Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 105


Ten thousand miles away from Dabura in a ruin, Ayaka’s body suddenly appeared there.

Ayaka gasped and leaned against the rock wall, took out a Senzu Bean, and ate it. Only after her body regained some strength did she think to herself in shock, “Fortunately, the Ice King Divine Sword appeared in time, otherwise it would have been in big trouble. Dabura is worthy of the King of the Demon Realm who does not even care about Kai. His strength is frightening!”

“The difference in strength between us is too large for the Unsighted to detect. To defeat Dabura, at least I need to reach the second stage of Super Saiyan!”

Ayaka understood her strength. Compared to the original Son Goku returned to Earth from Planet Yardrat, she was much stronger. Even so, her gap with Dabura was still so big that the Unsighted could not detect the situation. The first stage of the Super Saiyan was unbelievably large span to complete, but to defeat Dabura, it required at least the second stage of strength. So, you could imagine how powerful Dabura was.

After a bit of rest, Ayaka soon on the road again. This time she did not enter the Dark Demon Realm but wandered around the Greater Demon Realm.


Another few months passed, the deadline for the appointment with the girls was getting closer and closer. Ayaka stopped training and prepared to leave the Demon Realm, unaware that she had been in the Demon Realm for two years.

Ayaka traveled back to the territory of King Shula on the Lesser Demon World. After waiting for a few days, the girls also came over. Parting for two years, Ayaka missed them. Ayaka smiled when she saw the two sisters with almost identical appearance and clothing and happily welcomed them. She found that the two sisters’ progress in two years was also rapid, basically reaching 10 million power levels.

The three of them chatted happily about their experiences and insights in the past few days. They then launched an Instant Transmission to leave the Demon Realm.

After they left, the scouts sent by King Shula sent the news back to King Shula, making the bigwigs who stayed in King Shula’s mansion breathe a sigh of relief in unison.


The southeastern island was overcast and rainy.

The 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament was about to be held after three years. The southeastern island was located in the subtropical zone and had a more pleasant climate than the previous tournament place held on Papaya Island. Besides, a large number of people living on the southeast island, and hotels and shopping malls were located all over the island. The tourists worldwide converged on the island as the conference was about to be held, making the whole island boisterous and lively.

“Krillin and the others haven’t come yet?”

At the registration desk, Violet held an umbrella and watched the long queue. Master Roshi looked at his watch, the time had passed, but none of the disciples had arrived yet, “These kids really have no sense of time. The tournament is so important that they are still playing late!”


The ear-piercing sound of brakes was heard, and several people jumped down from the taxi.

“Oolong, Puar!” Violet waved her hand enthusiastically and greeted Oolong as they passed.

Bulma hit the umbrella, all leather and long hair flowing, walked out of the car. Master Roshi looked at her whole body, got all hot and bothered, and unconsciously touched her palm.


An arm smashed out in anger hit Master Roshi’s eyes, Bulma’s red face indignant, “Bastard, you touched me! After so long not see still the same lust!”

Master Roshi covered his eyes, embarrassed to compensate for the smile; mouth whispered, muttering, “Bulma is not the same. You’re still so vicious, and I do not know how to be reserved.”

“What!” Bulma glared angrily. Master Roshi smartly shut his mouth, no longer say more, and turn to chat with Oolong.

On the roadside, a four or five-year-old girl chasing balloons running over, balloons flying with the air currents were a bunch of tree branches hooked. Due to height problems, Bulma took a lot of effort to help the little girl take down the balloon.

At that moment, a young man pulled the balloon floating on the tree branch to hand over a little girl, smiling and greeting Master Roshi and them, “Ah! Grandpa Roshi, Bulma, everyone long time no see!”

Master Roshi wipe his eyes, puzzled looking at the umbrella youth, gulping, face showing disbelief asked, “Well, is it… you are Goku?”

“That’s me! Oh, I have a cloth wrapped around my head so you can not recognize it, then I take the cloth off.”

“It’s really Goku!” Everyone was amazed. The former short child has grown into a handsome boy.

“Goku, you have grown so much taller!” Bulma said in surprise.

Son Goku playfully touched his head, “Oh, really, you all became shorter. Bulma, your lips are so red, are you sick?”

