Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 344


Simultaneously, just when Muyang and several ancient warriors from Earth were having a good conversation, on the other side of Heaven, Grand Kai was also hosting East, South, West, and North Kais.


Above Grand Kai’s Planet.

The garden where the four seasons were like was full of flowers. The colorful flowers were in bloom, beautiful and sweet. The air was filled with a refreshing aroma. Grand Kai had changed out of his solemn divine robe and was wearing jeans of great youthful vigor, with loud and intense music playing next to him.

Grand Kai picked up his tea and blew a sip of hot air, then sipped it in small sips.

“This Martial Arts Tournament is going well, especially for North Area. I am impressed.” Grand Kai’s gaze was profound as he put down the tea in his hand and beat his fingers to the music.

“Hey, hey, how? It’s mainly because North Area has produced a few talents. Oops, the strength can’t be hidden!” North Kai’s face was glowing red. This compliment from Grand Kai made him smug as hell.

“Humph.” West Kai snorted coldly, lowering his head and drinking tea in a muffled voice.

East Kai and the South Kai felt sour. However, they did not argue with each other in Grand Kai’s courtyard as they did before because they knew that Grand Kai must have something important to talk about by bringing them here.

Grand Kai coughed and said, “Actually, I called you all over for one more thing.”

The four Kais looked at Grand Kai at the same time when they heard this, and Grand Kai said in a deep voice, “Something has happened to the Prison Planet.”

“What?” The Kais scurried up with a swoosh at the words.

The prison planet was located in a special dimension of the Galaxy, specializing in holding criminals with deep sins and those who could not be easily killed. It was the most heavily guarded place in the entire Galaxy. In addition to the Galactic Patrol members guarding the periphery, the four Kais also had members guarding the periphery, while the ancient Heaven masters guarded the interior.

How could something go wrong in such a bronze-walled defense area!

As soon as they heard Grand Kai’s words, the four Kais were shocked. At the same time, they could not hide some worries in their hearts.

In addition to the prisoners captured by the Galactic Patrol, many people were imprisoned there after being sealed because they didn’t know how to kill them.

If these people escape, the devastation caused could be much more serious than Cooler…

Although Frieza and Cooler had long harassed the North Area, North Kai seemed to be at his wits’ end as if he could do nothing. However, in fact, if he really reached the end of his rope, he did not have to ask. The Grand Kai would send people to help him eradicate those people. The key lay in whether the Grand Kai felt to this degree.

However, those villains in Prison Planet were different. There were many demons there that were sealed up during the Supreme Kai’s period – they were supposed to be regularly destroyed by the God of Destruction, Beerus, but the God of Destruction was dormant for a long time. There was nothing Grand Kai could do at that time.

“Grand Kai, is the matter of the Prison Planet serious?”

Grand Kai waved his hand and laughed lightly, “Don’t worry, it’s not as serious as you think. It’s just that a hole broke in one corner of the prison, and a few criminals escaped.”

Many years ago, there was a Demon Beast who escaped from the Prison Planet. At that time, Muyang went to kill it. Probably the loophole already existed at that time; it just did not attract enough attention.

“Only a few criminals, that’s okay.”

As long as it wasn’t those ancient demons, even if the other criminals escaped from the Prison Planet, the Four Kais would have a way to deal with it.

“Grand Kai, who are those criminals who escaped?”

“Oh, I’ve already had someone count them. A total of five people escaped.” Grand Kai stroked his beard, “They are all guys who are not particularly powerful. The power of Heaven is enough for suppression. Their names are Zangya. , Bujin, Kogu, Bido… and, Loomu!”

“So it’s them!” South Kai’s brow furrowed.

Zangya, Bujin, Kogu, Bido, and Loomu were quite impressive. It was said that they were Galaxy Soldiers from other galaxies who had been causing chaos everywhere after entering their part of the Galaxy three hundred thousand years ago and had once caused a catastrophe that affected the entire Galaxy.

At that time, Heaven was not as strong as it is now. There were not many masters back then, so Heaven could only passively retreat when it faced Zangya and other Galaxy Soldiers. Finally, the masters of Heaven united with the masters of the World of the Living in a desperate battle, in which their boss, Bojack, was seriously injured and sealed by the four Kais on a barren planet.

Without Bojack, the Galaxy Soldiers were left leaderless, but the people of Heaven were unable to kill the Galaxy Soldiers, and finally, they could only be imprisoned on the Prison Planet.

“Wait, Grand Kai, you just said that Loomu also escaped?” North Kai exclaimed.

“These few Galaxy Soldiers are not enough to worry about, as long as Pikkon or Uyamons make a move, it will be enough to take them down, but that Loomu is troublesome.” East Kai fanned her fan and said.

“Yeah, his ability is the biggest headache.”

What worried several Kais was not Loomu’s power level but his Mind Control’s Dark Magic. He could control people or intelligent creatures, and they would follow his orders. Loomu’s power level was not strong, but he was a phantom person himself, without a real entity at all, so it was difficult to kill him.

Grand Kai looked at East Kai and said, “There is an intelligent life form living on the ‘Big Gete Planet’ in your jurisdiction. Unfortunately, all the life on the Big Gete Planet has been controlled by Loomu.”

“How can Loomu move so fast to take control of a race like this?!” The South Kai said in surprise.

The East Kai’s face was ugly. The Big Gete Planet was a metal planet at the edge of the East Area. The intelligent life on it was all-metal life. If something went wrong, the harm caused would be too great.

“Let me detect the location of the Big Gete Planet.”

“Do you plan to destroy the Big Gete Planet in advance?” The West Kai looked at the East Kai.

“This is the easiest way.” The East Kai squeezed out a few words.

Grand Kai laughed, “These guys who escaped from the Prison Planet are troublesome, but there are ways to deal with them. This time, they won’t do anything, so I’ll treat them as a test for you guys, so you have to work hard.”


These words of Grand Kai made the four Kais dumbfounded.

“Grand Kai, you are not going to send the master of Heaven to fight?”

“Those are criminals who escaped from the Prison Planet!”

Without the masters from Heaven, the World of the Living couldn’t deal with these criminals with those of them!

Grand Kai said, “Alas, these tens of thousands of years, you are all too lazy. At this rate, our Galaxy is going to fall behind other galaxies. This time is a test for you, don’t try to get people from Heaven.”


The Kais had no words. Compared to other galaxies, their World of the Living seemed to be a little weaker.

“I’ll see where all those criminals are first.”

East Kai inquired about the area he was in charge of, then looked at the North Kai and said, “Big Gete Planet stays at the junction of the North and East Area, which was originally Slug’s territory.”

“Zangya, Bujin, Kogu, Bido, and Loomu were not found. They seem to be hiding.”

The four Kais investigated the area they managed simultaneously. They found no trace of anyone else except for Big Gete Planet people, who was also just a race controlled by Loomu, and where he was, was not yet known.

“What is this all about?” North Kai tilted his head and lamented.

Grand Kai took a sip of tea, “Don’t rush this matter. Take your time. You can investigate after the Heavenly Martial Arts Tournament is over….”

“This is the only way.”

The four Kais smiled. They had to wait until the end of the tournament to investigate the matter of the Galaxy Soldiers and Loomu. Now they were worried that even if they found them, they had no one in their hands to restrain each other!

Perhaps as Grand Kai said, there were too few masters in the Galaxy World of the Living.

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