Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 106


The following day, the sun was shining; Son Goku and others put on their martial arts uniforms to enter the Martial Arts Hall early in the morning. The participants would be selected in the morning to choose the top eight masters for this tournament.

Haha, I know this time Master Roshi will not prepare martial arts clothing, so specially had a custom-made!” Krillin put on the martial arts uniform with the word “Turtle” on it and said proudly, “The heroes have the same opinion!” Yamcha also took out his martial arts clothes and put them on, moving his wrists, his eyes full of confidence.

After these hard work years, Krillin, Yamcha, Tian Shinhan, and other people’s strengths had full progress.

Son Goku changed into a martial arts uniform and came over. Yamcha noticed no trail behind Son Goku, surprised, and called out, “Goku, where is your tail?”

“Oh, the old Kami cut it off. I can’t figure it out, he said he thought my tail was in the way!” Speaking of this matter, Son Goku was also full of amazement.

“This… so!” Yamcha remembered the full moon when Son Goku turned into a Giant Ape.

Without a tail, it eliminated a hidden problem, so he did not ask.

Hmm?” Like sensing something, Son Goku’s face condensed. He became alert up. Seeing Son Goku suddenly looked grave alert, Krillin and Yamcha asked curiously, “What’s wrong Goku, what’s happening?”

Son Goku turned around and gazed through the dense crowd at a strange man in a cloak in the Martial Arts Hall corner.

The other man also stared at him with icy eyes, then turned away with a cold snort.

“What an icy stare. He seems to be very powerful. Goku, do you know each other?” Tian Shinhan’s face was gloomy. He sensed that the other side was emitting a terrifying sense of oppression, and his whole body actually produced a feeling of being bound.

“Well, the other side is very strong and it’s good! Krillin, whoever touches him in the game immediately admit defeat, or their lives may not be safe!” Son Goku’s tone was serious. Piccolo’s strength exceeds his original many times under the intervention of Ayaka. Tian Shinhane and others were no match.

“You joking, right? Our strength is much improved, is that guy that strong?” Krillin asked in disbelief.

Son Goku nodded and gruffly warned, “He is the newborn Demon King Piccolo, the strength is many times stronger than the previous Demon King Piccolo!”

“Demon King Piccolo is actually not dead!!!” Krillin and everyone else looked shocked and startled; cold sweat brushed down.

Although they had improved their strength in three years of training, they were only a little stronger than Demon King Piccolo back then. They had no chance of winning against the newborn Demon King Piccolo.

Yamcha gulped, his fists clenched, and cursed with a face of resignation, “Damn. After three years of hard practice, I wanted to perform well, but there was Demon King Piccolo. Goku, it seems that we have to leave it to you to deal with that guy.”

They weren’t the rivals of the newborn Demon King Piccolo; this self-knowledge was still there.

Son Goku nodded seriously. The passion in his blood seemed to surge up as his eyes flashing with excitement, “Leave the Demon King Piccolo to me, when the time comes, you can fight well!”

At this time, a slender young girl’s hand tapped on the shoulder of Son Goku, said in a soft tone, “Hey, Son Goku, long time no see!”

The group looked back and saw a cute young girl in a gown with an excellent figure looking at them with a smile on her face. “Who are you?” Son Goku lowered his head close to the young girl and asked in a strange tone.

‘Surprisingly, he doesn’t recognize me!’

The young girl’s serene face flashed a trace of dismay, slight disbelief. Then, her face became red, and she roared in anger, “YOU… EVEN FORGOT, IDIOT!”

After yelling, the young girl pressed no urge to explain, angrily turned away.

“A girl actually took the initiative to talk to! And seems to know Goku!! look!!!”

Krillin enviously grabbed Son Goku’s collar. His tone resignedly shouted, “Such a cute girl, are you really practicing in the Divine Realm these years? How can there be such a lovely girl looking for you? Also, you actually forgot who she is. It’s really enviable that. You… make her angry!!!”


The people around nodded in unison.

Son Goku innocently said, “I really do not know her. Why does anybody look for me!”

Krillin didn’t want to hear it; the whole thing pined away. Why would a guy like Goku have a cute girl approaching him while he had no one to pay attention to?

The irritating thing was that this guy, Son Goku, actually looked like he was indifferent. The difference!!!


“Players, I have kept you all waiting. The preliminaries will start soon, please concentrate towards the middle for a moment!”

The voice of the staff sounded over the radio, and all the contestants have concentrated over it. The host began to draw lots after introducing the rules of the competition. Son Goku and others were lucky not to be drawn into the same section.

Ah, Son Goku, after three years of hard training, this time I’m going to wipe out the shame!”

Once on the field, Son Goku met his old rival, King Chappa, whose strength was no longer at the same level as Son Goku at this time. Son Goku looked at his opponent with a bland face, standing straight on the stage without any defensive action.

“Bastard, look down on me?” King Chappa shouted angrily, and his hands danced quickly to use his best technique. However, King Chappa was no match for his Son Goku at all and was finally knocked out by Son Goku with a hand slash before he even found out where his opponent was.

The referee was frozen and took a long time to react and announced, “Son Goku wins!”

