Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 323


In the dense primitive forest, the sun was blocked by layers of leaves, and only a little could reach the ground. In the grass, the tiger eyeing the wild beast hiding in the shadows, showing its fangs, looking for a chance to strike at its prey.

Suddenly, a deafening bang broke the peace of the forest as Kakarot hobbled out of the spaceship’s impact crater and sat on top of the rocks at the edge of it.


Kakarot touched his stomach and felt a pang of hunger. Just at this time, two ghostly lights came from the forest, and at a closer look, it was a fierce beast that resembled a cheetah, and it was the beast’s two huge eyes that shone with the ghostly lights.


The beast bowed towards Kakarot, with a huge roar as if announcing its territory. Then it showed its sharp fangs and looked at Kakarot fiercely.

Kakarot also glared in annoyance, grimacing at the beast, looking at it, somehow drooling down, he now desperately needs food to replenish his strength. The Saiyan’s beastly nature was aroused at this moment, regardless of whether he could defeat the beast, Kakarot directly jumped towards the beast.


It seemed to feel its territory was violated; the beast roared even more angrily.

This time, Kakarot and the beast had already tangled. Kakarot bit on the beast’s thigh, making the beast whimpered in pain, and twisted his head to bite down, but was blocked by the battle-armor on Kakarot. Now the beast was in trouble. Kakarot broke the beast’s neck with great force and soon left the beast breathless.

Seeing the prey was killed, Kakarot shouted with joy and was about to eat when a shadow appeared in the sky, followed by a violent gale. A large dinosaur descended from the sky, with two strong claws in front of him, grabbing Kakarot’s body, directly picking him up.

This was a blue dinosaur with black horns on the top of its head and both sides of its jaws, looking very formidable.

“Ahhh, let go of me.”

Feeling himself getting higher off the ground, Kakarot resisted fiercely. However, the blue dinosaur was indifferent, and its two dark eyes looked at Kakarot. A roar came out of his mouth as it grabbed Kakarot and flew higher.

Kakarot struggled furiously, his furry tail wrapped around the dinosaur’s hand claws, twisted his body, and kicked the dragon on top of its white belly.


The blue dinosaur suffered a burst of pain. The two claws in front of his body loosened, and Kakarot fell directly from a height of several hundred meters.

When the blue dinosaur came back to his senses, he swooped down and tried to re-capture Kakarot, but it was too late. Kakarot fell directly to the ground, and his head was smashed hard.

A finger gently touched Kakarot, making Kakarot’s body trembled for a moment. He opened his eyes blankly and then cried out.

The blue dinosaur cocked its head, wings flapping behind it, and looked at Kakarot very innocently.

“Ka Ka Ka!”

“Meat!” Kakarot’s mouth muttered, and his mouth watering again.

“Ow~” the blue dinosaur roared in dissatisfaction.

At that moment, a figure flew from the sky. Son Gohan, in an orange martial arts suit, appeared between the blue dinosaur and Kakarot.

“Growlie, what’s going on?”

The dinosaur named Growlie cocked his head a little, not knowing anything.

If April were here, she would have recognized that this blue dinosaur, which was none other than her childhood best friend, the blue dinosaur Growlie, who had been living in the Great Azure Mountain for the past few decades. It was often running to the Primitive Mountain Range when something was wrong, and everyone in the nearby cities knew that the Kami School had such a cute dinosaur.

Son Gohan’s mouth corners some twitchy as he looked at Growlie, who was pretending to be confused with him at this time.

He turned his eyes to the small child sitting on the ground, wearing dark battle clothes, which was the most popular style in the universe. The child had a furry tail behind him….


Son Gohan immediately recognized the identity of the child.

Another Saiyan actually came to earth. Son Gohan was a little surprised and looked at Kakarot. He then looked at the impact crater not far away; his heart already almost knew what was going on.

Son Gohan was originally living in seclusion with Annin at Mount Paozu. Because he heard a huge commotion from the back of the mountain, he thought something had happened, so he came to see what happened. He did not expect actually to pick up a Saiyan toddler.

He heard Muyang said, Saiyan inhabited Planet Vegeta had been destroyed a few months ago, then this child might be like Broly, one of the few survivors.

“Meeting is destiny; what is your name?” Son Gohan picked up Kakarot with both hands.

“Hahahaha… hahaha…”

Kakarot was dancing with his hands. Because he hit the brain when he fell, his memory was all gone.

“It seems you don’t remember. How about I give you a name? I’ll call you… Son Goku, how about it?”

Kakarot, no, Son Goku seemed to understand and laugh. Son Gohan also laughed and patted the small child next to him. Son Gohan took Son Goku directly back to Mount Paozu, where he lived.


At this time, Annin was wearing a fashionable long shirt watering the flowers in the garden. When she saw Son Gohan return with a small child in his arms, she asked suspiciously, “What’s with this child?”

Son Gohan laughed, “I picked him up in the forest, I named him Son Goku.”

“Is he Saiyan?” Annin saw the tail behind Son Goku’s buttocks and said in surprise.

“He should be the survivor of Planet Vegeta.”

“There are not many Saiyans in Planet Vegeta. Do you think he could be related to the two people living in the back of the mountain?”

Although Annin had not seen Bardock and Asike with her own eyes, she heard about Bardock from the girls. They even had sensed the ki on Bardock and Asike’s body a long time ago.

Son Gohan rubbed his chin, “It’s possible.”

“What a pity. I was planning to adopt him as our child! It seems that it is not possible to raise, or should we also have one?”

“What are you talking about!” Annin blushed and spat, “If it’s really related to the two Saiyans there, you’ll have to send the child there.”

“That’s the only way.” Son Gohan said with a downward shake of his head.

“Hmm, I’m hungry.” Son Goku pulled Sun Gohan’s collar and said innocently.

“I’ll go prepare something delicious for you.” Annin smiled, put down the kettle in his hand, and went to the kitchen to take out a portion of delicious food.

Son Goku looked brightly with both eyes. After getting permission from Son Gohan and Annin, Son Goku gobbled up the food, and it didn’t take long until enough food for several people was eaten by him alone. Annin hurriedly went to prepare a few more, and finally, even the big bowl she used to eat ramen noodles at Mount Five Element was taken out.

“Saiyans have such a good appetite.” Annin looked on with astonishment.

The large bowl full of ramen was enough to put down twenty ramen servings, but Son Goku quickly ate it up. It was good, as she used to know how to enjoy the taste of ramen.

“I’ve long heard that Saiyans can eat a lot, and now I see that it is true. I really worry for Muyang; he has three Saiyans at home; how much food will be consumed in a day?”

Annin gave Son Gohan a blank look, “Their family is not short of money.”

“I’m full.”

Son Goku put down the big bowl and patted his stomach very contentedly.

“Such a cute kid. If only we could keep him at home all the time.” Annin’s eyes showed fondness.

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