Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 109


After a week of preparation, Son Goku was married in the castle of the Ox-King in Fire Mountain. As Ayaka had prepared in advance and eventually avoided the lava eruption, the Ox-King’s castle was preserved intact.

On the day of the wedding, Bulma, Master Roshi, Tian Shinhan, and other people came. They had a good time until the early hours of the morning and did not stop.

The whole wedding was held with great enthusiasm.


The next day, the couple relocated to Mount Paozu. Ayaka had already prepared a luxurious new house there. The new house was a four-story-high hemispherical building. The house was fully equipped inside Ayaka’s own house, which was divided into dozens of small rooms.

“Wow, what a big house. We’ll live here from now on!” Son Goku looked in amazement. His mouth kept letting out praise. Chi-Chi was also smiling, “Great, this is our new home.”

Oh, as long as you guys are satisfied. This house was carefully selected by me, the decoration inside is very good, and everything is fully equipped.” Ayaka said with a smile.

“Ayaka, this time you can bleed money. This house can’t be taken down without a few hundred million on the market!” Bulma was a person who knew the goods. As the future helmsman of the Capsule Corporation, Bulma was most familiar with the concept of money.

Of course, Bulma was a rich family’s daughter. Although a few hundred million was a lot, it did not shock her too much. However, for Master Roshi and the others, it was different. As they were used to living in poverty, when they heard that the price of this house was so high, they could not help but stare and start to calculate their own value with their fingers.

The final sad thing was that they found out that their entire property was not even one-tenth of this house.

Only Violet looked calm. She was originally a Colonel in the Red Ribbon Army. She made a fortune when the Red Ribbon Army was destroyed. She still had a lot of money in her hands after a few years of spending.

“Haha, this is just a small amount of money.”

Ayaka waved her hand without care. With her current status and pursuit, she would not break her back for a small amount of money.

Ayaka’s attitude deeply stung Krillin and others, especially Yamcha. When he was a desert bandit, even if he had an outburst of character, how much income he earned a year? He couldn’t compare it!


After staying at Son Goku’s house for a few moments, everyone was ready to say goodbye and leave.

When leaving, the Old Kami spoke seriously to Krillin, Yamcha, Tian Shinhan, Chiaotzu, and other people to send an invitation. After this period of observation of them, the Old Kami found that these people had a good heart as well as martial artists indomitable tenacity of faith, and they also qualify to enter the Heavenly Realm to practice.

This good news came so fast that Krillin and the others were a bit confused and asked in disbelief, “Can we really go to the Heavenly Realm to practice?”

“Yes, you can go to the Heavenly Realm if you want. Mr. Popo and I will personally guide you. Just like Goku did back then.” The Old Kami said with a smile.

“Of course we are willing!!!” Krillin cheered joyfully, then looked excited and grabbed Master Roshi’s hand, “Master Roshi, I can also go to the Heavenly Realm to train. Haha, I can definitely catch up with Goku!”

Master Roshi was also excited; his disciple could accept the guidance of the Kami, he as a teacher, showed a glow! It was a pity that he was old. Otherwise, he must also go to the Heavenly Realm with them!

“Goku, after receiving the same instruction as you plus my efforts, I can definitely surpass you!” Tian Shinhan confidently said.

Son Goku nodded, “Then you guys work hard to become stronger in the Heavenly Realm. I will also double my practice. It’s not so easy to surpass me!”

“You guys get ready, follow me to the Heavenly Realm later.” The Old Kami instructed in a peaceful tone.

Krillin and others nodded seriously. They actually had nothing to prepare for. After a short rest, they rushed with the Kami to the location of the Lookout.

Looking at the backs of the people leaving, Bulma said with some reluctance, “Oh, we’ve only been together for a few days and then we’re separated again. What else will they think about besides training?”

“This is a martial artist. Constantly surpassing oneself. Bulma, Yamcha can continue to move forward towards their goals. You should be happy for them.” Master Roshi stroked his white beard while lamenting.

Bulma helplessly shook his head, said goodbye to Son Goku, “Goku, we will go back first. You and Chi-Chi can live a good life!”

“Don’t worry.” Son Goku nodded his head. Chi-Chi was happily holding his arm, shaking her hands to send them away.


When everyone had left, Ayaka said to the girls, “Goku’s wedding is over, you should also leave the Earth to Patrol North Area for North Kai. Be careful on the way!”

The girls blandly nodded, and then in Son Goku’s surprised eyes, they transient shift away.

Huh, how they suddenly disappeared? There are actually such magical tricks!” Son Goku was astonished.

“This is Instant Transmission, learned from the aliens.”

After Ayaka’s explanation, Son Goku soon understood. Knowing that he could not learn without permission, he did not feel discouraged but instead sighed at the wisdom of the aliens.