Hum, that’s interesting! But the final victory will definitely be mine. Son Goku, I will defeat you in front of everyone’s eyes!” Piccolo revealed an icy smile, and a cold light flashed in his eyes.




The flag-robed girl focused on fighting her opponent with agile hands and quick and accurate strikes.

“That maiden strength is good!” Tian Shinhan hands around the ring, looking at the young girl in a dress.

“I can’t believe it, it’s a girl, it feels like I’ve seen it somewhere.” Yamcha frowned at the girl in the ring. For a moment, he thought the girl looked familiar but couldn’t remember where he had seen her.

The various tournaments were in full swing. In the end, in addition to Chiaotzu accidentally encountered Cyborg Tao and was seriously injured, everyone entered the top eight as expected.

The top eight were: Son Goku, Piccolo, Krillin, Tien Shinhan, Yamcha, Anonymous, Hero (Old Kami), and Cyborg Tao.

“This is the end of the morning preliminaries. The top eight matches will be held in the afternoon in the open air ring, the audience will see your performance, I wish you all good performance!”


After finishing the preliminaries, Son Goku and others walked out of the Martial Arts Hall, and Master Roshi rendezvous with them. After a painful meal, Master Roshi crowded into the front of the Martial Arts Hall stands, shaking his hand and waving to cheer everyone on!

The backstage, the nameless girl tangled gaze at Son Goku. Her angry expression hangs on her pretty face, and her mouth whispers reluctantly, “Bastard, I can’t believe he forgot who I am. I must teach him a good lesson!”

“Chi-Chi, come here for a moment!”

An extremely penetrating voice rang in her ears, the nameless girl – Chi-Chi, shook her head, not finding anyone, and the others also seemed to have not heard the voice at all.

“Forget it, I’ll get you!” The words just fell. Chi-Chi shouted, and her whole body was affected by a strong suction force, and she flew into the sky at once.



Son Goku turned his head in confusion and looked at the place where Chi-Chi was standing, then blankly turned back, “There seems to be some sound just now, how come I didn’t see it?”


Thousands of meters high in the air, Chi-Chi scanned around in shock. When noticing that she was floating high in the sky, her whole body trembled and struggled with a panicked look.

Haha, don’t worry about falling!”

Ayaka appeared beside Chi-Chi, pointing to the void beneath her feet as if it was as solid as flat ground, and said, “This area is all enchanted by me with divine power, just like the ground, you won’t fall!”

“You are….” Chi-Chi patted her chest, looked at the young girl in front of him, and called out in surprise, “Sister Ayaka!”

Surprisingly able to see Ayaka at a glance, it seemed that Chi-Chi’s memory was indeed much better than Son Goku and had enough backbone to be angry at Son Goku for not remembering her!

Ayaka smiled and patted the girl’s shoulder and then introduced the girls around. Chi-Chi was surprised and finally calmed down, and then looked indignant complained, “Sister, you have to give me a reason. Goku actually forgot me!”

Looked at a face of anger, as if greatly aggrieved by the young girl, Ayaka couldn’t help but laugh lightly, “Oh, don’t worry. Goku forgot you because you changed too much to recognize. I’ll definitely support you and be on your side.”

Son Goku and Chi-Chi’s marriage was set under self-planning; they would be on no matter what. In the original story, the two of them would be set smoothly at the current conference.

“Thank you sister!” Chi-Chi’s face blushed up. With Ayaka’s strong backing, she was instantly filled with confidence.


The first of the eight matches of the World First Martial Arts Tournament was nearing its end, with Tian Shinhan versus Cyborg Tao.

Tian Shinhan overwhelmingly dominated the upper hand. After Cyborg Tao showed his mechanical weapon, Tian Shinhan became angry. Cyborg Tao’s shameless behavior completely lost the martial artist’s dignity and disgraced Crane School. Finally, the angry Tian Shinhan let out a roar to extinguish Cyborg Tao’s Dodon Ray and knocked Cyborg Tao unconscious with a heavy punch.

“Cyborg Tao’s use of weapons has violated the rules of the tournament, this match is won by Tian Shinhan!” The host announced the result loudly, then said in the audience’s enthusiastic expectation, “The second match was the previous Martial Arts Tournament Champion, Son Goku, versus the preliminaries’ rival, the Unknown Girl. Please invite both players to the stage!”

Ha, it’s my turn!” Son Goku tightened his belt and walked onto the martial arts stage, and a loud cheer erupted from the audience of the conference.

“Goku is the previous champion, very popular!” Krillin rubbed his nose with a sour look.

“That’s for sure, I wonder who that nameless person really is. She seems to have seen somewhere?” Yamcha knocked his head to recall.


“Chi-chi, it’s your turn to come on, and set your affairs in motion later.” Ayaka smiled as he released his divine power to send Kiki to the ground.

Feeling the surroundings change; Chi-Chi was already in the ring, looking at the opposite face of a bewildered Son Goku; Chi-Chi was not happy.

Ah! Fantastic way for the nameless contestant to come to the ring, let’s give a big applause!!!” The host made a big deal out of it.

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