Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 108


“The following is the final round of this tournament, please welcome contestants Son Goku and Ma Jr. to the stage.” The host announced with an excited expression, and fierce cheers burst out from the audience.

“Goku, you must win!” Krillin shouted.

“Go for it, don’t die. I don’t want to be a little widow without getting married!” Chi-Chi put her hand to her mouth in the shape of a trumpet.

Son Goku smiled brightly at everyone and walked up to the martial arts stage, and locked eyes with Piccolo.

Humph!” Coldly grunted, Piccolo showed a wicked smile and said in an icy tone, “Son Goku, to tell you the truth, I, Demon King Piccolo, am different from three years ago. Hum, this time I will definitely take your life!”

Ha, Piccolo, we will know who wins and who loses after the fight. It’s too early to say big words!” Son Goku looked serious.

“Shit!” Piccolo bristled and said no more.

The two looked at each other from afar, and no one dared to make a rash move. The atmosphere on the martial arts stage was cold to the extreme. Suddenly, two powerful ki such as a million horses rushing to come.

The whole venue was suddenly silent, and a tense and moving feeling of oppression was generated.


“Goo!” Krillin’s face nervously swallowed a mouthful of saliva, throat a little dry. He said to Yamcha with apprehension, “Goku and Piccolo are really too scary. Even the ki makes me start trembling!”

Yamcha nodded approvingly and watched the duo on the martial arts stage with rapt attention.



Son Goku and Piccolo disappeared at the same time, followed by fierce fighting sounds. The ground rocks began to break. This was already a high-level battle. Krillin and other people’s eyes constantly turn, but only to capture their shadow.

“So powerful!” Tien Shinhan took a deep breath. His heart was incomparably lost. This was the true strength of Son Goku. Just a few years, he had been left so much behind, and there were two people who felt the same way, Krillin and Yamcha. However, the loss also stirred up their will to fight.

The Old Kami, who has been detached from the human body, noticed the three unyielding intentions of the three and was very satisfied. He could not help but smile and nod and then turned his gaze to the two who were constantly fighting on the martial arts stage. His eyes were heavy with thought, “I didn’t know that Piccolo and Goku had surprisingly surpassed me. I hope Goku can beat Piccolo! On the contrary, Goku’s several friends are very good, worth training.”

The Earth had Ayaka, a powerful Kami existence. Piccolo was no longer enough to be feared, and the Old Kami’s mind was not as tense as in the original. So, he could focus on the training of humans on Earth.

The two people on the field, Piccolo and Son Goku, were doing their best, with various strange and bizarre moves. Often within a second, they would fight dozens of times.

The rumbling sound of breaking and crashing sounds intersect, like playing music rhythmically. The ground, the air from time to time shining up blinding light, and hidden fists and kicks intertwined. Such as a magnificent visual feast constantly impact the audience’s mind.

“This… is simply incredible. The two players are simply more powerful than anyone can imagine. Is this really something that humans can do?”

The host was shocked by the magnificent battle. His dutiful professional ethics made him approach the arena despite the danger of bringing further commentary to the audience as much as possible.

As the shaking and gusting winds slowed, the audience began to get noisy, and the spectators boiled over as they took out their cameras and video recorders to film. Some of those who had watched the previous competitions could not help but compare the battles of several years ago and just feel their blood boiling.


“Goku’s power level is 1,727, and Piccolo has 1,709. The data alone is a little ahead of Goku, but the gap between the two is not large, who wins and who loses will depend on their play!” Ayaka was pleased.

In martial arts, power level only indicates the amount of individual ki. The specific victory or defeat would depend on the play. Experience and intention played a big factor.

“It is indeed difficult to judge!” Launch nodded in agreement.

In the ring, the two of them had already executed their own master strokes. In an instant, a huge and incomparable ball of energy appeared between the world, and the blindingly bright light illuminated the entire sky.

Squinting at the sun-like energy ball, Ayaka showed a light smile, “They are going to give their best. It seems that the winner is about to be decided, it is almost our turn to play!”

The entire frontier of the martial arts venue was silent. Everyone was shocked by the sudden appearance of two huge balls of energy.


“What a terrifying energy, they can actually release such a large energy ball?” Sweat seeped out from the foreheads of Krillin and the others. The energy density of the two energy balls was much denser than Kamehameha.

“Unbelievable, it seems that they had reservations before!” The Old Kami muttered with wide eyes.

“Wow, what a bright light!” Chi-Chi exclaimed with a shocked face. Since the person who cast the energy ball was her future husband, she was unusually giddy.