“That’s lipstick, and we’re not getting shorter, you’re getting taller.” Bulma rolled her eyes helplessly. Son Goku had one thing that has not changed, which was not versed in the world. It was simply a little too much.

“Krillin, Tien Shinhan have not come?” Son Goku scanned and did not find Krillin and the other four. Master Roshi nodded, his face a little anxious, “Registration time is about to pass, but they have not even seen the shadow of a person!”


The rain gradually became less, and the sun shone down through the clouds. Son Goku spirited, and Master Roshi was chatting about his life in the Lookout.

When he learned that Ayaka was a Kami of Earth, Master Roshi opened his mouth wide and froze. It took him a long time to react, and then he sighed with emotion. “Awesome, no wonder the strength is so outstanding. She is actually a Kami.”

Associated with Ayaka’s appalling strength, Master Roshi couldn’t help but nod his head repeatedly.

“Ayaka is the Kami of Earth?” Bulma and Oolong’s acceptance level was not as good as Master Roshi’s.

After getting the confirmation, they shouted in shock.

“Goku, three years of training in the Divine Realm, your strength should improve a lot, right?” Master Roshi poked his arm. He couldn’t help but ask.

That tone of voice had comfort and envy. After all, to go to the Divine Realm to train was the limit of all martial artists!

Son Goku scratching his head and said in a serious tone, “Well, under the guidance of Mr. Popo and the Old Kami, I learned a lot, and my strength has grown a lot.”

Master Roshi nodded in understanding, then looked at his watch; not much time left before the registration deadline, but Krillin and the others hadn’t come yet.

“Five minutes until the end of registration, hurry up and come to register if you haven’t done so yet!” The staff repeatedly shouted with the loudspeaker.

Ah, how come Yamcha is still not coming, registration will soon be over!”

The sun was setting, and Bulma’s face was anxious. With less than five minutes until the deadline, Bulma said to Oolong, “It’s not too late for you to become Krillin and the other, and sign up!”

“No, I have to rest for a minute after each transformation, it’s too late!” Oolong glared at the eyes, not happy.

“Then what should we do? Krillin and the others are going to miss the convention.”

Suddenly, Son Goku whispered with a smile on his face, “Don’t bother so much, they’re here!” He sensed that four ki were approaching.

“Are they coming?” Oolong asked suspiciously.

Just at that moment, four figures flashed quickly, leaving only a faint residue. Son Goku sighted towards the front, and four more figures appeared at the Martial Arts Tournament registration. Krillin, Yamcha, and Tian Shinhan, and Chiaotzu arrived at the last moment.

“Krillin, Tian Shinhan, you are here!” Master Roshi and Bulma gathered around them.

“Long time no see, everyone!” Krillin said with a smile as he took off his hat.

“Goku, this time I will not lose to you!” Tian Shinhan clenched his fist confidently said.

“In order to catch up with you, I dare not sleep much at night for three years! The strength is not what it used to be.” Yamcha had an extra scar on his face, and his hair had become much longer.

Son Goku said with a happy face, “Haha, don’t be too happy, you guys. This time I have also been training hard. Let’s have a good fight tomorrow at the Martial Arts Tournament!”

“Of course!!!”

They joked and signed up, then arranged for a hotel for the night. As the registration deadline was closed tonight, the Martial Arts Tournament selection would take place tomorrow morning.


At night, Son Goku and others arranged the hotel and made final preparations in their respective rooms.

It was raining again, violent storms accompanied by occasional lightning and thunder, and pedestrians on the street rushed to catch up outside the window.


Lightning struck the clock tower on a high building. Stone and clock metal parts from the high altitude fell with a bang, smashing into the streets of pedestrians.


The flying rock fell and was destroyed by a wave of energy. When it was about to strike a person, someone struck the rock, saving the pedestrian below. The one who struck was a strange green man in a white cloak.

“Boring!” The green-skinned strange man snorted coldly and turned away with a cold expression.


On a stall on a side street corner, three young girls clearly saw the scene just now.

Aha, that Piccolo bastard still has a change of heart!” Ayaka smiled and said to the girls.

Initially, Launch would leave Earth to tour the North Area, but Ayaka stayed and told them to watch the Martial Arts Tournament before going.

“From the aura, Piccolo doesn’t look like a pure demon anymore! A little guidance and he might change his ways.”

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