Another few days in Son Goku’s house, Ayaka also said goodbye. Coming to the Heavenly realm, she found the others were wearing weighted clothes hard exercise. Their sweat was like rain swish down. Mr. Popo and the Old Kami stood aside to give them pointers.

Saying hello to the group, Ayaka went into her room to dive into training.


Time soon passed most of the year, Ayaka’s strength was steadily improving. When she came to the square, she found Krillin, Chiaotzu, and Yamcha practicing punches and gesticulating, while Tian Shinhan sat in meditation under a large tree, emitting ki.

“This time down their progress are very big. These people should be the most powerful warriors on the whole earth.” Ayaka looked at the four people trying hard to cultivate and said to Mr. Popo and Old Kami.

Mr. Popo nodded, “Well, they deserve a lot of recognition for their pursuit. For some time now, they have been doubly hard without a bit of slack, and high enlightenment. I’m afraid it will not take long to be able to surpass Goku.”

Ayaka showed a smile and shook her head, “It is not certain, Goku is also improving. It is not easy to catch up with him.”

But soon, she remembered, “In the original story, Goku has completely slack in this five years. His strength doesn’t increase imuch, if Tian Shinhan has training so hard, he may really catch up with Goku in five years.”

“Five years later, we will enter the Dragon Ball Z chapter when the enemy appears stronger and stronger. This five-year buffer time can not simply waste!” Ayaka felt she had to do something. At least, she should let the Dragon Ball fighters’ strength improve a little.

“The Old Kami strength grows a lot. Plus Tian Shinhan efforts, five years is enough time for them to grow, so don’t be in hurry. But Goku and Piccolo side still need to work a little more.”

With that thought, Ayaka said hello to the Old Kami and went down to the Lower Realm.


Ayaka soon came to West City. She was going to find Bulma’s father, Dr. Brief, and ask Dr. Brief to create two sets of Gravity Chambers. The upper limit of the Gravity Chamber didn’t have to be too large. For the time being, 50 times the gravity was enough.


Pressing the doorbell, Bulma ran over and opened the door. When she found Ayaka arriving, she surprised her by ushering her in.

Soon. Bulma’s mother came over with a drink, “Ah, Miss Ayaka, you haven’t been here in years!”

Ayaka dealt with Bulma’s open-minded mother and then explained to Bulma the reason for her visit.

“You’re trying to create two sets of rooms that can change gravity?” Bulma asked in surprise.

“Yes, two sets. The gravity can be adjusted to at least 50 times the normal. These are very important, can you make them as soon as possible?”

Bulma frowned and considered, “If I join hands with dad, we should be able to, but it will take about a month. After all, we have never made these things before!”

Ayaka was delighted with such a result, “Can you make a line, please. I’ll come over in a month to get the stuff!”


A month later, Ayaka again walked into Bulma’s house. Bulma’s mother greeted Ayaka and said, “Bulma and Brief are doing the final debugging, it will be finished soon.”

At that moment, the oil-stained Dr. Brief came out and smiled when he saw Ayaka arrive. He said, “We just built the Gravity Chambers, and Bulma is installing the Capsule System on them!”

As expected of a genius father and daughter, the efficiency of the work was fast!

Ayaka thanked Dr. Brief gratefully, “It’s been hard work for you guys!”

Following Dr. Brief to the backyard, Ayaka saw under a huge shed. There were two sets of huge spherical equipment six or seven meters high, and Bulma was lying on the wall of the sphere to install the Capsule system. Seeing Ayaka approached, Bulma wiped the sweat and said, “Ayaka, you’re here, the two devices have been completed.”

She said with a tired face. She pressed the button in the protection tank, and with a “poof”, a cloud of white smoke rose up. The huge equipment of seven to eight meters high was compressed into a small capsule.

“It’s been really hard for you guys.”

Seeing her tired look, Ayaka was very sorry. She took out a few Senzu Beans for her to eat.

This was the first time Bulma had felt the effects of the Senzu Beans. Although Ayaka had also given her a few Senzu Beans before, Bulma had been trying to use them as seeds to grow more Senzu Beans. The result was that the Senzu Beans were not grown, and even the seeds were scrapped, so much so that she had never even tasted the taste of Senzu Beans.

“I’ve been watching Goku and the others eat this, and I didn’t expect it to work so miraculously. I feel recovered all of a sudden. Too bad the Senzu Beans can not be artificially grown; otherwise, it would definitely be a revolution! Nah, can you give me more, so that Dad and I can have more energy to invent more things?”

Ayaka put away the two sets of Gravity Chamber. She did not refuse Bulma’s request and pulled out a small bag of Senzu Beans from her pocket. She took hundreds of them, handed them to Bulma without counting them, then waved and left.

“This is a lot!” Bulma looked at the bag of Senzu Beans with a glowing face and counted them one by one. “Well, I must hide it. Absolutely can’t let Krillin, Yamcha and the others know!”

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