Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 107


“Why are you always huffing and puffing?”

The girl’s attitude had always made Son Goku feel puzzled, but without asking a good question, Chi-Chi got even angrier. She said angrily, “Then you have to ask yourself!”

Chi-Chi said and launched a fierce attack on Son Goku. Her hands and feet were in order with a great sense of rhythm, as flexible as a snake in the water. The punches and kicks were full of force. Son Goku simply couldn’t remember who Chi-Chi was. His body dodged from side to side to avoid the attack, and a series of attacks came down.

The arena was already dazzled by the interweaving of fist shadows, and the audience could not help but shout out loud.

After a series of attacks, Chi-Chi’s head oozed with sweat, and her breath began to disorder, while Son Goku was still the same as usual, even his breathing did not change.

“Hey, who the hell are you? I can’t remember!”

Dodging Chi-Chi’s attack, Son Goku’s body flashed to come in front of Chi-Chi. Chi-Chi was startled, her body quickly backed up, and immediately after standing firm, she roared in anger, “Have you forgotten everything, our agreement? I’ve been looking forward to this day!”

“What’s the agreement?” Son Goku stood in the ring bewildered.


Oh, Goku’s ability to read people is not enough, I guess it’s understandable why Chi-Chi is angry. What do you think Goku’s reaction will be when he knows Chi-Chi’s identity?” Ayaka repeatedly shook her head. Hatred could not be ironed out!

Launch and Lancy rolled their eyes. They did not pay attention to it. Only Ayaka was there to watch with great interest.

Eh, Goku and that girl really know each other!” Krillin was lying on a stone pillar, gazing enviously at the ring.

In the stands, Master Roshi was looking at the young girl’s hands against the sunlight and said strangely, “How strange. That girl’s martial arts are actually so high, quite pure! And it has the technique of my Turtle School…”



A swift attack was launched, and the whole audience was shocked. They dared to think that this was a “couple” feud!

Krillin, Yamcha, and others stared in amazement, collectively frozen.

“Wife? When did this guy Goku make a deal with such a cute girl?” Krillin exclaimed jealously.

Ah, how did Goku have a fiancée????!” Bulma covered her mouth in surprise and looked at the young girl on the stage with a shocked expression.

Hmph, you guys are really retarded. Haven’t you even remembered by now?” Oolong said with a disdainful face. Bulma couldn’t help but ask in wonder, “Do you know who that girl is?”

Master Roshi and Violet all turned their eyes to Oolong, waiting for him to say the identity of the girl. Oolong raised his head. He said smugly, “Idiot, you can associate it from her ki. Bulma, Puar and Master Roshi have seen her, have you forgotten something so important?”


The crowd was still puzzled, still could not remember who the girl really was.

“It seems that you are all idiots, Oolong is the smartest head among the group!” Oolong laughed out loud.


After a series of painful blows on the martial arts stage, Chi-Chi rubbed her somewhat painful palms and jumped to the side. She then took a deep breath to calm herself down and seriously set up her posture to make an appearance that she would attack again at any time.

Humph, what kind of expert is it if you only know how to defend. If you can beat me, then I will tell you my identity.”

Son Goku smiled brightly and then said happily, “Okay! As long as you are defeated, you have to tell me who you are!”

“Hey, although I know you are very strong, but you are so sure to defeat me? It’s not okay to be too gullible!”

“Then I’m going to attack.” Son Goku said.

His whole body emitted a strong sense of oppression. His breathing was as light as silk and became incomparably calm. At first glance, it was as if he was about to stop breathing, and a tranquil and far-reaching mood swept away.


Son Goku suddenly swung a fist with strength. At once, the majestic force generated, stirring up an intense whirlwind. The whirlwind squeaked like a wolf, and a tiger, along with a huge air-breaking sound boom, hit over.


Chi-Chi made a short cry of surprise, and her whole body was hit by the huge powerful wind, with the wind flying out of the field.



Such a result left everyone frozen with a bewildered look on their faces. They couldn’t imagine that what they thought would be a “couple” fight would end so easily. How did Son Goku knock his opponent out of the ring in one fell swoop?

At this moment, the host reacted and announced loudly, “Nameless player fell out of the field, Son Goku won! As expected of the champion of the Supreme World Tournament, contestant Son Goku’s strength is unfathomable!”

The audience on the stage reacted and burst into violent applause.

Master Roshi’s eyes were shining, and his face was grave as he thought, “The average person may not be able to see, Goku just swung a fierce punch. The airflow generated by this punch made the girl not even have time to dodge. It looks like Goku’s strength has become much stronger! No, has been unfathomable!!!”


On the roof of the Martial Arts Venue, Piccolo looked at the field. When Son Goku swung a punch, Piccolo’s face flashed a look of surprise, “How strange, this move is very much like our demon race!”

Piccolo did not know that the one who taught Son Goku to practice was Mr. Popo and the Old Kami. The Great Demon King Piccolo and the Old Kami were originally one, and there were similarities in many moves.


Ooo, it hurts. Not bad for a master. I didn’t expect you to be that good. Such a man is worthy of being my husband!” Chi-Chi struggled to get up from the ground, rubbing her head in annoyance, and said, “Still haven’t thought of it? I’m the Ox-King’s daughter Chi-Chi!”



Yamcha, Master Roshi, and other people were violently shocked. Their mind recalled the appearance of Chi-Chi when she was young. How they could not link the petite girl with the young girl now. Was it a woman who had changed? The Ox-King actually produced such a beautiful daughter!

Hmph, that’s it. I knew it a long time ago.” Oolong rubbed his nose in triumph.

