Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 10


“Can that child save the universe?” One of the Elders asked after Ayaka left.

No one answered; none of them could say they could accurately predict the future. However, according to the secret technique’s sight, it was indeed the Saiyans who saved the universe.

“I don’t know. There is an indescribable aura on Ayaka. There exists a mystery that even I can’t see through.”

Finally, the Grand Elder waved his hand and said calmly, “Whether she was the one who saved the universe in the end or not, she is a friend of the Yardratians.”


Ayaka ran toward Podia’s sister’s house with the Yardratians secret technique book in her hand, greeted by friendly Yardratians from time to time on the way.

Soon, Ayaka returned to the place where she lived. She gently closed the door and sat down at the table to carefully flip through each secret technique inside.

There were nearly 10,000 secret techniques recorded in the book. Each with a unique function, and on the third page, Ayaka saw an account of Instant Transmission and then skipped this one to continue reading.

After eliminating some of the secret techniques useless to her, she selected those suitable for battle and then analyzed and compared them one by one, trying to pick out the most ideal for her.

Ayaka studied the book until she forgot to eat. Even when Podia’s sister came to call her for dinner, she did not respond. Finally, after a night of struggle, she selected two secret techniques that she thought were practical.

The first secret technique was called “Unsighted”. It was an eye technique ideal for use in battle. When the Unsighted was opened, the eyes would appear light blue, enhancing battle awareness to a great extent. It could grasp the rhythm of battle more naturally and play a perfect supporting role in the battle. The Unsighted also had a more convenient ability, which was to determine the opponent’s power level. Whether it was deliberately hidden or not, it could accurately give the opponent’s power level value.

After a series of comparisons, Ayaka felt that the Unsighted was very practical. It could play a perfect role in assisting future battles, much better than the scouter. Even the hidden strength couldn’t be hidden under the Unsighted.

Ayaka chose the second secret technique called “Energy Bound”. It was an ability suitable for survival in the space of the universe. Now, Ayaka was steadily increasing in both power level and physical strength, but her dependence on oxygen was the only thing she couldn’t get rid of. The lack of oxygen in outer space or the deep sea would have caused her fatal injuries. Although Ayaka had an immortal body, it didn’t allow her to survive in space. If the enemy entered space to attack her, then she could only stare.

The “Energy Bound” allowed her to escape the constraints of oxygen. After entering outer space, she could absorb the free energy of the universe, allowing her to survive in space and even giving her an extra supply of energy, which was perfect for fighting cosmonauts.

With these two secret techniques finalized, Ayaka ran towards the Great Hall of Elders.


The Main Hall guards didn’t stop Ayaka when they saw her arrival, obviously knowing her visit’s purpose.

The Elders saw Ayaka and asked, “Child, have you already chose?”

Ayaka nodded and told the Elders the two secret techniques she had chosen. The Elders couldn’t help but smile when they heard it and complimented, “These two secret techniques are excellent, but they are challenging to learn. Even within the Yardratians, there are only a few people who know them.”

Turning his head and giving a few instructions to the officers around him, the Grand Elder smiled and said, “I will arrange for Pamikuka to teach you. From now on, you will follow him and learn!”

“Pamikuka is one of the few powerful warriors on Planet Yardrat, so we are comfortable with him teaching you.” Several Elders laughed and said.

Not long after, a strong middle-aged man walked in. He was wearing Yardratian’s unique outfit, but there was a slight difference; it was a combat suit! With two scars on his face, he was Pamikuka.

Pamikuka first greeted the Elders, then looked at Ayaka, “Is this the little girl who wants to learn the secret techniques?”

“Yes. Her name is Ayaka. She is a friend of Yardratians; you must teach her well!”

Pamikuka nodded and said to Ayaka in a friendly manner, “In that case, you will follow me from now on, little girl.” He said with what he thought was a relatively warm smile on his face. However, that smile was paired with two scars on his face, and it looked very carnivorous.

“Hello!” Ayaka hurriedly returned the salute. Although Pamikuka’s smile looked very scary, she could see that Pamikuka was friendly to her. Yardratians were very lovely to get along with.


After leaving the main hall, Ayaka followed Pamikuka to a particular training room decorated with various instruments used for exercise, many of which Ayaka couldn’t even see the purpose.

Pamikuka explained in detail the purpose of these instruments and then began the teaching.

The first thing to learn was the “Unsighted”.

Although Pamikuka explained in great detail, Ayaka was still confused. The Unsighted was worthy of the secret technique of the Yardratians. The principle was much more complicated than the language secret technique she had learned before. The two were not on the same level.

After Pamikuka kept demonstrating and explaining, Ayaka understood the mysteries of the Unsighted, but she was just getting started.

Once, Ayaka mischievous take out her scouter to probe at Pamikuka. She wanted to know how much power he had, but she didn’t expect the scouter to explode with a “boom” when it reached 12000.

After all, it was an old-fashioned scouter. The maximum amount of energy that could be measured was not too high. However, from then on, Ayaka worked even harder to learn.

“Pamikuka is a strong person with a power level of more than 10,000. Having him as a guide will help me a lot.”

Ayaka learned hard from Pamikuka. From time to time, she asked questions, and Pamikuka answered them carefully.


The time passed quickly, and Ayaka’s strength under the guidance of Pamikuka soared.

Finally, after almost a year of study, Ayaka learned the “Unsighted”.

The first time Ayaka learned the Unsighted, she used it on Pamikuka. Her eyes slowly emitted blue light, which was the characteristic of the Unsighted. Ayaka immediately felt as if her brain was cleared. There was some incredible feeling, and her brain became extraordinarily clear.

A string of numbers surfaced in front of Ayaka’s eyes, “34,000!”

She couldn’t imagine that Pamikuka had 34,000 power levels, 16,000 higher than Vegeta’s when he attacked Earth.

She then used the Unsighted to observe again.


Ayana froze. She never thought that in just one year, her power level had increased so much. She was happy that the effect of the guidance of a strong person was different, and she was looking forward to learning the “Energy Bound”. She wondered how much her strength would increase by then.

Pamikuka knew that Ayaka was now very happy and didn’t interrupt her enthusiasm. After more than a year of living together, he knew the little girl was a serious, hardworking, and adorable child.

After the excitement, Ayaka happily urged Pamikuka to hurry up and teach her the “Energy Bound” because she couldn’t wait to learn it.

The Unsighted was a secret technique that belonged to the auxiliary category. It could be an excellent addition to the battle. On the other hand, the Energy Bound was a training and survival secret technique. It allowed her to survive in the universe and provided her with additional energy support. So, if she entered the universe to absorb the universe’s energy, her strength would grow faster.

Ayaka knew that with her power now, she must have been unbeatable on Earth. Even if she looked at the whole universe, she could compare to a large number of planets. However, these were far from enough. It should be known that once you stepped out of the Earth in the Dragon Ball World, the increase in the power level was simply inhuman.

In the beginning, the increase in power level was tens and hundreds, very impressive, right? The latter was even more powerful with thousands and thousands of increases. By the middle and later stages, it was too hard, and the power level soared as if it could increase for no reason. At that time, the battle was squandering. It seemed like a waste to Ayaka, stinging her eyes.

Ayaka was a person full of a sense of crisis. She was just getting started; what was the point of being in a hurry? In the future, when she reached several million or even hundreds of millions of power levels, she would learn from them and squander it generously.

She wanted to be a strong person with a high power level!

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