In the eyes of everyone, the two super large energy balls gradually approaching.


Finally, a loud “boom” resounded through the sky, piercing pain in the ears, buzzing sound. Like a nuclear bomb explosion, it was as magnificent as the shock wave broke through the clouds, followed by the wind with sand and dust roar swept here.

After the sand and wind, everyone seemed to have experienced the end of the world as wretched. Looking at the venue again, they couldn’t help but freeze. The wide venue had disappeared, replaced by a bottomless huge pit, from the large pit constantly emitted fiery ki. The soil layer seemed to still carry the crimson color after the high-temperature burn, with light green smoke floating on it.

“This… how shockingly powerful…” The host was lying next to the huge crater, and half of his whole body became scorched black.

They didn’t know that if Ayaka hadn’t secretly limited the explosion range of the energy ball, not to mention the martial arts venue, the entire Southeastern Island would have been erased from the Earth’s plate.

The Old Kami was calmly looking at the venue. His eyes were shining, faintly feeling the ki of Son Goku and Piccolo. He lifted his head to the sky.

Thousands of meters high in the sky, Son Goku wretched floating up and down, still tugging the exhausted Piccolo by hand.

In the duel just now, Son Goku was slightly better.

Slowly landing down and throwing Piccolo out of the field, Son Goku effortlessly floated in the air and turned his head to the host and shouted, “Hey, host, the other side has fallen out of the field, declare the result!”

Uh-oh….” The host came back to his senses and hastily raised the microphone to loudly announce, “Ma Jr. fell out of the field, Son Goku player won the championship. This is the second consecutive for Son Goku to get the title. Let us warmly applaud to him to congratulate!”


That was what it was all about! As soon as a result was announced, the audience immediately erupted in fierce applause and applause.

The scene just now was so amazing that everyone had no objection to Son Goku winning the championship of the World Martial Arts Tournament.


Ha, that’s great! Goku, you were fantastic!” Krillin laughed and applauded. The defeat of Piccolo had relieved his depressed mood.

“Although you are very powerful, but one day I will catch up.” Tian Shinhan, on the other hand, calmly looked at Son Goku and launched a challenge.

“Haha, worthy of my future husband. He is the great master!” Chi-Chi shouted with a big smile, then flew over.


At the end of the conference, Son Goku, Master Roshi, Old Kami, and others gathered together while still dragging the exhausted Piccolo. Piccolo had lost the competition and was reluctantly dragged over to the gathering. He was staring fiercely at Son Goku with a ferocious gaze.

“Piccolo, don’t stare at me like that!” Son Goku embarrassed to touch his head, showing an innocent smile. Of course, Piccolo ushered in a cold hum without any change in his gaze.

Son Goku barely swallowed a Senzu Bean, immediately feel powerful. His whole body was healed. Everyone was stunned when he walked to Piccolo’s side, handed over a Senzu Bean, “You take this Senzu Bean, I look forward to fighting you again next time!”

“Goku, you fool, how can give the Senzu Beans to Piccolo!”

Son Goku’s action startled everyone.

Son Goku, who started it all, didn’t care and waved his hand in his own mind, “Piccolo is a rare opponent, and I would feel very sorry for him. Hey, Piccolo, you can practice well to become stronger. Of course I will be better than you.”

Piccolo chewed but also recognized the efficacy of the Senzu Beans. He chewed and recovered his strength. Piccolo coldly grunted and turned around. He swooped up in the air and said before he left, “What a stupid guy! I’m warning you, this kind of action will only bring you the disaster of killing yourself. Today I will spare your life, but next time I will defeat you and reign over the world!”

After saying that, he left as a lightning bolt.


Alas, Goku you guy…” Krillin shook his head helplessly.

Son Goku embarrassed smile, feel tight between the arms. He had been held up by Chi-Chi.

“Goku, let’s have a wedding.” Chi-Chi looked at Son Goku expectantly and glued him to death.

Son Goku did not understand for a moment causing Bulma and others had been impatient to speak, “You want to hold a wedding. If so, I will help prepare for the wedding, I cannot imagine that Goku is the earliest to start a family among us. It’s really surprising.”

“Goku is getting married, how can we be missing it!”

At this time, Ayaka smilingly came over and greeted everyone, “Goku’s new room will be prepared by me!”

“Ayaka, so you’re here too!” Bulma had a surprised look on her face.

“Actually, Ayaka and the girls came when the martial arts tournament began, but they just never showed up.” Chi-Chi explained in a whisper.

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