Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 335


Time passed, and the first round began to come to an end.

In the first round, each match took different amounts of time. If the match were between two people with a huge difference in strength, then the match would end in a few seconds, just like Muyang and Melissa. However, if the strength difference were not significant, then the match would take a long time. Some even go on for several hours before the winner could be determined.

The good thing was that the players who participated in the tournament were at least had one million power levels. So, even the weakest group of matches could make the audience watch with fascination and enjoyment.

When the first round of 128 matches was over, three days had passed.

Three days of tournament eliminated half of the players at once, leaving behind relatively elite. Fortunately, the few seeds chosen by North Kai had successfully passed the first round. The gap between the four major galaxies had not yet manifested.

After a short break, the second round of the tournament would be held immediately.


As the player who won the first round earlier, it was soon Muyang’s turn to play again.

His opponent was a wasp-like alien from the South Area, with a strength of about 70 million. Its huge compound eyes looked very creepy, just like Galactic Patrol’s Jaco. This wasp alien had excellent eyesight, but it was his misfortune to meet Muyang.

With a hand knife slashing down head-on, the wasp didn’t have time to react, and his consciousness had fallen into darkness.

“Referee, it’s time to award the game.” Muyang calmly stood in the ring and said with a calm tone of voice towards the referee.

The referee froze for a moment, quickly announced Muyang’s victory as he smoothly entered the third round.










As the second round came to an end, the 64 players who had entered the third round had been chosen. At this time, the gap between the different galaxies could be seen.

Among the 64 places, the North Area and South Area number was the least, East Area and West Area were not very different. The most outrageous was the Central Area… From sixteen contestants, they had fourteen people into the top 64. The two eliminated were not weak but had bad luck. They respectively met Muyang and Pikkon in the game.

With the birth of the top 64 spots, East Kai and West Kai became dejected again. They changed their methods to squeeze North Kai and South Kai. Their mean words choked North Kai and South Kai so much that they wanted to pull out their knives and cut them.

‘Just wait. There will be time for you to regret.’

North Kai’s heart was broken, and his eyes were incomparably looking forward to Muyang and the others. Whether he could make a clean break depends on the performance of Muyang and the others.


The third round was about to begin. From now on, the masters basically began to converge.

Muyang’s performance was still outstanding. Although the opponent was an alien with a power level of 800 million, their defense was completely broken down in a matter of seconds.

“We win!” North Kai laughed loudly and tilted his head very proudly.

Muyang had already entered the top thirty-two, which ranked the strongest people in the whole galaxy!

‘With his strength, it shouldn’t be too much of a problem to make it to the top four!’

North Kai thought in his heart, looking forward to the next match even more.

Grand Kai was sitting comfortably on the podium, ignoring the four Kais’ lip-smacking battles. He was watching the battle through his sunglasses, nodding his head from time to time.


The tournament continued to go on, giving people a glimpse or making the audience present wail and shout. However, in the eyes of each galaxy’s top players, all of this was only a warm-up match.

Suddenly, the whole venue trembled.

With a click, the hard special material ground crumbled out of a piece of debris. A black shadow crashed straight down from the sky, leaving a shattered trail after hitting the ground and then quickly bouncing out.

At this time, in front of the black shadow’s flight path suddenly appeared a green figure. Pikkon expressionlessly raised his palm, and raging energy like seawater rolled, swept towards his opponent with ferocious momentum.


With a low shout from his mouth, Pikkon increased the force of output.

The light in the sky seemed like a small sun shining on the whole competition ring, and the gale swept away, dispersing all the golden clouds in the sky. The gorgeous light, along with the wind, raged.

When everyone returned to their senses, the top of the ring was empty… Only the upright figure of Pikkon was floating in the air.


Muyang watched incomparably seriously; his eyebrows locked in awe, “What a powerful attack.”

Pikkon’s opponent’s power level was nearly 2 billion with a pure energy strength not much worse than Muyang.

However, in the battle just now, the opponent could not exert his full strength and was pressed and beaten by Pikkon from the beginning! This showed that the power level of the Pikkon was at least more than 3 billion. Maybe it was really the level of Perfect Cell!

He wondered what the result would be if he were to face Pikkon.

The answer was obvious. Even if Muyang exerted his full strength, coupled with the peculiar divine power, he would still be in a bitter battle.

Melissa sighingly tugged on Muyang’s arm and said, “That person named Pikkon… is too strong.”

“Yeah.” Muyang nodded and closed his eyes to simulate the battle with Pikkon in his consciousness.

Melissa saw this and stopped bothering him. Sweat gradually seeped out from Muyang’s forehead. After a long time, Muyang sighed and continued to aim at the later matches.


In the next match, Kerter, Kayo, Melissa, Dofira all advanced to the top 32, while the weakest Jieke lost to a player from Heaven in the third round and did not reach the top 32.

In the fourth round of the tournament, Kayo also lost to a master of the Central Area, regretfully withdrew from the tournament. After the fourth round of the tournament was completed, the top sixteen players had been determined. Muyang, Kerter, Melissa, Dofira broke into the top sixteen.

Simultaneously, several other galaxies like East Area had three people into the top sixteen. South Area had two, West Area had three, and the most powerful was Central Area, which had four people into the top sixteen.

Four of the six seeded players made it to the top sixteen. Such a remarkable achievement had made North Kai too happy to find the edge.

This meant that even if they all lost in the later matches, North Area would at least get four points. In terms of numbers, North Area had actually gained an advantage for the time being, which taught North Kai to lift his chest.

In contrast, several other Kais had gloomy faces, especially the North Kai’s old rival, West Kai, whose face was as black as a big iron pot.

Of course, if you take away Muyang and Melissa, the North Area’s actual finalists were only Kerter and Dofira, the bottom of the pile.

The fifth round was the battle for the top eight. This round would be held three hours later, which meant that there would be a three-hour break in between. This was also the general assembly in consideration of the physical strength of the World of Living players. To reflect the fairness of the competition, a special rest time was arranged.


At this time, Muyang sat with his eyes closed to recuperate. Because his lottery number was relatively close to the front, the first game required Muyang on the field.

Time rushed, and three hours passed quickly.

With a thud, as the piercing sound of the gong rang out, the top 16 match was about to begin officially.

“It’s time.” Muyang opened his eyes.

“Go for it!”

“Your opponent is not easy. Give it your all.”

The voices of Kerter, Melissa, and others rang in his ears; Muyang nodded calmly. After a slight adjustment, he leaped to the center of the huge martial arts stage.


Standing opposite Muyang was a player from West Area named Yahalo. According to Muyang’s senses, this Yahalo’s strength was second only to Pikkon, with an energy of 2.5 billion. The most powerful player Muyang had encountered in the competition, rumored to have lived in Heaven for more than 2,000 years.

“West Area, Yahalo!”

“North Area, Muyang!”

The two men introduced each other as if they were old friends meeting, but they were both looking for a flaw in each other. Such a state of affairs remained frozen for a long time.

The audience waited until they held their breath.

“Hey, why don’t they start fighting yet?”

“Don’t make noise. Don’t you feel that this is the calm before the master duel?”

“Awesome, my heart is in my throat.”

Just as the entire atmosphere of the venue became gloomy, they suddenly moved at the same time.


The white whirlwind blew in all directions like a fresh breeze without a hint of coldness, but on the martial arts ring, the two figures disappeared in unison.

The sound of thumping footsteps echoed in the ears. The ground kept cracking out peculiar cracks. Several straight rays of light rushed into each other and folded, but the two figures were never visible.

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