Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 9


Ayaka pulled one of Podia’s feet and closed her eyes to look for the location of Planet Yardrat. Fortunately, Planet Yardrat wasn’t too far away from here. 

“Found it!”

The image of a living planet appeared in her mind, and it was none other than Podia’s hometown, Planet Yardrat. Ayaka then unleashed her Instant Transmission, and both of them disappeared from the same place at once.


Planet Yardra was located in the Eastern part of the North Area. There were countless magical secret techniques on it that people could only dream of.

Yardratians were peace-loving people who were hospitable and hated fighting, but they had developed numerous magical techniques. Although their power level was extremely high, they never took the initiative to invade others. They were responsible for the relatively peaceful atmosphere in the entire Eastern part of the North Area near Planet Yardrat. In this area, Yardratians were the big brothers and were loved by the weaker cosmonauts nearby for their pure nature.

When Ayaka arrived at Planet Yardrat, she was warmly welcomed by them, especially when they learned that Ayaka had brought back Podia.

So, now she was staying at Uncle Podia’s sister’s house.

Yardratians’ houses were built on stone pillars, with spherical structures built on top of it, tens of meters high, looking like a giant lollipop from afar.

Ayaka wore the Yardratians outfit that Uncle Podia’s sister had prepared for her. Just after she stepped out, she ran into Aunt Buniti, who was living next door.

The Yardratians generally had a strong power level. Even Aunt Buniti, a “peasant woman”, had a power level of over 500. So when she first arrived at Planet Yardrat, she was shocked to see so many strong people moving in front of her eyes.

No wonder Planet Yardrat could sit in the position of the big brother of the nearby region; their strength was indeed not a cover.

“Hey! Where are you going, little Ayaka?” Aunt Buniti greeted her enthusiastically.

“I’m going to find Uncle Podia.”

“Podia is just over there at the mine.” She pointed to the location of a hill on the Eastside.

Ayaka nodded, smiled, and thanked Aunt Buniti. She then went to find Podia, who still owed her a secret technique!


Ayaka soon found Podia, who was collecting ore in the pit. This was a tough job; if it were other cosmonauts with comparable power levels, they would undoubtedly drive the weaker peoples to do this tiring work for them. However, here it was different; even Podia, who had thousands of power levels, had to do this work himself.

“What a simple people they are!” Ayaka exclaimed.

‘He could be the king of other planets with his strength, but he was still here to do manual labor.’

When he saw Ayaka coming, Podia stopped what he was doing and jumped out of the mine. He almost forgot about it, so he patted his head, smiled, and took Ayaka to an open place. He then began to teach her the secret techniques of the language.

The secret techniques of Yardratians were very tedious to learn and involved various fields.

It took her three months to learn this secret technique after Podia’s explanation and her hard work. After learning it, Ayaka had to exclaim that it was indeed an efficient skill. At least in the future, there was no barrier to communicate with the Namekians. As soon as they spoke the Namekian language, she would be able to learn their language through this secret technique.


One day, Ayaka was lying on the roof of her house, basking in the sun. Her little life was very leisurely this time. Suddenly a figure appeared beside her.

“Ayaka, the Grand Elder wants to see you.”

The other person opened the door and said that he was the guard of the Grand Elder. The Yardratians were lead by Elders, just like the Namekians. The Grand Elder represented the highest authority. The Grand Elder, whom Ayaka had met when she first came to Planet Yardra, was a chubby old man.

Following the guards into the Great Hall where the Elders lived, Ayaka secretly thought to herself, “I wonder why the Grand Elder wants to see me?”

After waiting in the hall for a few minutes, the Grand Elder came out, holding a yellowing book in his hand, followed by seven or eight Elders. Every one of them was the high authority, and she never thought they would all appear today.

A female Elder came forward and touched Ayaka’s head, “After a few months on Planet Yardra, you should know the planet better.”

Ayaka nodded.

The Yardratians were peace-loving people, which was very rare in the universe. Although their power level was not top-notch, their intelligence was number one in the universe.

The female Elder then said, “We have created countless secret techniques, which is just the pursuit of our clan, but we are not willing to interfere in the struggle between universes.”

“You saved Podia, and we are willing to be friends with you. Saiyans are a Warrior Race, but I can see that you are not like other Saiyans.”

Ayaka wondered what the Elders meant by saying these things to her.

‘They couldn’t have seen her different physical qualities, could they?’

The thought of this made her heart flutter. However, she overthought. The Yardratians didn’t see her physique.

The Grand Elder looked at Ayaka and said thoughtfully, “You have a powerful potential that far exceeds that of ordinary Saiyans. Perhaps you will become a Legendary Super Saiyan.”

“Our Yardratians has a secret technique to predict the future, and we predict that one day in the future, the universe will be enveloped by a dark force, and you have the potential to lift that crisis.”

Ayaka heard and understood. That crisis that could affect the entire universe should be the Majin Buu. In her understanding, Majin Buu would be ended by the Super Saiyan, but not her; instead, it was Son Goku.

“You have learned the secret technique of language. So, to deal with that crisis, you can choose to learn another two secret techniques.” The Grand Elder handed the yellowing book in his hand to Ayaka, “This is the description of Planet Yardrat secret technique, you can pick two of them, and we will arrange someone to teach you.”

Ayaka was stunned by the sudden news.

‘Isn’t this such a good thing?’

Joyfully, she took the books from the Grand Elder’s hands. She didn’t expect the Grand Elder to be so generous as to let her choose. Ayaka flipped through the books page by page, there were so many secret techniques written on them, and each of them was very good. It was tough for her to pick out two of them.

“Can I take it back and study it?” She had to choose these two secret techniques for herself.

The Elders smiled and nodded. They had no intention of letting Ayaka pick them out now. After all, it was still tough to choose two from such a thick book. Ayaka was full of joy as she held the book and planned to walk out of the Great Hall.

“Wait!” One of the Elders called out to Ayaka.

Ayaka stopped and looked at the Elder in confusion, wondering why he had called out to her.

“That tail of yours will bring you unnecessary trouble. It’s better if I pull it out for you!”

Ayaka shook the tail behind her and only then remembered that this tail might be her only weak point. Although after intense and complex training, this tail was still her most vulnerable point. Initially, she intended to go to Earth and then let Earth’s Kami pull it out, but since the Yardratians Elder was willing to help, then it would be great.

The Saiyan’s tail was involved in the Great Ape Transformation. In the early stage, because the Great Ape Transformation was far stronger than the normal form, so it was an indispensable life-saving weapon. However, in the later stage, the Great Ape Transformation’s effectiveness was not so prominent. Then, the tail became a liability.

“Some of the secret techniques of Planet Yardrat are not inferior to the secret technique of Planet Namek.”

Ayaka turned around and poked her tail at the Elder who had called out to her. That Elder took hold of Ayaka’s tail. All of a sudden, Ayaka felt her power diminish a lot, and her body became weak.

‘This tail is my weakness. Obviously, after a lot of training, it can also withstand the pressure of the deep sea. However, when it was grabbed, why I become weak? No wonder the later Son Goku and Vegeta pulled off their tail.’

The Elder gripped Ayaka’s tail using the secret technique. Ayaka felt a numbness in her buttocks as if it was electrocuted, and then suddenly, she felt cold as her whole tail had been pulled off.

Ayaka took her tail, thanked the Elder, and left the hall.


Outside of the hall, Ayaka’s hand sent a wave of energy to her tail and destroyed it, leaving only a faint smoke in the air.

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