Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 339


The fact that Arqua’s strength was not as strong as Yahalo but able to enter the top eight… was he an idle person?

In the previous battle with Yahalo, Muyang had already reached the introductory stage of Unfettered Instinct. After fighting with Yahalo for two hours, he was gradually refining the Unfettered Instinct, in which now in the battle with Arqua, Muyang began to show a calm side.

Arqua’s attack was full of force. After all, he was one of the best in the East Area. However, when facing Muyang, everything became ineffective.


A section of distortion appeared in the line of sight. A violent muffled sound accompanied by a flash of light knocked at the door of everyone’s heart. Arqua’s fist brought up a cold and chilling light.

Just a moment before his attack fell in front of Muyang, Muyang’s body was slightly twisted. A silver-white wave of ki blew up his hair, and Muyang’s face held a smile. His palm wrapped around Arqua’s fist as if a swimming snake grabbed at his arm.

“Your strength is close to that of an android that I know, but if that’s all it is, you’re no match for me.”

“What a fast speed….”

Arqua’s face changed slightly. His other hand clenched in a hurry, ready to grab Muyang’s body. However, Muyang’s body naturally floated down, diagonally went through to avoid, while the palm of his hand lightly lifted with a fist towards Arqua.

“This dangerous feeling….”

Arqua pupils contracted, and his heartbeat was wild. The lower half of his body shook fiercely, and a huge force poured down to the ground from his legs, causing his body to jump out backward.

The terrifying fist wind grazed Arqua’s body, causing several scratches to appear on his body. It was as if his clothes had been scratched by the sharp claws of a fierce beast, shattering into a band of cloth.

The power of the fist crossed Arqua, blasted him into the distance, making the void cracked. When it hit the audience’s full protective shield, it stirred up a ripple of space, which did not recover for a long time.

Arqua did not turn around, and cold sweat has sprouted down, “He’s so strong. Even space is shaking!”


The audiences sitting in the front row were also a bit scared. Some had even flopped down on their seats and stood up awkwardly for a long time.

“Hiss, the attack just now, if it weren’t for the protective shield blocking us, that powerful force would definitely have torn us apart.”

“What an amazing power!”

The spirits of Heaven all possessed the same flesh as they did before they were born. After being strongly attacked, the flesh will also crumble. In serious cases, such as the attack of Muyang just now, it could also injure the spirits. If there were no energy around the martial stage protecting it, at least a large part of the spirits would be injured.

This time everyone was sighing, or seriously looking at the stage, or tilted up to look at the big screen in the sky.


Arqua’s face was chilly at this time, and a cold feeling had risen from his back.

He wasn’t a match.

Arqua clearly knew the result, but the dignity of a strong man would not let him easily admit defeat.


Hissing, Arqua ripped off his torn clothes, revealing the strong muscles inside.

“Even if I’m not your opponent, I’m going to give it my all.” Arqua looked at Muyang seriously.

“To be able to fight with a strong person like you, I am also delighted. This feeling of having a chest full of hot blood has not appeared for a long time.”

Arqua’s strength was comparable to the original Android 17. In other words, the original form of Cell’s level. Although it was a little bit inferior to Pikkon and Uyamons, it was also a real figure at the peak level.

“This is just right. I need someone to help me hone my realm!” Muyang smiled blandly and looked at Arqua with a serious expression.

“Haha, sharpening the realm… nice!” Arqua tilted his head and laughed. His face suddenly struck, and the energy in his body seemed to burst out like a tornado overwhelming the mountains.

The depressing pressure knocked on everyone’s heart.


The ground’s stone slabs undulate and tremble up, and a tiny bit of stone floating up. At the center of the energy wrap, Arqua’s figure began to turn dark red.

‘Is this the ability to forcefully raise energy?’

Muyang watched carefully, waiting for the opponent’s next move.

At this time, countless fists suddenly appeared, quickly blasting out, and Arqua frantically venting his body’s energy. The field of vision was filled with unreadable fist shadows and biting wind.

Facing Arqua’s attack, Muyang’s body began to move. His body and his mind moved with ease.

At this moment, it was as if Muyang had realized the calm and relaxed state of Whis in the face of everything; he dodged Arqua’s stormy attacks with every small movement of his body.

The Unfettered Instinct was a realm beyond the physical body. At this time, his energy consumption was reduced to the extreme. Every time he moved, it was as if there was a slow movement of warmth in Muyang’s body, nourishing it. This was the wonderful use of the Unfettered Instinct to improve the battle’s efficiency and reduce the loss and damage to the body.

Muyang was immersed in the silver-white ki flame. His body was emitting a faint silvery milli-light. Although his Unfettered Instinct was only beginning, it was already starting to feed his body.

“How is it… possible that your energy has not decreased in the slightest?”

After countless fists were blasted out, Arqua gasped and moved away slightly. Until retreating more than a hundred meters, Arqua gasped slightly. His two eyes gazed deadly at Muyang; with surprise, he sighed and even showed a hint of disbelief.

It was as if not only did his attack not hurt the opponent, it was really creating a training environment for the opponent. Just like the opponent said.

‘What a terrifying opponent.’

Arqua secretly sighed. His eyes looked in the direction of Carliss; he was not an opponent; perhaps even Carliss was not his opponent.

‘It seems that this time the Heaven Martial Arts Tournament East Area will lose.’
Thinking this in his heart, his body didn’t pause. Arqua burst out, and the energy light attached to his body surface rose steeply. Then, his muscles began to swell, and his ki instantly rose to a level beyond imagination.

With a swish, Arqua stepped hard on the ground and ran across the ground. Every time he landed on his feet, he stomped out deep footprints. Fancy attacks were no longer useful, so he used the simplest and most violent form to attack Muyang.

There were no confusing movements, no fancy colors; everything was so simple, just rampage.

For the combat skills, deep into the marrow of Muyang, the more simple the action, sometimes more difficult to cope with because the opponent had given up defense, abandoned too much thinking, and immersed all his mind in the attack.

Arqua’s speed continued to accelerate. When he got close to Muyang’s body, the tip of his fist gathered the energy of the whole body, and a ball of energy like a spreading plane began to coalesce.

With a swish, he came at Muyang’s chest.

The pupils of Muyang shrank for a moment. He couldn’t help but secretly praise Arqua s attack method. It seemed too late to dodge at this time, so let’s carry Arqua’s attack head-on.


The energy ball exploded. At this moment, both of Arqua’s arms pressed hard towards Muyang with the power of the blast.

Muyang placed his hands on the chest.


His body sank violently, and his two feet plunged directly into the hard rock. With the huge force poured into him, the rock layer inside the martial stage was squeezed and clicked and cracked out winding cracks. Soon, it was forming a fifty square shattered area.

“Your power impresses me, but if you want to defeat me, this power is not enough!” The corners of Muyang’s mouth hooked up, and his dark eyes suddenly looked at Arqua.

Arqua looked sullen, and the arms pressed against Muyang’s hands were slowly lifted. Even if he left out the techniques, Muyang’s real strength was still far above him. So, if he compared the strength, Arqua was not Muyang’s opponent.

“It’s over!”

When Arqua’s silhouette turned into a small black dot, Muyang sprang up and appeared beside Arqua’s body like he was teleporting. Then clasped his hands together and slammed down hard.


Arqua fell rapidly in a diagonal line. He crashed a bottomless, deep cave on the outside of the martial arts ring with a boom.



The final four match, also known as the semi-finals!

Entering the final four meant that the final was getting closer…

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