escorted to hell, Frieza was really hung on a cherry tree with beautiful flowers in full bloom, bitterly showing only one head.

Clang, clang, clap!

The sound of gongs and suona sounded. A row of angels with small wings came out with songs and dances, playing music joyfully.

The loud sound penetrated the eardrums and went straight to the heart, the mourning, the whimpering, it was simply sad to hear and tears to hear.


Frieza painfully closed his eyes, as if a cocoon only reveals a small head…


In the Acceleration World, Melissa had split into Melia and Melis, two youthful and beautiful young girls who were now gathered around the dark red fruit that towered like a mountain, casually grabbing the fruit and devouring it.

Tree of Might fruit harvest of Planet Munster was good, and the fruits collected by Muyang and her were probably several tens of thousands.

Apart from the half green and unripe ones, there were many ripe fruits.

“Mmmmmm, the taste is good. I feel the energy in my body has grown a little.”

Melia picked up a Tree of Might fruit and swallowed it. The Tree of Might fruit did not affect warriors with high power levels.

So, even Melia ate dozens of them in a row, and the effect was only a little. However, these fruits were amazing treasures for low-level aliens.

For example, a Saiyan called Turles was not gifted. He relied on the fruit of the Tree of Might to raise his power level to 300,000 or 400,000.

Looking at the twin sisters who ate indiscriminately, Muyang did not mean to stop them; the Saiyans ate enough to develop better.

He called Gaia, then reclaimed a vast land area and planted the golden fruits picked from the top of the Tree of Might.

One day this place would also grow a dense Tree of Might, and when it becomes a forest in the future, it would be a nice landscape.

The Acceleration World was as strong and full of divine energy as the high-level divine world, so there was no need to worry about the Tree of Might growing wildly and damaging the environment of the Planet Wudao.

After doing all this, Muyang wiped a handful of sweat from his forehead and said to Gaia, “I will leave this Tree of Might to you to look after. Just trim the branches and leaves normally.”


Gaia agreed in a lively manner. Its body split into several parts at once, patting on top of the soft earth, indicating that it would take care of the Tree of Might.

Muyang smiled at this and was very relieved at Gaia’s nurturing ability.

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