Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 110


When she came to Mount Paozu, Son Goku had already gone to the forest to cut down the trees. It was only Chi-Chi in the villa.

Seeing Chi-Chi’s slightly bulging belly, Ayaka could not help but secretly sorrow, “Goku is quite fast. He’s got Kiki pregnant so soon.”

“Sister Ayaka, you haven’t been here for a long time!” Chi-Chi smiled when she saw Ayaka came to welcome her into the door. She was preparing tea when Ayaka stopped. Now Kiki was pregnant, it would be bad if she bumped into it. Thinking about whether she should let the Ox-King shoot a few maids over.

“Where is Goku?” Walked into the house, Ayaka casually poured a glass of water.

“He went to the mountains to cut trees when he saw that the family ran out of firewood.”

“The villa is fully equipped with everything, why do we need firewood?” Ayaka frowned and drank the water in the cup.

Because of the financial support of Ayaka, Son Goku and Chi-Chi’s life wasn’t as straitened as in the original. At least in terms of money, there was no big problem. The living conditions of the houses they live in were also greatly improved.

Chi-Chi sighed helplessly, “Goku is not used to using electrical appliances. Regardless of bathing and cooking, he likes to burn with firewood!”

“This guy!”

What a blessed guy who didn’t know how to enjoy it. Ayaka shooked her head and didn’t ask further, then took out the Capsule with the Gravity Chamber from her pocket and put it on the table. “Krillin and the others are in the Heavenly Realm to practice. Goku can’t be left behind here. This Capsule contains a Gravity Chamber that can change gravity, which is very helpful to practice!”

Since starting a family Chi-Chi, he wanted to live a peaceful life. Although it was not enough to raise a family, his life was also uneventful. However, martial arts had become less important.

Chi-Chi wanted to say something, but Ayaka waved his hand and spoke first, “Chi-Chi, you should understand Goku’s personality. It is impossible for him to stop training and settle down, so you have to support him!”

“But the world has been peaceful, Goku is also the world’s number one, I think there is no need to train anymore!” Chi-Chi said doubtfully.

‘This was not a good idea to change as soon as possible.’

Ayaka thought secretly. So she thought about it and said in a serious tone, “Peace? Not so, the world will never be completely peaceful. I have a feeling that a very terrible enemy will definitely appear in the near future, and the level of terror far exceeds our imagination.”

“This enemy may be a thousand times more powerful than Piccolo! So we have to improve our strength all the time now to deal with the crisis that will appear in the future! Goku and the others will definitely not give up their training, so you might as well relax and let him fight. That’s what a wife should do.”

‘An enemy even more powerful than Piccolo?’

Thinking of Ayaka’s identity as a Kami, what she said was mostly true. Chi-Chi began to ponder, her eyebrows raised slightly wrinkled, and finally sighed in agreement. “Well, Goku has his own ideals, I can not interfere with him. However, he must also think more about the family in the future!”

Ayaka knew that in the original story, Chi-Chi sacrificed a lot for the family. Her tone could not help but ease down, comforting, “Don’t worry. If there is anything worse in the future, just come to me, and I will give you the decision.”


At this time, there was a “bang” sound from the backyard. Son Goku moved the giant tree several meters thick to the door. When he found that Ayaka actually came to the house as a guest, his face showed a sincere smile, “Sister, why are you here!”

“I come to see how you live. Not bad. You’ll have a child so soon!” Ayaka said as she gave Son Goku a white look.

Son Goku smiled cheekily and walked to Chi-Chi’s side, carefully supporting her.

Ayaka nodded slightly, said, “Goku, I send you a Gravity Chamber, you can freely adjust the gravity for training. The use of the equipment are written, and Chi-Chi also agreed to continue your training. Double your efforts in the future!”

“Great, I was worried about how to train!” Son Goku nodded his head forcefully. Hearing such a magical thing as the Gravity Chamber, his eyes had long been shining.

As an excellent “training enthusiast”, he quickly understood the potential role of the Gravity Chamber.

