Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 328


Grand Kai’s Heaven Martial Arts Tournament gathered the vast majority of masters from the four galaxies. So when he received the invitation from North Kai, Muyang’s heart was very excited.

There was no need to say about the four galaxy World of the Living master, Muyang thought he already belonged to the top group. After all, although the universe was huge, there were not many top masters. Otherwise, Frieza, Slug, and some people would not have reigned supreme for so long, and no one could challenge their position.

At this time, Muyang’s power level had reached 2 billion. Even when he directly facing the original Android 16 and the Cell under the Imperfect Form, Muyang had enough confidence to counteract them.

This was a shockingly powerful force. It could be said that as long as he was willing, it would not be a problem to lay a foundation in the World of the Living. At least, he would not be worse than the so-called King Cold and Cooler.

Of course, what makes Muyang more interested was the four galaxy Other-World masters who would appear at the Heaven Martial Arts Tournament.

These masters were all ancient figures who had trained for countless years. After years of accumulation, even the most foolish people could grow up. So in Heaven, there were not a few characters whose strength reaches the level of Frieza. There were even one or two masters who could match Perfect Cell and Full Power Super Saiyan.

If the Other-World’s power invaded the World of the Living, it could directly sweep the entire World of the Living.

The most powerful sparring between masters could improve the strength, which was a kind of exercise. However, it was also a process to stimulate the potential. Such as Son Goku and the others in the original story, almost all were facing strong enemies before bursting out with great potential. This was not because they usually neglected to practice, but because the atmosphere was different. They were forced to the point of no way back.

It was possible to burst out a tremendous potential in a fierce collision, which Muyang knew very well.

“When will Heaven Martial Arts Tournament be held approximately?”

The fact that Muyang said these words meant that he decided to participate in this martial arts tournament.

North Kai revealed a smile and said, “There are still ten days to go. When that time comes, Grand Kai will announce the location of the Heaven Martial Arts Tournament, so you can take advantage of this time to make some adjustments.”

After the intense training, Muyang’s body was still in a tense state, so he had to relax at this time and shouldn’t be overly anxious. Muyang needed to let his body have a period to adapt to its normal state to exert his full strength better when fighting. Muyang naturally understood this, so he nodded his head. He already had an arrangement in his heart for the next few days.

“I am now looking forward to the martial arts tournament where I can encounter masters.”

Haha, I certainly will not let you down.” North Kai laughed loudly, “You are representing the North Area. Can you tell me exactly what level of strength you have reached?”

North Kai had no idea how strong Muyang and the girls were. There was no doubt that Frieza and Cooler, who had dominated the North Area for many years, had sunk before them. However, North Kai did not have an overall idea of how strong Muyang and the girls were.

“I will tell you, of course.” Muyang smiled faintly and said blandly, “If we follow the common method of calculating power level in the universe, my power level at full strength is about 2 billion. In addition, Melissa also has a breakthrough, so her strength is not below me.”

‘2…… 2 BILLION?!’

Hearing Muyang’s answer, North Kai shivered. He couldn’t help but take a breath of cold air backward. His face then showed a horrified look.

North Kai could not believe his ears, but when he saw Muyang’s calm and relaxed face, the doubts in his heart slowly faded away again.

Muyang was not a person who talked out of his mouth. If he said he had a 2 billion power level, then it was mostly true.

“You really reached 2 billion power level?” North Kai was once again confirmed.

“Of course!”

“I’m a little bit worse than Muyang, but after fusing with Melis, about 1.95 billion!” Melia raised her head proudly. Her turquoise eyes were showing a smug look.

“Great. Now, who dares to say that I have no masters in the North Area!” North Kai danced his fists hard as if he was drinking a cold drink on a hot day. His whole body was unusually excited.

Besides, not only did Muyang’s power level have 2 billion values, even Melissa was not below him. Two great masters together in the competition, you tell me, how could we lose!

In the past, when Kais of the four major galaxies met, North Kai was always ridiculed by the other three Kais, saying that there were no masters in his territory. There were still many masters in the North Area, but they were not under the command of the North Kai. Moreover, because his own North Kai’s Planet was destroyed once by the God of Destruction Beerus, the reunited Kai’s Planet was just a small circle, and North Kai could not hold up his head in front of the other three Kais.

This time he finally had the opportunity to wipe out his shame in front of the other three Kais. He thought of the three Kais’ stunned expressions, and North Kai’s heart was so relieved.

He was really looking forward to the martial arts tournament to start soon!

North Kai did not know that the 2 billion power level that Muyang said was measured purely from the energy point of view, which had already taken away the combat skills and special divine power augmentation.

If the full strength were taken into account, Muyang’s force would have to be raised another notch.

If North Kai knew about it, he would only get more excited.

Just when North Kai was so happy that he couldn’t find his way around, Melia arched her eyebrows and asked, “Neither Melis nor I are from the North Area. Can we also represent the North Area in the competition?”

North Kai froze for a moment, “What’s the matter?”

Muyang explained, “Melia and Melis were born on the distant Planet Sala, which belongs to another planet beyond the North Area.”

North Kai shook the cockroach tentacle-like antennae on top of his head and gritted his teeth, “Don’t bother with it. Since they have married you, they are from the North Area. Who dares to say that they don’t belong to the North Area!”

Besides, North Kai didn’t know this before, so as long as he didn’t say anything, the other three Kais couldn’t possibly know about it at all. To defend the honor of the North Area, North Kai even gave up his principles.

Melia smiled sweetly, “That’s good. If I can’t participate in the martial arts tournament because of my birth, then it’s too bad.”

Hm.” North Kai nodded deeply. It would be such a pity if they couldn’t represent the North Area in the battle.

“Alright then. Since you have decided to participate, rest well for the next few days. I have to go look for the other participants, and I will come to pick you up after Grand Kai officially determines the venue and rules of the competition.”

“Then we will be in touch at that time!” Muyang smiled towards North Kai.

North Kai waved his hand, then hummed a little tune and walked away in a good mood.

After North Kai left, Melis’ slender hand hung on Muyang’s body, “What are we going to do next?”

Muyang pinched on her fair cheek, “You guys have been here in Heaven for so long, but you haven’t visited the place properly, I’ll show you around.”

“Sure!” Melis nodded with great interest. Visiting Heaven as a living person was indeed something special.

Grand Kai’s Planet was located in Heaven’s central location, and there were many planets similar to Grand Kai’s Planet distributed around in an orderly manner. However, they were all much bigger than Grand Kai’s Planet, and these planets were connected by transparent pipes and remained relatively stable for ages.

Muyang took Melia and Melis to travel in Heaven.

They mainly wandered around several Heaven Planets belonging to the North Area, on which mainly lived the North Area’s heroes. Most of these heroes had once saved their planets and were able to enter Heaven after their deaths.

The souls in Heaven were actually not always able to live in Heaven. According to their contributions and strength in life, the time these heroes live in Heaven was long and short.

When the time was up, they could choose to become gods in charge of the Other-World affairs, or they could choose to reincarnate and forget their past lives.

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