Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 11


The next step was to learn the “Energy Boundary”.

The secret technique of Energy Boundary was more complex than the Unsighted because it was about transforming human characteristics, allowing living beings to survive in the universe and absorb the universe’s energy, which involved a more complex and profound knowledge.

Before learning, Ayaka first had to engage in cosmology, astronomy, vitality, and spirituality. Luckily, she had a little foundation in spirituality and astronomy, so it was a little easier to learn. However, the other knowledge, especially vitality and cosmology, involved too profound things for Ayaka to learn.

So, she spent six or seven months learning these tedious things.

“The ancestors of the Yardratians make it impossible to describe in short words. Such profound things are actually managed to be explored!” The admiration in Ayaka’s heart deepened.

With so many secret techniques, it was beneficial to learn just one. It was good that the Yardratians were a peace-loving people, and only people with good hearts could learn many of the secret techniques they created. Otherwise, these secret techniques alone would have caused chaos throughout the universe. Ayaka thought this aspect of the restraint was probably for the Dragon Ball World’s protection.

After thinking, she held the information and continued to study.

Time passed slowly, and finally, one day, Ayaka let out a voice full of joy, “Finally, I’ve got these things figured out!”

After nine consecutive months of fighting, Ayaka finally finished these materials. She was liberated and rejoiced, and the next step was to train and transform her body formally.


A small body was lying flat in the outer space with a faint light glowing from the body.

Not far away, a big strong man coiled and trained; his attention stayed on the young girl beside him. The young girl’s face was lying peacefully in the universe with invisible energy gathered from all around, entering the young girl’s body.

The influx of energy made her face seemed a little flushed. Her flaxen reddish hair was flowing until her shoulders with two strands of hair hanging on her chest, the tips of her hair showing a faint red color.

This young girl was Ayaka. She had been coming to space for more than two months for specific practice. At first, it was a little strange, but now she had adapted to the universe and was able to survive without relying on oxygen.

The universe’s energy converges into the body little by little so that Ayaka had an indescribable taste, warm and distinctly comfortable.

“That’s it for today!”

The young girl opened her eyes to end the training. She then returned to Planet Yardrat with Pamikuka.


Strolling through the streets of Planet Yardrat, carrying various ingredients in her hands, she took a small leisurely step.

It had been two years since Ayaka came to Planet Yardrat, and it was time to leave. Before she left, she wanted to thank Uncle Podia’s family for taking care of her, and today she was going to cook a sumptuous lunch.

After lunch, Ayaka told them that she would be leaving. Podia’s family was stunned for a moment but soon reacted. Although they were unfortunate to meet her, they understood that Ayaka would have to leave someday. Seeing that Ayaka was determined to go, they had to tell her to take care of herself.

Ayaka nodded. After more than two years together, she was very attached to Podia’s family. Reluctantly, she left Podia’s family and then came to Pamikuka’s home to say goodbye to him.

Thanks to Pamikuka’s teaching over the past two years that her strength grew so fast. Pamikuka was equivalent to her teacher, and she had to say goodbye to him before leaving.

“Are you leaving?” Pamikuka said calmly as if he already knew.

Ayaka nodded, with a few sadness in her heart, “Time flies, and it’s been two years. I’m leaving here to go somewhere else.”

“Do not neglect your train. Your strength will not progress if you don’t train.” Parmikuka reminded very dutifully. Although he knew that even if he didn’t say so, this girl would still work hard on her training.

Ayaka twitched her nose as the parting sorrow came up all at once, “Thank you, Teacher Pamikuka.”

There was nothing more Ayaka could say. She then bowed deeply to Pamikuka and left.

Looking at Ayaka’s distant back, Pamikuka’s lips twitched, and he shook his head, “This child!”

After saying goodbye to the Elders, Ayaka launched an Instant Transmission and left Planet Yardrat.

During the two years of living on Planet Yardrat, Ayaka had gained a great deal. Not only had she learned mysterious and powerful secret techniques, but she had also gained some friends and teachers who were worthy of close reliance.

Ayaka’s power level had even exceeded the 4,000 marks, and she had grown taller. At the age of eight, she was already 1.2 meters tall and already looked like a little beauty.


Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

After several teleportations, Ayaka landed on an asteroid belt, which was already in the Northern part of the North Area, a million miles away from the Eastern part where Planet Yardrat was located.


Ayaka stopped at an irregularly shaped asteroid and found that there was a wave of energy nearby. This asteroid belt was relatively close to the planet it was on, and that energy should be emanating from the planet.

Ayaka didn’t intend to waste any time, so she sat on the asteroid and used the Energy Bound to absorb the energy. The free energy gradually converged under Ayaka’s Energy Bound traction. Soon, it became a wave of invisible ripples entering Ayaka’s body.

Ayaka’s body began to emit a light pressure. It seemed as if there was a layer of flowing light on the skin continually swimming, entering the body. The energy converged like a thin layer of mist that distorted the vision slightly.

The energy continued to enter her body, allowing Ayaka’s strength to rise while the universe’s vacuum continued to act on Ayaka. A mysterious force within the cells began to increase again to repair the broken cells, making the cells renewed continuously, and Ayaka’s body was constantly getting more robust.

Ayaka sat on the asteroid. A thick layer of dust slowly piled up on her body. She was still absorbing the universe’s energy, and her body gradually had adapted to the vacuum. The mysterious power within the cells no longer appeared, and the strengthening of her body stopped.

Ayaka woke up from the meditation, stood up, and moved her body. A series of “crackling” sounds came from inside her body, and a long-lost feeling of relief came to her heart.

She took a look at her situation with her Unsighted and was surprised to find that her power level had reached 12,000.

“My power level breakthrough 10,000, reaching 12,000!”

Ayaka was very surprised that her power level had broken through 10,000 so quickly.

“Such a fast training speed in the history of the Saiyans is also scarce,” Her heart couldn’t help but feel a little smug.

Of course, Broly and Son Gohan were excluded.

Broly was a Legendary Super Saiyan, born different from ordinary Saiyans. He would often lose his mind and couldn’t be counted in the category of normal Saiyan. As for Son Gohan, Ayaka didn’t even bother. It was purely out of the box; which Saiyan was so perverted that he could do the Super Saiyan 2 Transformation at the age of 9?

In Son Gohan’s case, the author gave him a hang, and during Majin Buu Saga, he didn’t return to his ordinary form! In addition to Broly and Son Gohan, she was the fastest in training.

So, what if Son Gohan was being hung? Ayaka was very confident that she could surpass Son Goku’s family and even the strongest people in the entire universe with her physical condition.

After a little tidying up, Ayaka left the asteroid belt instantly and reappeared already in the very distant Planet Canno.

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