Bulma also remembered and suddenly said, “That’s right. I also remembered, the Ox-King’s daughter did have a marriage contract with Goku. I did not expect her to actually be Chi-Chi.”

Eh, how come I didn’t know?” Master Roshi asked in surprise.

“It’s all set by Ayaka. At that time Goku also agreed.”


“Really? I see. When I was small, I did agree with you. Well, at that time I thought it was something delicious!” Son Goku dawned on him, then chirped, “Since we’ve talked about it, let’s get married!”


The crowd pounced on the ground.

Chi-Chi was so happy when she heard that! She jumped on Son Goku, grabbed his arm, and did not let go. She did not care if Son Goku took her seriously before.

As long as the word “marriage” came out of Son Goku’s mouth, and the two were going to be together in the future, that was enough!

Dang! Dang! Dang!

The host cheered loudly and said enthusiastically, “Everyone, Son Goku and Nameless have decided to get married.

With the sound of loud gongs and colorful cannons, enthusiastic blessings came from the audience.

Oooh, don’t get too close!” Son Goku did not adapt to the way Chi-Chi held his hand. He leaned over as a whole and had a difficult face, but Chi-Chi did not listen to the advice at all and continued to hold him in a deadly hug.


“Ah!!!” Krillin was envious. As he spun into tears, his teeth clenched tightly, “Yamcha has Bulma, and now even Goku is getting married. I don’t even like the girl yet, why would I be so unfortunate.”

“Krillin, do not be so sad. Goku is lucky to have a sister to help him matchmaking.” Yamcha came close to Krillin and whispered, “Besides, you have a good girl next to you. I think Violet is very good! Let Bulma and Ayaka help to talk about it?”


“The next match is between Krillin and Ma Jr. (Piccolo)!”

As the host announced loudly, Krillin looked as if he was dying, and his whole body was listless. He knew that he was really the most unfortunate person under the sky, and he was sure to lose this match.

“Krillin, you have to be careful, Piccolo will not necessarily abide by the rules of the tournament. Wait a moment, as soon as something is not right, immediately surrender!” Son Goku said seriously.

Krillin and Piccolo strength gaps were too wide. If Piccolo didn’t abide by the competition rules, then Krillin’s life would be in danger, so Son Goku was also ready to strike at any time.

“Understood, but I still want to try. Although the strength gap is large, it would be sorry for my three years of hard training if I don’t compete properly.”

Krillin walked onto the martial arts stage and then stood in a corner waiting for Piccolo to come out.


Hmph, that bald guy is Son Goku’s brother? I have to treat him well!” Piccolo sneered and stood on the roof of the Martial Arts Venue, sweeping a circle with cold eyes.

Just then, a young girl’s voice came into the ears, “Piccolo, later on, you have to take control of your hand, otherwise I do not guarantee that something bad will happen.”


Piccolo’s heart was startled, then quickly turned his head. However, when looking at the three young girls who appeared in front of him, his green face twitched slightly. His whole face stiffened, and his face showed a smile that was worse than crying, “So it’s you three, what are the three ladies doing here?”

With the appearance of Ayaka and others, the tragic memories of being ravaged by them when they were young came flooding back. Piccolo felt like he was about to cry, and his heart yelled in anger, “Damn, how did these three demons also come over? There is no point in defeating Son Goku with them in.”

At this moment, Piccolo felt that winning over Son Goku did not seem to be so important. With these three demons in, his plan was almost impossible to succeed. However, Piccolo would be relieved. He would focus on the goal of revenge on Son Goku. He must be defeated! As for conquering the world or whatever, let it go.

“Well, Piccolo, you do not like to see us?” Ayaka raised an eyebrow, smiling.


Piccolo’s heart thumped. He hurriedly adjusted his mood to make his tone as calm as possible and hastily denied, “Why? It’s an honor for the three ladies to come and watch my match.”

Ayaka knew what Piccolo had in mind and did not break it down. She said with a smile, “I know that guy named Krillin, so don’t be too hard on him later.”

Piccolo nodded gently. His eyes caught the smile, only to feel a wave of oppression followed. He was covered in a cold sweat, smiled, and said, “Of course, I will grasp the proportion!”

Turning his back, Piccolo gasped several times, gritting his teeth. His face was fierce as he yelled in his heart, “Damn, these guys are so scary. I am Piccolo, how can I be afraid? Sooner or later I will surpass them!”


The game continues, as in the original.

Although after three years of hard training, the difference between the strength of Krillin and Piccolo was huge. The good thing was that Piccolo was afraid of Ayaka and others and did not make too many tough moves.

However, in the end, Krillin still lost after making a variety of tricks.

Then it was Yamcha versus Hero.

Hero won by a landslide.


In the second round, Son Goku versus Tien Shinhan and didn’t take long for Tien Shinhan to be defeated by Son Goku and for Son Goku to point out the weakness of the Multi Form.

Next was Piccolo versus Hero (Old Kami). The original Piccolo and the Old Kami weren’t that far apart. However, because the Old Kami was old, he was mentally no match for the young Piccolo. Plus, he couldn’t fully play his strength with the help of the human body and eventually lost.

At this point, because both sides had eaten the fruit of Tree of Might, the Old Kami’s strength was slightly better than Piccolo’s due to the huge accumulation. He lost by only one move after using the human body and was not sealed into the bottle and swallowed by Piccolo.

Finally, the final was about to take place, Son Goku versus Piccolo.

Ayaka sat on top of the Martial Arts Venue with snacks. Her legs swayed, and she watched the match with great interest.

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