Especially since Ayaka had actually convinced Chi-Chi, it was tantamount to setting the dark cloud over Goku’s head aside. Sure enough, it was different when it came from Ayaka’s mouth. Goku himself pleaded for so long Kiki did not relent. The moment Ayaka came, she agreed.

“Things are delivered, I should also go back, goodbye!” Ayaka smiled, then flew up and waved goodbye.

Son Goku and Chi-Chi looked at the figure of Ayaka left with a happy smile on their faces.


High in the air, Ayaka released the sense of thought, sensing the ki of the strongest people on Earth, and soon locked the ki.

In the South Pole glacier area, Piccolo cloak suspended on top of a glacier with a flash of the body emitting a compelling cold air.


Piccolo opened his eyes. His clear eyes actually flickered with electric arcs, and then he steeply opened his hands. A huge and amazing aura erupted out, forming tens of meters of large ki ball with him as the center. The crimson energy ball contains amazing temperatures. The glacier quickly melted, the broken ice and rocks slid down together.

Within a short time, a huge spherical fracture zone abruptly appeared between the glaciers.

Dissipate the energy, Piccolo gasped and landed on the ice. Looking at the glacier that kept cracking and sinking to the bottom of the sea, Piccolo clenched his teeth. The exposed veins on his head moved one by one, “This is not enough. This level can not exceed them. I have to train more severely!”


Piccolo persistently trained. The light in the palm of his hand flashed, a piece of chilling energy continuously gushed out.


His body moved quickly, and again he used his body to block all the ki waves. With a boom, the wind swept up huge waves, and large chunks of ice and seawater were blasted high into the air, then turned into rain falling in droves.

“Such a hard work, this attitude deserves recognition!” Ayaka’s voice echoed in the sky.

Piccolo raised his head to see the flying Ayaka. His pupils shrunk, and he asked with a cold expression, “What are you doing here!”

Ayaka was Earth’s new Kami, which Piccolo already knew. With such a powerful Kami in place, his ambition to conquer the world was no longer achievable, at least on Earth.

Ayaka smiled lightly, stroked her hair, and said serenely, “If I say I happened to pass by, do you believe it?”

Piccolo skimmed his mouth, very conscious not to say more. Was there such nonsense? Don’t look at the girl’s harmless look. A crazy 10,000 power level wasn’t enough for her to play. Ayaka blinked indifferently and threw out a capsule in her hand.

Piccolo took it in his hand, found it was a capsule, and asked, “What is this, you came here just to give this away?”

“This is a good thing. You should know how to use the Capsule, and what it contains can help you train quickly. Stop, no need to thank me. Just express gratitude in your heart, no need to say it, who makes me like to help people gladly!” Ayaka self-consciousness said.

Piccolo was speechless. He was holding the Capsule in his hand and said in a flat tone, “The thing has been delivered you can leave, do not disturb my training!”

Ayaka momentarily felt bored, so she shook his head and left.


“I want to see what is the thing that can help me train?” Although he pretended to disdain, Piccolo did not dare to underestimate the things sent by Ayaka. The last time was a random fruit thrown to make his power level greatly increased, and what could it be this time specially sent here?

Piccolo found a dry place and threw out the Capsule.


After a burst of white smoke, a huge building seven or eight meters high appeared on the ground. “Gravity Chamber?” Piccolo looked at the two words printed in steel on the door plate and shook his head disdainfully. He walked into the Gravity Chamber and pressed the “10” button directly without even reading the manual inside.


“What’s going on, this weight?”

All of a sudden, it seemed to be tons of heavy things pressed his body. Piccolo was unprepared to be crushed on the ground. His face showed a painful expression. His feet moved as hard as an octopus, and for a moment, he actually did not adapt to it.

“Ha… good thing. With this…. I will be able to soar… wait for it, Son n Goku!”


In the North Area starry sky, Ayaka traveled at a fast pace.

After sending out the Gravity Chamber and instructed the Lookout matters, Ayaka felt that all the things to do have been completed. She said goodbye to the people in the Lookout, left the Earth, and wandered aimlessly in the universe.

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