Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 326


The next few days, Son Goku lived under the care of Bardock, his wife, and Son Gohan. Son Gohan was responsible for instructing Son Goku on training, while Bardock was leading him in practical combat. Gine and Annin were taking care of him, so Son Goku’s life was carefree.

Son Goku’s qualifications were meager. Even under Son Gohan and Bardock, two masters together, his progress speed was still plodding.

After a few months, his power level only rose from 4 points to 7 points.

“Kakarot’s power is too slow to improve.”

Sometimes Bardock was depressed. Although he was also born as a Low-Level Warrior, he wasn’t as weak as his son!

“There is no hurry. You used to be not that powerful back then.”

At this time, as the eldest, Asike didn’t have many worries as he took a sip of sake. In his opinion, his son was able to grow from a Low-Level Warrior to a powerful warrior with a million power levels. So, even if his grandson was a little worse, it was only a matter of time before he surpassed him, a master with close to 10,000 power levels.

Bardock shook his head, “I was not that bad as a child.”

After hesitating for a long time, Bardock finally went to seek answers from Muyang. However, Muyang said very casually, “Son Goku is a rare martial arts genius and will be more successful than you in the future. If he carries out the original accumulation now, he will accumulate more in the future.”

‘A few months, from 4 points of power level rose to 7 points of power level. How could you said he was a martial arts genius?’ Bardock showed some incomprehension.

After getting Muyang’s answer, Bardock’s heart finally settled down. Next, with Son Gohan, he continued to instruct Son Goku patiently. However, Son Goku’s speed was like a snail’s pace, which made Bardock very depressed.


Finally, when Son Goku turned four years old, which was almost a year after Planet Vegeta’s destruction, Son Goku’s power level broke 10 points.

Bardock simply burst into tears. After a half year of teaching, Son Goku finally showed some results.

However, compared with the next-door Broly, Bardock was speechless. He was worthy of being Teacher Mu’s child; he was simply could not be compared to.


Time rushes, years were like a shuttle. More than a year had passed since the destruction of Planet Vegeta.

North Area east side, Planet Ulliel.

This was a Middle-Level Planet. The gravity of the planet was about five times that of the earth. Planet Ulliel had half land and half ocean, and there was a kind of intelligent life called blue lizard.

On this day, it was raining in the sky of Planet Ulliel. Suddenly, three brightly shining fireballs fell from outer space. Accompanied by a few loud clouds, three milky-white spherical spaceships crashed out of a vast ring-shaped crater, then from the spaceship stepped out of the three Saiyans wearing battle-armor.

King Vegeta precisely transferred these three Saiyans to the North Area Eastside. After a long journey of more than a year, they finally arrived at Planet Ulliel.

“Nappa, determine the surrounding environment.”

A child with spiky hair floated into the air and commanded a burly youth more than two meters tall.

“Okay, let me see the strength of the planet.”

The youth named Nappa laughed and pressed the scouter in his ear to detect it. Soon, a series of data was displayed on top of the scouter.

“Prince Vegeta, this planet is not strong. The most powerful one is only 2000 power levels. I can kill them all with a little effort without your help.”

“The most powerful one is only 2000 power levels, then why did Planet Vegeta send this prince here?”

Vegeta was a little puzzled. He waved his hand for Nappa to contact Planet Vegeta headquarters, but after a long time, Nappa could not get in touch with Planet Vegeta, making the doubt in his heart was growing.

Next to him, Raditz received an encrypted message from Bardock about the unprecedented catastrophe on Planet Vegeta. They had sent his brother Kakarot to a planet called earth, so he could go over to see when he had time.

Raditz read the message and delete it. What was the earth? He had never heard of it; hence he wouldn’t go there!

However, the message of the catastrophe attracted Raditz’s attention. He tried to log on to the scouter’s contact platform and found Planet Vegeta’s information in the universe’s network. The scouter’s contact platform was connected to the platform of King Cold’s forces, so even on the Eastside of the North Area, they could still communicate.

Raditz carefully consulted the message of Planet Vegeta…

It said: A year ago, Planet Vegeta suffered a meteorite swarm impact. Planet Vegeta’s failure to rescue and was completely destroyed, causing all Saiyans to die in it. After investigation, no life was found to escape from Planet Vegeta.

There were a few short lines on it, but it stunned Raditz. Was this the catastrophe mentioned in his father’s message?

“Prince Vegeta, something has happened to Planet Vegeta.” Raditz’s voice was trembling.

“What happened?” Vegeta asked impatiently.

Raditz cried, “The news from above said that Planet Vegeta was hit by a meteorite and was destroyed. All Saiyans were killed in action.”



Vegeta and Nappa were also immediately dumbfounded. After a while, Vegeta regained a cold expression.

“Planet Vegeta is gone. Anyway, it is just some useless race.”

“Planet Vegeta, there is no more….” Nappa shivered as he felt like the sky was going to fall.

The scene fell into a silence. Whether Vegeta or Nappa’s heart was very complicated at this time, they didn’t have to go back to complete any task because Planet Vegeta was gone. What was the use of completing their tasks?

Suddenly, there was a loud rumble.

The gloomy hazy sky dropped a fireball. Vegeta looked up to distinguish another Saiyan spaceship. Immediately, he threw his worries to the back of his mind and flew straight towards the location where the spaceship fell.

About two hundred kilometers away in a depression, a female Saiyan of about eleven or twelve years old climbed out of the spaceship.

Shasley clear face was light as frost, and her body had shown a young girl’s soft winding line. She said secretly in her heart, “This is Planet Ulliel. First of all, I have to rejoin with Prince Vegeta.”

Shasley received the task to follow Prince Vegeta and take care of Prince Vegeta’s daily life.

For the sparsely populated Saiyans, this arrangement’s meaning was more than apparent, and Shasley actually knew it by heart.

Although for the always arrogant and talented Shasley, this arrangement had no regard in her opinions, considering that the other side was Prince Vegeta, she couldn’t refuse. After all, Prince Vegeta’s reputation as a genius had long been spread in Planet Vegeta, so to be with Prince Vegeta was also a great honor.

“Hey, that woman over there, are you a Saiyan too?” A slightly childish voice sounded.

Shasley looked up and saw a small child floating in the sky. Shasley’s eyes lit up, “He is Prince Vegeta. I wonder how strong he is?”

Thinking of this, Shasley did not answer Vegeta’s question but directly rushed towards Vegeta and gathered a blazing ball of energy in her hand at the same time.

“How dare you!” Vegeta was dumbfounded and angrily yelled up.

Vegeta began to fight back. Although Vegeta was considered a genius-level character, after all, he was still young. His strength was far less powerful than Shasley.

After several attacks back and forth, Vegeta was surprisingly suppressed by Shasley. Nappa and Raditz were trembling this time, simply didn’t dare to approach the two of them.

After the test, Shasley smiled lightly. A lock of hair like a cloud fell naturally behind her as she said, “Worthy of Prince Vegeta, you are really a genius character.”

Vegeta’s face was gloomy, “Who the hell are you?”

Shasley landed on the ground and bowed on one knee towards Vegeta, “I’m Saiyan Elite Warrior, Shasley. King Vegeta has instructed me to follow Your Highness, the Prince.”

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